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Homemade Amaretto

Dear "Guilty",
A little off topic, but I wanted to share some insight with you. On behalf of all diabetics out there, "not to mention diabetic shock" probably shouldn't have been mentioned. You can NOT get diabetes from overindulging, even in a 5 lb. bag of sugar, for a day, a week, or maybe even every day for a year."Diabetic shock" is a term non-diabetics like to throw around as if they know what it means. I presume you mean severe hyperglycemia - high blood sugar? Only a person who already suffers from Diabetes - a real and serious illness - can go into this kind of "shock," which is extremely serious, resulting in blindness, heart disease, loss of limbs, and even a coma.
So please be respectful about making comments regarding diabetes. It has recently become the illness that everyone thinks they know something about, but really don't, and it's acceptable to joke around about, as you did with your statement about drinking that much liqueur. So before you offend other diabetics, either do some research or just don't say anything. You wouldn't make cracks about cancer -don't do it about diabetes either.


Jan 09, 2012
MangiaFR in Recipes