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New resident of FiDi

Hi I am new to the financial district and am looking for recommendations in the area. (I'm on Broad). I've searched the boards and it looks like most people are interested in coffee/ lunch spots etc as they work down here. I've gotten some great lunch ideas from those boards. As a new resident I would love to hear about dinner spots in the area (FiDi/ BPC/ anything within a 15 or so min walk), good drink spots (does anything down here stay open past 10?!) and also any good places to buy groceries.

North End Grill I had not heard of and is already on my list!

Apr 27, 2013
BellaBoston in Manhattan

A really good tequila AND food menu?

Red Lulus is Lolita's sister restaurant. Depending on location, both are great options!

A really good tequila AND food menu?

Have you tried Lolita on Dartmouth st. yet? Great tequila selection and very good food. Try the Deleon & the Don Julio 1942!

Papagayo in Fort Point has a very good tequila selection as well. I prefer the food at Lolita.

Need restaurant suggestions for work event in Orlando

Hi- I have a conference coming up at the Omni Resort. Most people will be staying here, at the Reunion, or nearby.

I want to plan a dinner or cocktail/ apps event for 15-20 people. Looking for something that won't be too loud, as it is a networking event .

Not particular about type of food as long as it is good. I would like an private room or sectioned area as well. Not just a long table, as again, i'd like people to be able to easily network. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Feb 06, 2013
BellaBoston in Florida

Where do you get your great non-chain burritos

+1 for Villa Mexico at Grampy's gas station...although I had no idea they were closing!!!

21st birthday celebration help

Empire has a great atmosphere for a birthday party and all of their food is really designed to be split by a group/ party size--if your party likes Asian food. The same company owns Red Lantern with a similar vibe/ great room--however I find the service much much better at Empire.

Lincoln Tavern in South Boston has very good food and a fun atmosphere.

Tasting menu's No. 9 Park, Clio, and L'Espalier?

I agree with Bondir being a great option, however, I have not been to West Bridge but I hear amazing things! I would check out their menu as well.

Also, if you like Asian, I would also add O Ya, Oishii, and Uni to the list.

Time to update that list... favorite meals of 2012?

There was a similar thread a couple days ago. My most memorable were:

Singapore Street Noodles- Empire

Garganelli w/ Chicken Oysters- Catalyst (off the menu now!! grrrrrrr)

Black truffel macaroni w/ madeira & parm- Mistral

lasagna help!

I boil the homemade pasta for 1 minute and then straight to an ice bath. And i would use whatever your thinnest or 2nd to thinnest is, depending on your taste. I think more authentic would be the thinnest, however personal taste, I prefer 2nd to thinnest.

Dec 30, 2012
BellaBoston in Home Cooking

Any good recipes using canned calamari?

Maybe in a white pasta sauce? Similar to a white clam--just sub in the calamari?

Dec 30, 2012
BellaBoston in Home Cooking

Mr. Swank and I need a "new" special occasion place!

Absolutely!! They also typically have specials that where there are 1 or 2 cooked items.

On a separate note need to get him over that!!!

Mr. Swank and I need a "new" special occasion place!

+1 to Oishii--great suggestion that I didn't think of. Great space, food, and service.

are these Southie joints still around and worth checking out??

Rondo's is one of the better steak and cheeses in the area, in my opinion. Galley is still there and a great dive/ diner! I've only had breakfast there, but it's been good every time. I love a breakfast spot with kielbasa!

Favorite top 3 dishes you had in 2012

Awesome string, nasilemak!! I can't wait to take note of everyone's faves!

Singapore Street Noodles- Empire

Garganelli w/ Chicken Oysters- Catalyst (off the menu now!! grrrrrrr)

Black truffel macaroni w/ madeira & parm- Mistral

Mr. Swank and I need a "new" special occasion place!

I feel like I'm constantly pushing Empire (I promise I don't work there!!) but it is awesome Asian fusion. Don't leave without trying the Singapore Street Noodles--you will love the madras curry. They have quite a few saucey/ spicy/ curry items on the menu. The room is beautiful. I enjoy the sushi bar but they also have an open kitchen bar and a beautiful dining room.

Cinquecento is good--however might not be really what you are looking for. We had the buratta, which was ok, bolognese which was good but didn't knock my socks off, and arugula salad--good again but nothing mind blowing. We went once and enjoyed it but have not gone running back.

Erbaluce is excellent although the room leaves more than a lot to be desired. Also, I don't know if this would matter to you but they don't have a full liquor license so wine/ cordials only. But again, might not be up your alley.

I completely agree with you on No.9 park. It's a bit too pretentious for me. the service, the menu, the food...and I usually leave there hundreds of dollars poorer and still wanting a sandwich.

Low key dinner in Quincy

Oooh I'm not familiar with that place. Always looking for good spots in the area! I will have to check it out. I also meant to mention Steel & Rye to OP. It's in Milton but very close to Quincy. Although I wish there were more items on the menu (there is no true pasta...only a risotto and a polenta) that I was interested in, I've eaten there a few times now and it has always been very very good and the service has been excellent.

Providenciales -Turks and Caicos restaurants

We recently stayed at Amanyara Resort--absolutely beautiful and the food was excellent. I suggest the yellow lobster curry! Beautiful bar outside as well to watch the sunset before dinner.

North End breakfast?

+1 for North Street Grill!

Low key dinner in Quincy

I'm not familiar with the stock market themed restaurant but please let me know when you find out! Assembly, which has recently opened on Hancock St., near Billings road is very very good. MINUS their web presence (or lack thereof!) It's an Irish style bar/ pub menu. Excellent steak tips, I had the chicken broccoli penne which was very good, buffalo pizza, and salads have all been very good as well.

Private Dining spot in Greater Boston for 25-30 guests?

I clicked on this to reply "Mistral" until I saw affordable! I don't know what their prices for private dining are, but my guess is not affordable. Having planned many private events as part of my last job, I can tell you that you will be surprised at who is affordable, and who is not. One of the last events I planned, we were planning in the Seaport. Legal Harborside was ridiculous with their rules, minimums, room fee etc...Del Frisco's, which I think is one of the most expensive restaurants in town, was far more affordable, better managed, flexible etc. So definitely do your due diligence and call around to a lot of places. Empire, in the seaport has private dining rooms and when eating in there i've seen several parties around your size and they seem to do a wonderful job.

Do you want the $15-$25 to include alcohol? I will be very interested to hear the quotes/ responses that you get.

Looking for butcher shop or salumeria with the best hot italian sausage

Thank you for the help everyone. I wound up at the Butcher's Shop in Adam's Village. I got a mix of hot sausage and their house special sausage which is a mix of garlic, fennel, and hot. Both were excellent!

Parker House versus Top of the Hub

I have to agree with neither! What about the new Oak Room?

Need suggestion for restaurants close to T or Silver Line

There are great places in the Seaport. My favorite being Empire. Also, legal Harborside, del friscos, and Strega. If you like sushi and Asian, however, Empire is in my opinion, the best.

Seaport is on the silver line. Also, probably only $10 or $12 if you call Über from where you will be staying.

Looking for butcher shop or salumeria with the best hot italian sausage

I live in North Quincy, so anything around here would be awesome, although am more than willing to travel. I'm making a lasagna and will be searving sausage, meatballs and braciole on the side. Thanks!!

Need rec for awkwardly timed meal for 15 ppl near John Hancock Hall (Back Bay)

Red Lantern doesn't open until 5pm, 4:30 for drinks. Tico is a good option as is Via Matta. Bristol Lounge is not far from there either and is a nice holiday spot--well decorated etc.

Where to Send a Wedding Couple?

I haven't been to Bondir yet and am very much looking forward to going! Not sure when the wedding is, but if you are trying to send them on a particular date, make sure you can get a reservation. I've tried to go to Bondir, foolishly, last minute a couple times and was politely laughed at on the phone!

Where to Send a Wedding Couple?

$250 won't be enough at Menton or l'espalier, unfortunately, assuming they drink. Depending on what they order, and again drink, it would cover a good portion of Mistral's tab...and I disagree with a lot of people on this board that finds Mistral overrated/ overpriced. I find the room, service, and food to wow every time!

Where to sup after a movie at the Lexington cinema?

I've heard great things about Vine Brook as well! Also, in addition to Michael Frothingham, Tony Ambrose and Louis Dibiccari are in the kitchen for the time being as well. I look forward to heading up here myself and hearing more reviews from the hounds!

Booo for Mooo

I hate to hijack OP's vegetarian post with all this meat talk but i had to jump in here...Captial Grill does have lump crab meat!! and it's amazing. It is a "special", however they have had it every time I have been there recently. I agree with you that it was missing there. Glad to see they are offering it!

Best Rec for Steakhouse in Boston please

Grill 23 is definitely the best food. Capital Grill is 2nd best and might be a bit more boisterous, depending on what day of the week. Abes is fun but the food is nowhere near as good, in my opion. Flemings and Smith and Wollensky are even further down the scale, again, in my opinion.