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Swish by Han?

We were really looking forward to trying out this restaurant and were sadly disappointed. We bought a "deal" for a set dinner for 4 and it sounded awesome on paper. The set dinner sounded like it was enough to feed 4 people and then some, however, when we ordered, we were told that it was recommended that we order a couple of appetizers. After reading many of the reviews from Chowhounds, I suggested we try the pork tacos. Too much mayo for my liking...first strike!

The giant hunk of pork arrived with the lettuce wraps, rice, kim chi and 6 oysters for 4 people. This was good but does not warrant another visit back. Then it was time for dessert. First of all, it was very difficult to catch the attention of a wait staff so we could order the dessert and then after the long wait, we find out they no longer serve the highly anticipated shaved ice. The *only* dessert choice was a wild blueberry tart; once again, nothing special. Strike 2!

We finally get the bill and was SHOCKED to see that our bill came out to over $400 for 4 people and that a 15% gratuity was automatically charged. Strike 3! Fortunately, with our "deal" voucher, our real bill still totaled about $260.

My lessons learned from this experience:
1) never buy "deal" vouchers...they will always get your money some other way

2) I should have saved my money and booked a trip to NYC to have the Bo Saam meal at Momofuku. For $250, it serves 8 instead of just the 4 of us.

3) Sorry but three strikes and you're out. Won't be returning....

Swish by Han
38 Wellington St. East, Toronto, ON M5E 1C7, CA