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Tea Shops/Cafes

Hello everyone,
I've begun to realize that work much better with a nice cup of tea by my side maybe a pastry or two. What i want to know is any nicely isolated cafes or tea shops i can work in peace in. I , however loath chain establishment such as starbucks and others along those lines. thank you for taking the time in reading this.

Aug 04, 2012
chupi12 in Greater Boston Area

Mexican Food

Hey guys i was talking to my friend ,from L.A , the other day and he brought up the point that Boston has no good Mexican food from the little that there is.(seeing that hes from Cali its hard to beat or match the Mexican food from there.) So my question is can you guys please suggest a few mexican restaurants in boston or anywhere in Mass. that is both decent and affordable. Thanks!!

Jul 16, 2012
chupi12 in Greater Boston Area

Korean Restaurant

Hey guys I need some help finding korean food in the Boston area. Preferably in Cambridge but honestly anything in the Boston Area would be great. Also, a restaurant that won't burn a hole in my wallet. Thanks!!

Jul 12, 2012
chupi12 in Greater Boston Area