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For Once, Someone Got An L.A. Food Show Right: Bourdain's Parts Unknown Koreatown Episode

He didn't even know what a halo-halo was. Sad for such a well-traveled foodist.

10 Best Lobster Dishes in Los Angeles

I'm making this list before LA Weekly does.

#1 is Newport Seafood Lobster (Alhambra). #2 is Crustacean (Bev Hills). Drawing a blank on 3-10.

10 Best XLB In Los Angeles

I’m perturbed the article said what DTF serves is actually not "xiao lng bao". That would contradict what I’ve been telling a lot of white people for years. Can an authority please comment on this?

Never Done Omakase But I'm Ready to Try!

Very true. And there are a few places where “newbie trying omakase” is synonymous with “serve me all your crappy white fish”. With how much OP wants to spend, I vote for Sushi Kimagure.


$$$ or $$$$ is subjective. BASE price this month is $200, but can vary since the omakase concept also applies to the final tab. I’m sure prices will keep creeping up over time.

Shanghai No. 1 Seafood Village

Yeah, I also think their food is good, but with some inconsistent. I prefer their old-school xiao long bao (thicker skin and juicier) over DTF, especially when it’s fresh out of the kitchen.

Looking forward to trying the lion's head meatballs...have yet to find a joint that excels in this classic Shanghai dish.

Help! Looking for good TAIWANESE Restaurant near Huntington Gardens (San Marino)...

There is a closer place called Taipei Bistro (San Gabriel). Little family owned gem. I’m not a fan of every dish, and the menu’s tiny, but their rendition of Taiwanese minced pork rice is one of the best in the 626. It’s tasty…but there’s another reason why it’s so special: they don’t rely on chunks of pork fat for flavor. In fact, they use LEAN pork. The owners say they prepare meals for their customers like they would for their own family (served with love, using healthy ingredients, no MSG), and that’s very true until the part where they gave me the check.

Simbala doesn’t even make minced pork rice -- baffling.

Locally-made Moon Cakes in LA?

You are fortunate to not know that taste of moon cakes.

Throughout Asia, the demand for moon cakes when it’s not mid-autumn is nonexistent. Anyone who says they enjoy these “delicacies” should be punished by eating the whole thing.

Din Tai Fung To Irvine?

Indeed, business is good. And the feng shui advisor just bought a new Porsche.


I call BS on the Yelpers saying this is exclusive invitation-only. Exclusive is SOHO House – they’ll reject you harder than your hopeful prom date back in HS. There are now many “private dining” or “supper clubs” that sound exclusive, but all you have to do is send in an online request and you’re in. Langham Supper Club is an example.

Din Tai Fung To Irvine?

While SF, NY, and LV would be completely logical, don’t bother trying to second-guess the minds at DTF. This is the corporation that thought it’d be great to have their 2 LA braches just one city block from each other: one at 1108 Baldwin, the other at 1008 Baldwin.

This may seem whacked to Westerners, and sorry you went to 1108 while your friends were chowing at 1008, but this is what company expansion via feng shui looks like. If you plot out all their store locations on a world map, I’m sure there’s some astrological significance.

Found a Tianjin style breakfast place in Monterey Park

Yeah, it’s funny how tattered some of those “grand opening” signs are.

Meanwhile, there’s a Persian rug store in Pasadena with great deals because they’ve been “going out of business” for the past 8 years.

green chili condiment 101 Noodle Express

We once asked to pack some to go with our leftovers but the owner refused, even after we offered to pay for it.

Shishito peppers--where else to try them

That sounds crazy good. Thanks.

Hottest of the Hot? Spiciest of the Spicest? Recs please!

Are you looking for sales-gimmick spicy (Orochon ramen, certain dishes at Jitlada) or authentically spicy? For the authentically spicy category, the heat in Hunan food will send the average Angeleno to the hospital (Hunan Chilli King, San Gabriel). Sri Lankan food is #2 in my experience, but I don’t know any LA restaurants serving this cuisine undiluted.

Shishito peppers--where else to try them

Culver City? K-Zo has it. Pretty standard: soy sauce, bonito shavings.

Anyone know of a place serving non-boring shishitos? Like stuffed with bacon or sausage?

Hosting Chinese Students in Los Angeles - What to feed them?

Unless the purpose of their externship is to study Shanghainese food, I’d suggest Dog Haus or King Taco.

For drinks, take them to Rocket Fizz (Pasadena), give each some $, and let THEM decide how to stock the fridge.

626 Asian Night Market

Their second attempt last night was a surprising success. Excellent atmosphere with an awesome mix of street foods (not limited to Asian offerings). Yes, there were venders there that sold crap, but most were very good.

Macarons in Los Angeles?

Yeah, not too many people know about Frances in Little Tokyo. My sweetie gave me a bite of the lavender…amazing. I like to cool them in the fridge before eating. I heard the French look down on that.

Authentic Japanese restaurant to take Japanese client near the downtown LA?

C’mon, it’s not that bad. I find *most* people still respect the decorum at high-end places. We all check our cellphones, but I never saw anyone blabbing on it at Patina, which BTW requests on their menu that diners refrain from using their phone at the table.

Authentic Japanese restaurant to take Japanese client near the downtown LA?

Oh, that’s great…anyone else care to disagree with me? Next time ns1, JL, and porthos meet at Kagaya to conduct business in suits, I’m gonna shabu shabu at the next table in my t-shirt and talk on the cellphone.

I still don’t think Kagaya fits the OP’s specific criteria (he said high-end). It’s too casual, the brisk pace of their dining is not conducive to long talks, and it’s visually blah.

Makotot, the best I can do is to recommend R23, but there’s a reason many people are telling you to look waaay past DTLA. Heck, even JL is telling you to forget Japanese and go to WP24.

Authentic Japanese restaurant to take Japanese client near the downtown LA?

Not as wierd as suits sitting at Kagaya.

Authentic Japanese restaurant to take Japanese client near the downtown LA?

I could not sit idly and watch you be led down a path of embarrassment. Sushi Gen and Kagaya ARE authentic but NOT “high-end” -- inappropriate for business meetings, at least the type where you’re wearing suits. If it has to be near downtown, consider R23 (J-town, valet parking, appealing decor, quieter). Their food is solid, though the menu leans fusion. The other “pretty” places mentioned are for impressing non-Japanese palates.

Mo Chica downtown

One reason we loved the original Mochica was the quaintness (tiny space, Japanese hair lady, the feel of eating in a Tiajuana indoor market). This is gone. If I were to go back to the old Mochica location and see that empty stall, I may start to tear up.

Ración: A Pictorial Essay

Their selection was small, and being tapas, our party basically ate the whole menu. I see many items here that weren't available when I was there, so it appears their menu is fluid.

BTW, Racion's website sucks from an aesthetic standpoint, and these are great photos that need to be on there.

Saturday night dinner: Providence vs. Mozza

I consider Providence and O Mozza to be in different leagues, with food at Providence more delicate. You say you want quieter, and Provy is quieter.

Unlike Le Bern in NY (coat required), I didn't find the experience at Providence (jeans OK) pretentious at all. One of the waiters loves to joke around with everyone and it's real casual.

Pretentious is me letting everyone on this board know I've eaten at Le Bern and Provy.

New San Gabriel Valley Food Blog

What the…are these girls eating out ten times a day? Looks like they mean business and are gonna review every restaurant in the 626.

Has been grabbed yet? It seems everyone commenting here are dudes and can collaborate.

Dumpling 10053 Update? El Monte

Flying under the radar, Tasty Noodle House (San Gabriel) rivals Luscious and crushes Fortune when it comes to dumplings. Funny thing is, dumplings are not even their specialty.

Urasawa etiquette?

Friendly fire. Gomenasai.

FOODIE ON A DIET :( ... Need Healthy Restaurants

There are several Chinese vegan restaurants in SGV (catering to the large Buddist population) that advsertize themselves as being healthier. However, many of the dishes are drenched in oil and worse than non-vegan meals.