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Opinions on New Japanese fine-diners in Tokyo

Thanks so much for the recommendation. If you went just by food, who would have the most inventive food? And, if different, who would create the most delicious stuff.

Thanks again!

Jan 07, 2012
johnnyt8096 in Japan

Opinions on New Japanese fine-diners in Tokyo

Hi all,

Apologies in advance if this topic has been covered to death in other threads.

I'm off to Tokyo in a couple of months. For context, I go every year 1-2 times to eat but try to mix my meals between chi-chi and inexpensive places. One of my favourite meals of all time was at Ryugin 2 years ago. Really blew me away and, for me at least, much better than what I had at Les Creations de Narisawa.

On this next trip, I only want to book one ultra-chi-chi and expensive New Japanese meal. I'm trying to choose between Aronia de Takazawa, L'Effervescence, Editions Koji Shimura or Yamada Chikara. I'd love to know what you guys think of these restaurants and if asked to choose just one, which one would you pick to visit.

Many thanks,


Jan 05, 2012
johnnyt8096 in Japan