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Maryland Style Fried Chicken???

My Uncle flying through Poland years ago stumbled on a "little America" restaurant in a terminal that had a dish on the menu representing each of the 50 states. The Maryland dish was fried chicken served with bananas in the "traditional way."

Need Current Info re: Best Crabcake

Michael's is your best bet. It's directly across the street from the Fair Grounds where the Horse Wold Expo is. The key is to eat in the bar area and stick to the basics (soup, salad, crab cakes, sandwiches). Their crab cakes are very good; its a hang out for the horse crowd.

Jon Parker, you can't slam a place just because you ordered a veal dish that no crabcake/ raw bar joint could legitimately pull off. If you get away from crab cakes and the basics you get the same old Sysco offerings of the diner down the street.