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Reasonably priced wedding rehearsal dinner for 25 people?

Hi Chowhounders, looking around for a spot to host our wedding rehearsal dinner in May. Our ceremony/reception is in College Park, so we'd like to keep our rehearsal dinner to within 10 or 15 miles (DC, Silver Spring, Bethesda, etc. -- basically not Annapolis or Baltimore).

We're looking for a place with a semi-private/private room and/or a nice ambiance/view. And we're trying to keep our 25-person bill to no more than $2,000. (That's $80 per person with food+drink+tax+tip. So really $65 pp for food/drink.)

We've looked at Perry's in Adams Morgan and liked it but we're worried about the steep staircase being tough on the grandparents. We looked at Old Ebbitt Grill and liked it, so it's on the list. We have asked Founding Farmers and Farmers Fishers Bakers for quotes and they are definitely pushing the budget.

We could do Franklin's or Calvert House in Hyattsville. It would certainly be cheaper and easier to get to, but there's not much in the way of atmosphere, and I'm not sure the fiancee would think it's nice enough.

So I come to you asking for help. We're Baltimorons so we know the food scene up here but we don't get down to D.C. for dinner all that often. Would love to hear your recommendations!

Most unique menu in Baltimore-area?

Cool, thanks. I'll check it out.

Most unique menu in Baltimore-area?

Thanks Steve. Do you know of anything fancier, though? Not to be a snob, I just want it to be somewhere snazzy.

Most unique menu in Baltimore-area?

Hi, I'm new to posting on Chowhound and am taking someone out for his birthday dinner later this month. He's a really adventurous eater and has mentioned wanting to try a restaurant with unique meats you wouldn't find on a normal menu. Any ideas for a good place for a special occasion that fits the bill in/near Baltimore? Thanks in advance!