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How much does a loaf of bread cost where you live?

We mostly buy the fancier stuff like Sourdough / Rye bread etc..
usually that will cost about £3.00 per loaf. depending on the size/type.

The French Dark Sourdough at Gail's is sold by weight and is pretty expensive. we might buy a quarter for £3.50 (its a huge circular loaf)

There is a good Scandi-style grain and rye loaf at Emporium Bakery for about £3.20

- I honestly don't know how much a plain supermarket white loaf costs at Sainsbury's.

London UK

Aug 29, 2013
echoclerk in General Topics

Do you marinate your steak?

"Daddy Hinkles wet/dry marinade.....I've fallen off of some culinary cliff and perhaps that is something that is just "not done" by those in the know. "

I would have to say yes you have fallen off a culinary cliff and using some kind of pre-prepared marinade crap is just not done.

I will season a steak at times. but always make up a suitable seasoning mixture to go with the rest of the meal.

Jul 28, 2013
echoclerk in Home Cooking

Are Chain/Franchise Restaurants safer?

I really disagree with your dichotomy of Chain / "Mom and Pop" restaurants.

I generally avoid anything that I would describe as either a "chain restaruant" or a "mom and pop restaurant". Both of these I would generally associate with relatively mediocre food (although for somewhat different reasons).

I live in London and well its just not a sensible kind of dichotomy here. There are chains, budget restaurants, takeway joints, pub food, mid-priced restaurants, and fancy joints (that are in the Michelin starred level).

I worry about food poisoning at dodgy looking take-away places and just generally avoid chains like mcdonalds cause the food is shit.
I would not expect to get food poisoning at a gastro-pub or mid-high priced restaurant.

Jul 28, 2013
echoclerk in Chains

"moral" food preferences, as a guest

I think its perfectly acceptable to tell your host (ahead of the event) that you do not eat factory farmed meat products on moral grounds.

You are not dictating what they prepare but expressing ahead of time that you will not eat certain things.

Your host has the ability to work around that and should be capable of coming up with something. say a cheaper cut of meat or trying something with less meat involved. or making enough non-meat options.

Its perfectable acceptable for people to say I don't eat fish or shellfish or whatever so I don't see why people are so outraged.

Jul 24, 2013
echoclerk in Not About Food

Your best Swiss chard recipes

Lunch: Swiss Chard and Cheddar Cheese Sandwich / Ciabatta.

I have been obsessed with this for lunch for the last 12 months or so.

I stir-fry the Chard in Olive Oil with a little sliced Red Onion and then put it on a Ciabatta Bread Roll or some Sour Dough Bread with a good quality Mature English Cheddar.

- Chard - chopped up roughly
- Red Onion - Sliced thinly
- Fresh Cracked Pepper
- a light grating of Nutmeg
- Mature English Cheddar
- bread

The Onion and Nutmeg seem to stop it getting that fishy flavour that sometimes occurs. - or just don't cook it too much.

Occasionally I'll chuck in a little Chorizo or a smoky cured Polish Farmhouse sausage as well.

Jul 08, 2013
echoclerk in Home Cooking

NYT Review of Michael Pollan's "Cooked" Misses the Point

I really don't think one persons excessive commute is a good rebuttal of my point. And I think 2 hours each way for a commute is INSANE! 4 hours a day commuting? Thats nuts

I think a lot of people that complain about cooking times though are actually spending a lot of time watching tv and surfing the internet.

Jul 08, 2013
echoclerk in Food Media & News

Tope Shark Steaks Cooking Suggestions?

I bought them cause they were cheap and I'd never cooked them before but they were rather bland. I think I"ll avoid Shark in future.

- I"d also had some smooth houndshark fillets somewhat recently and thought they were very bland.

Jul 08, 2013
echoclerk in Home Cooking

Tope Shark Steaks Cooking Suggestions?

no suggestions?

Jun 28, 2013
echoclerk in Home Cooking

Tope Shark Steaks Cooking Suggestions?

Tope Shark Recipes?

I just bought some Tope Shark Steaks - because I've never tried it and it was cheap.

What would you suggest I do with these?

"The tope shark is a member of the family of the houndsharks (Triakidae) and the order of the Carcharhiniformes.

This shark, that is also called school shark or soupfin shark, can be found in colder and temperature waters around the globe, from the shallow waters along the beach until the open water. Tope sharks live in small shoals, that can migrate within their habitat. This shark feeds on bottom and pelagic fish, crustaceans, cephalopods, wurms and echinoderms."

oh, apparently its on the "vulnerable" species list. Should I not be eating it? Its a bit late now.

Jun 27, 2013
echoclerk in Home Cooking

NYT Review of Michael Pollan's "Cooked" Misses the Point

I read this last week after seeing him speak about it in London. I found it rather inspiring actually. That I should learn to make bread, and pickle things.

I already do a lot of slow cooking so that doesn't really change things.

one of Pollan's major ideas is that we need to reclaim the act of production and appreciate producing things ourselves.

And I think it is relevant to ask why are you complaining so much that it takes 2 hours to cook something? Is it cutting into your TV time watching Law & Order... or internet shopping... we waste so much time anyway. why not waste it in the kitchen.

Jun 10, 2013
echoclerk in Food Media & News

Ful Medames Recipes / w Split Fava Beans

you must be kidding?
"Rao’s Marinara Sauce" in Ful Medames?

- I don't do "recombinant cooking"

- and secondly you realise that that sauce has PORK in it?

which makes it seem especially out of place in ful medames.

May 21, 2013
echoclerk in Home Cooking

Ful Medames Recipes / w Split Fava Beans

I have some Split Fava Beans that I was thinking of trying to cook Ful Medames with.

a) If I use Split beans I guess its going to end up quite mushy / paste like - Is that bad?

b) This Guardian recipe includes a full can of Tomato Passata that seems very wrong to me.

c) A lot of the other recipes I've seen include red lentils. Is that correct?

Apr 24, 2013
echoclerk in Home Cooking

Indonesian / more Traditional Tempeh Recipes

I bought some plain Tempeh the other day that I need to cook but its proving difficult to find any interesting "proper" recipes beyond the usual westernized vegan hippie things. (ie I don't want to just make Tempeh Burgers or some meat substitiue thing.)

How is it traditionally eaten in Indonesia? The pics are from Wikipedia. Something like that Stir-fry looks ok.

20 foods everyone should know how to cook

Including both Roast Chicken and Roast Turkey is absurd - I would replace by Roast Fowl as I find all birds can be cooked in much the same ways.

Mac and Cheese, - it comes in a packet - its not cooking.
Artichokes, just don't belong in the top 20.
Cookies, - Cake would be more useful here.
Meatloaf - who cares about meatloaf seriously I've never even eaten it.,
Pesto doesn't involve cooking!,
Vinagrette also doesn't involve cooking.
Hamburgers. - there is nothing very tricky about Hamburgers and they are not something one ever bothers to make at home.


RICE ?!?! absorption method rice. half the world eats rice every day and its not in the top 20?
Soup - a basic vegetable / meat and vegetable soup.
Risotto - classic and actually very easy
Wine based stew of red meat. Beouf Bourginon or lamb shanks or Osso Bucco type dish.
Basic Indian-Style Curry

Mar 04, 2013
echoclerk in Home Cooking

Argh! Browning Meat....

I prefer to brown the meat while it is cold and on a high heat. That way you can get some dark colouration on the outside without it cooking on the inside.

And I do it in smaller batches then I used to think necessary.

Mar 04, 2013
echoclerk in Home Cooking

Jerusalem Artichoke / Sunchoke Recipes

Does anyone have suggestions for recipes based around Jerusalem Artichokes where they are the "star" so to speak?

i.e. along the lines of:

- Jerusalem Artichoke Risotto, (which is an old favourite)
- Jerusalem Artichoke Soup.

Feb 28, 2013
echoclerk in Home Cooking

Life without a microwave?

I haven't had one for quite a while. 5-6 years.. or more. geez I can't remember.

It would be handy for reheating certain things - but that doesn't really seem a good enough reason to buy one.

I suppose you need to plan more if you use frozen meat.

Feb 28, 2013
echoclerk in Cookware

John Dory Recipes? (St Pierre or Peter's Fish)

Thinking of John Dory for this weeks fish cooking lesson / adventure. They come whole (but cleaned) from where I buy.

Can I cook them whole or would I need to filet them?

What would be a standard way of cooking them?

BBC website suggests pairing it with something more strongly flavoured:

Nov 29, 2012
echoclerk in Home Cooking

Why is Gelato so expensive / overpriced outside continental Europe?

It may just be Italy and Germany but its shocking how much more expensive it is in the UK.

Italy and Germany you will often pay less than €1 euro per scoop of good gelato whereas in the
UK its more like £1.80 - £2 or more for the equivalent. Which is more than twice the price.

Is it simply that Italians and Germans are bigger Gelato eaters and hence there is a more Competitive Market for gelato there?

Is there some mysterious gelato cartel in the UK artificially pushing up prices?
The OEGC ?

Nov 28, 2012
echoclerk in General Topics

Horse Meat Recipes? Pferdefleisch, Cheval

Yeah I'm in the UK.

I thought that traditionally Icelanders ate quite a bit of Horse but I can't find much info on that.

Nov 28, 2012
echoclerk in Home Cooking

Horse Meat Recipes? Pferdefleisch, Cheval

A friend is coming over from Cologne and I thought I might try and convince him to bring me a chunk of Horse Meat. (Can you take raw meat on flights? - maybe frozen would work?)

I cooked a traditional Sauerbraten with Horse last time I was in Germany. Are there any other classic preparations of Horse? They eat it quite a bit in Iceland also I think. Perhaps there are traditional Icelandic Dishes?

The British used to eat Horse didn't they? I'm not sure if you can get it these days though. I had some Horse Salami in Calais once but I"m not sure if it makes it across the channel often.

Nov 27, 2012
echoclerk in Home Cooking

disappointed with Arroz con gandules

ha! disappointed by an recipe...I wonder why. That site is such rubbish.

Find a better recipe. And the flavour in that is mostly going to be from the Sofrito so you need a good sofrito recipe.

Nov 27, 2012
echoclerk in Home Cooking

Razor Clams

I thought the season just ended? When are they in Season? (well ended in the UK)

Nov 27, 2012
echoclerk in Metro Portland

Where to start with Liver? From which beast and how to cook?

We are venturing more and more into Offal territory at home, as seems to be the trend of late, and perhaps its time to tackle "Liver" at home. But where do you start?

Calf's Liver seems to be one obvious choice as I hear its a bit milder. Is that true? and How to cook it?

But what about Lamb Liver, Ox Liver, Chicken Liver, Duck Liver, Goose Liver, Foie Gras, Pig Liver - how would you rate each? And what are classic preparations?

Whats your favourite liver and preparation?

Nov 25, 2012
echoclerk in Home Cooking

Your definition of "barbecue"

Well ok before I write it off completely I'll try and taste some next time I'm in the USA. Actually might be in Michigan next Summer - but I guess that might not help as it seems more a southern thing.

Can one get good BBQ on Lake Huron - Michigan ?

Nov 24, 2012
echoclerk in General Topics

Fromage Vignotte : French Triple Cream Cows Milk Cheese. Where from?

Bought some of this Vignotte from waitrose on a whim today - Holy Cream!

Total indulgence. soft, creamy and slightly lemony. Does anyone know what region of France it is traditionally from?

This suggests: Champagne-Ardenne

but this says: Basse- Normandie

and this in French suggests: Champagne-Ardenne

Nov 24, 2012
echoclerk in Cheese

Your definition of "barbecue"

I have eaten at and I've had American Style BBQ ribs and some things at Food Markets in the UK coked by American Expats.

The gist of it seems to be cook some meat and then slather it with some noxious sweet sour BBQ sauce. The meat seems to function merely as a vessel for funnelling that sauce down your throat.

I find it lacks depth - its more the sauce I find disgusting.

Nov 24, 2012
echoclerk in General Topics

Your definition of "barbecue"

The usage in Australia and the UK is quite different to what I've heard from USA TV and Movies.

In the USA It seems it possible in the to use "barbeque" as an uncountable noun like "milk" which is not allowed in UK or Australian English.

ie US: "We ate barbeque."

However this usage sounds nonsensical in Australia where its usage is more limited to:

- Verb "to barbeque" : the act of cooking outside over high heat on a grill or even flat metal surface
- Noun 1. "a Barbeque" : an event, like a party where you cook things in the above method, "We had a BBQ on the weekend".

- Noun 2. "a Barbeque": the thing you cook on which can use coals, wood, or even gas to generate heat.

- Adjective: "barbequed chicken" which is actually a whole chicken cooked on a Rotisserie.

So yeah that USA usage where you mean some meat (pork) cooked slowly and then covered in some disgusting sauce is unheard of in Australia. Thank god! its horrible anyway.

Nov 23, 2012
echoclerk in General Topics

Cooking Terminology and Usage: Stew vs Braise vs Pot-Roast

I was just looking at this old Beef Cuts Chart and noticed that they have 3 different notes for meat to
Braise or

Which seemed odd to me. Whats going on with that chart?

Isn't "To Braise" more a method.

To Braise - being to cook slowly in a liquid that becomes the sauce and reduces while cooking.
(as opposed to Poaching, where you cook in a liquid that is not really part of the dish. - although it could be reduced later to make a sauce).

Then both a Stew and a Pot-Roast (US only) are different types of braised dishes - the distinction being based on whether you cut up the meat before or after cooking.

Although what do we call a Pot Roast in the UK? Do people even make Pot Roasts in the UK often?

Nov 23, 2012
echoclerk in Home Cooking

Junket Rennet Dessert - Set Milk and Flavouring Dessert

Doesn't seem like I"ll have much luck on this in London. Oh well.

Nov 23, 2012
echoclerk in General Topics