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Where can I purchase a good quality pastrami?

R. Field carries tasty pastrami.

Mar 26, 2014
0225eiluj in Hawaii

Hawaiian pizza in Hawaii/kauai

Pineapple is Hawaiian, pork is popular here... on pizza, notsomuch. I would just scarf up fresh pineapple and delish kalua pork separately.

Mar 04, 2014
0225eiluj in Hawaii

Parents Night Out Processional

In Alexandria, you could do drinks at PX, Majestic, or Vermillion. Apps at Vermillion if you didn't do drinks there (even if you did, but I know you said separate places.) Not sure about dessert... can I say Vermillion again? ;-)

Other than personal recs, how do you find good restaurants?

This can be a broad topic, or feel free to help with my more specific issue:
I just moved to Kailua and I've seen so many small, mom n pop type places especially in Kaneohe. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, local, you name it. So since I don't have unlimited funds or calories to expend, any thoughts on how to pick which to try? I just know there are hidden (to me) gems just waiting to be eaten, but I don't know how to find them. I do note places that pop up in discussions here. I am hoping that Yelp isn't the answer.

Sep 27, 2013
0225eiluj in Hawaii

How to best store vanilla

I don't waste the vanilla bean... I use it, THEN put in a bottle with vodka. So, if anything, a waste of vodka ;-) I just add more spent beans and more vodka as needed.

Storing the unused beans in anything airtight should be fine.

Jul 31, 2013
0225eiluj in Home Cooking

banana pudding in DC

Don't know if it's any good or real, but Hill Country BBQ has it.

Irish guy posted for 6 weeks in Alexandria VA

No rezzies for the bar lunch... which makes it tough to time. But a party of one might stand a good chance.

In that same (restaurant and literal) family,is the lunch at the bar at Majestic. I've leaned towards that over Eve since it's less rich.

DC Fine Dining Near Mandrin Oriental

Not necessarily fine dining, but new places worth a look:
Teddy's and Lincoln. I've been hearing good things. Not sure on wine, but cocktails are interesting.


PS: Turns our you really do know what I'll be missing from the east coast when I move to Oahu :-)

T minus 10, what will you be hoarding?

Oh goodness... I hadn't read about this. Everything we own is being shipped to Oahu in early August. Wasn't planning on packing TP in our checked baggage, but who knows now ;-) Too bad our bags will already be full of the darn holistic cat food my "little ones" eat. I'm already planning on hand carrying my 3oz. bottle of top notch Balsamic from Italy. I'm sure I'll fit my clothes in somewhere!

Let's all think no-strike vibes :-)

Jun 24, 2013
0225eiluj in Hawaii

What foods might I miss moving from DC to Oahu?

You are right, my question wasn't really "what am I giving up." I fully admitted from the beginning that I'm psyched for what I WILL be able to get. I was just playfully asking what I essentially needed to get my fill of now before now having it so easily available. I don't consider myself "giving up" good Mexican food... I just consider it something I should get while I can ;-)

Jun 16, 2013
0225eiluj in Hawaii

What foods might I miss moving from DC to Oahu?

OP here... I've certainly gotten a kick out of the winding path this thread has taken. My initial post pretty much outlined all that I needed to know. It's not really about my favs, just mostly what a lot of folks have said on here, like, Oahu has no good Mexican or Latin American food. I've been working on getting sick of Mexican (and I would argue that we do indeed pretty good Mexican, just not in DC proper).

I just wanted to know what sorts of food that I won't find in HI. I know there will be gads of wonderful food and I'm thrilled to embrace it. It's not like I have to have something and want to know if it will be available. I just want to make sure I enjoy all that I available to me here if I can't get it there.
And it's not just in DC... I obviously won't get any of the goodies I get anywhere on the east coast. (So yeah, I have a stock of NY bagels in the freezer from our last trip up, and will be heading to NC for some BBQ this month.)

I'm just looking for anything I may forget or not realize that someone would say, Oh you won't find good ____ here.

Jun 13, 2013
0225eiluj in Hawaii

Pre Prom Party this Saturday (yes today is Friday)

Will the kids be in their outfits already? Is this dinner or will they be going out? If either answer is yes, I'd steer clear of BBQ.

Who is doing the "supposing"... the kids? Why not ask what they are expecting.

If they are having dinner separately, I'd just do easy to eat appetizers and some sparkling cider or a fun mocktail.

Beer for adults seems to set a weird tone for the kids on a night where not drinking is so firmly ground into them. Sounds like this is more of a party for the parents?

What foods might I miss moving from DC to Oahu?

Oh produce! In my excitement of all that WILL be available practically year round, I forgot to think about what won't be available. I will eat my weight in strawberries and peaches before I head out in August. Thanks!

As for all the other suggestions-- thank you everyone! I'm looking forward to embracing everything I can get in Hawaii, so I just want to be able to be done with what I can't get, ya know?

And as for what's available specifically in DC, it's more the whole east coast since I won't be hitting up NYC for a long weekend anymore, for example.

And as a carb-a-holic, I'm sad but happy that I will have less to tempt me in the bread department :-)

May 23, 2013
0225eiluj in Hawaii

What foods might I miss moving from DC to Oahu?

Ooo good call on the Mexican. Sadly, I think the closest DC comes is "decent" Mex. I do enjoy Rosa Mexicano, if you're familiar. I will definitely hit them up before we leave.

Hmmm.... luckily I'm not too big on chains. Other than Popeye's (because why on earth make your own fried chicken when there's Popeye's), I can't think of any we frequent. Oh, and Chipotle, of course. I certainly wouldn't consider that authentic, and I can easily replicate my favs from there.

I've been on an Indian kick lately, but I think I've seen a sufficient number of places on Oahu to get a fix, no matter how authentic.

I will be sure to get some Greek and South American, as well-- thanks!!

May 20, 2013
0225eiluj in Hawaii

What foods might I miss moving from DC to Oahu?

I'm absolutely thrilled to be moving to Oahu this summer. In terms of restaurants, I'm wondering what types of food I'm LEAST likely to have good luck with in Hawaii (if any). I need to know what to eat til I'm sick of it here. :-)
I'm looking forward to embracing all that Hawaii has to offer and don't plan on longing for a particular east coast food. Any ethnicities not well represented in Hawaii restaurants? (I will admit that I don't do Ethiopian so I'm not too sad about leaving that behind. And I've already started ODing on Trader Joe's goodies!)
Thanks in advance.

May 20, 2013
0225eiluj in Hawaii

Help a Canadian Chowhound narrow down my list - Alexandria, VA to Floyd, VA

Alas, I can't say I have a favorite. I don't go often enough, so really each time is like the first time since I totally forget what I got last time.

Help a Canadian Chowhound narrow down my list - Alexandria, VA to Floyd, VA

A few tweaks:
I might to do the bar lunch at Eve instead of dealing with the restaurant. It's an amazing deal and great food without all the fuss.

I agree that Virtue may not be all that you hope. I personally thought the food was too heavy and the place utterly contrived before, but now it really does seem run of the mill.

I'm not impressed by breakfast at Table Talk. It seems like the place you go if you either can't make your own eggs and toast, or just don't want to eat breakfast at home.

I would suggest drink and apps in the lounge at Vermillon. It's such a great vibe and they do such fun drinks and nibbles.

I would extend your geography just a little to the top of Alexandria/bottom of Arlington and go to Jaleo in Crystal City. Great Spanish tapas by Jose Andres.

I'm not a fan of Colombia Firehouse.

And I wouldn't bother eating at Gadsby's.

Some other options (not sure what ethic you can get in Canada):
Indonesian at Satay Sarinah
Ethiopian from one of the zillion places that we seem to have-- maybe others can specifically rec, as I'm not a fan.


Mai Thai, Rosa Mexicano or take out a 2nd mortgage and go to Melting Pot?

I wouldn't put any of those three in the "awesome" category. I would go to a non-chain, personally. It's a special occasion-- go where a chef will cook for you, not a line cook. (Or yourself, which is what you'd essentially do at Melting Pot. If you do go there, do cheese, salad, chocolate. You'll still leave full.)

I recommend Majestic Cafe in Alexandria. You could split an app, have 2 entrees, split dessert and keep it at or under $70. I highly recommend the seafood stew.

(If you'd be amendable to lunch, they have a lunch deal at the bar that can't be beat (except by their sister place, Restaurant Eve)... for about $15 each, you get food cook by the amazing folks in their kitchen for a fraction of the price. No reservations, just go in and see if there's space at the bar. Weekdays ONLY.)

Can I freeze marinated meat?

I love putting marinade on meat then freezing, so it marinates as it defrosts. Time saver!

Aug 02, 2012
0225eiluj in Home Cooking

margarine substitute for graham cracker crust?

I made a banana cream pie that called for mashed ripe banana in the crust. It still had butter and sugar, but small quantities. It was a great crust.

Apr 10, 2012
0225eiluj in Home Cooking

Pho around Landmark & Edsall Road

I'm not a "Pho pro", but I've been happy with the Pho from the place in Van Dorn Station (the shopping center across from Jiffy Lube just south of Edsall on Van Dorn.)

Cooking classes?

Certainly not convenient to Reston, but CulinAerie (in DC) has some classes for more advanced students. They have a masters class that runs for several weeks (1x/wk) and focuses on the techniques rather than recipes. They have shorter series and one-offs as well.