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Corrado's in Fairfield??

Yes they did, but given the ongoing decline in quality and steadily increasing prices (relative to prices charged by major supermarket chains) at Corrado's , I think it was a bad move. That's because their new location in Fairfield is not very far from the Route 46 Farmer's Market (behind the Sleepy's mattress store on Rt. 46 at Riverside drive in Totowa).

The Route 46 Farmer's Market has Corrado's beat hands down in every possible way. The quality of their produce is far superior (fresher and lasts longer) compared to Corrado's produce (not terribly fresh and in many cases spoils quickly). And more notably, they have Corrado's beat on price as well (by my estimate, about 35% lower on average). The Route 46 Farmer's Market is actually one in a chain of nine stores in NJ, that are all pretty much the same in terms of quality and price. Their website is at

I am not promoting Route 46 Farmer's Market and have no interest in or relationship to it, other than being a very satisfied customer that after shopping at Corrado's for a very long time (going back to when they were in a tiny shack on E. Railway Ave), have grown increasingly frustrated with their shameless habit of trying to peddle what amounts to garbage that belongs in a dumpster.

Jan 08, 2012
RockyPetrozza in New Jersey