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Recommendations for Winter Park

spending the day in winter park.....while we'll probably end up at the ravenous pig for either lunch or dinner, i would still like to try another restaurant during our brief stay......open to any and all types of food......also, any recs for a coffee/dessert spot.......thanx

Jan 19, 2011
ruready in Florida

Looking for Sarasota restaurant with a Flair

we'll be in sarasota saturday for an early dinner before the diana krall concert at van wezel hall....
prefer a hole in the wall type of place, creative, something different (but not that much) - just want a memorable meal.....all suggestions welcom......

Nov 16, 2010
ruready in Florida

Tampa (Dunedin) going to check out The Living Room, anyone been?

i'm not very thrilled with what i'm reading here......we were planning to go with another couple this saturday, but now perhaps we'll reconsider......i had a good, actually very good, meal back in the fall......i thought the small plate dishes were rather creative and tasty......can someone provide more details about recent visits to the Living Room......thanx

Mar 22, 2010
ruready in Florida

Tuscaloosa, Here We Come !

we are visiting the universtiy of alabama this weekend to check out the campus, the school, and the environment......i would appreciate a few restaurant suggestions, including a vegetarian choice if possible......looking forward to experiencing some local specialties in the area......thanx in advance.......

Feb 11, 2010
ruready in Central South

Recommendations for a dinner spot near Van Wezel Performing Arts Center

thanx for all the recs......we wound up at selva grill with friends - stylish dining in a stylish setting - very tasty and seasoned dishes......
oh, and btw, the concert was fantastic - diane schuur and bobby caldwell, two jazz giants singing together on the same stage - priceless!

Feb 05, 2010
ruready in Florida

Recommendations for a dinner spot near Van Wezel Performing Arts Center

we are going to a jazz concert this thursday, and need a convenient restaurant near van wezel hall......not familiar with spots nearby, so why not ask here for some choices......not looking for gourmet dining this trip, though we're flexible, just a place to enjoy.....noticed support for patrick's (hamburgers) and bologna cafe.....thanx in advance.....

Jan 31, 2010
ruready in Florida

Tampa Bay neighborhood Italian restaurants

we have dined at those places - all good restaurants.......
but i'm looking for a hole-in the-wall spot that serves good, basic italian dishes - whether lasagne or veal piccata - that brings back memories.......again, i don't know if these kinds of restaurants exist anymore, but i thought i would ask......

Oct 21, 2009
ruready in Florida

Tampa Bay neighborhood Italian restaurants

i'm interested in knowing about small, neighborhood-ish, hole-in-the-wall type of italian restaurants in the tampa bay area.......we've dined at most of the familiar italian restaurants in tampa and the few in pinellas county......but i'm not talking about well-known fancy places or even more modest spots - we've dined at virtually all of those kinds......we're originally from new jersey, and small italian restaurants were plentiful - noted for very good home cooking with a variety of "touches"......i've got to believe that some of these types of places exist in our own backyard, but we just have not found them.......any "finds" that you know about would be welcome......

Oct 20, 2009
ruready in Florida

Final 4 Party Here We Come [Moved from Midwest Board]

Every year we throw a Final 4 Party - this will be our 9th shindig - and we always try to incorporate a local food item(s) that is associated with the host city......Detroit is this year's lucky city to show off great basketball and trademark cuisine.......We welcome some culinary suggestions to make our party a basketball and gastronomic success...... Thank you in advance......

Mar 29, 2009
ruready in Home Cooking

Sushi in Palm Harbor/Dunedin Area

Not too long ago I thought someone, perhaps several people, recommended a hole in the wall type sushi place in the Palm Harbor or Dundedin area. I'm not referring to Sushi Ren on Tampa Road - we like that spot. I vaguely remember this other restaurant as being located in a small strip mall or kind of off the beaten track. We'd like to try it, but I just can't recall the name. Does this ring a bell for anyone? Thanx in advance......

Jan 23, 2008
ruready in Florida

Need Restaurants near Mayan Palace/Playa del Carmen

Thank you very much for your recommendations - I feel better already knowing about the variety of choices available to us, rather than settling for the over-priced venues at the hotel.
I would like to take you up on your offer regarding information on activities and places of interest in the area. We have 4 adults/3 teenagers in our group, and we are all adventurous and like to try all kinds of stuff. Please feel free to suggest your "best bets." I tried to e-mail you at your profile address, but as I'm not very computer literate I was confused as to the procedure. Again, your input would be most appreciated. We are leaving on Saturday, so I look forward to your suggestions at your earliest convenience.

Dec 20, 2007
ruready in Mexico

Need Restaurants near Mayan Palace/Playa del Carmen

We are vacationing at the Mayan Palace outside of Playa del Carmen next week and would appreciate recommendations for some good restaurants in the vicinity. Two years ago we found a wonderful place in a little town just south of Playa del Carmen, but I can't remember the name. It was owned by a Californian, who also was the chef, and the meal was terrific. We will have a car, so we would like to explore the area. Also, we had a fantastic dinner north of Tolum on a beautiful lake, just a spectacular view and the seafood was superb. Please help as we have no interest in eating at the Mayan Palace. Thanx in advance.

Dec 17, 2007
ruready in Mexico

Need Sports Bar in Gainesville

Saturday night, we are going to the Rutgers/Florida basketball game, but earlier in the day we want to watch the Rutgers/Pittsburgh football game at a sports bar. Can anyone recommend a place with decent food where we could watch the game. Keep in mind that most people will want to view the Florida/FAU football game, so we need a place that hopefully can spare 1 television screen for "our" game. Help!

Nov 15, 2007
ruready in Florida

Update on Redwoods, St. Pete

this past saturday we intended to "celebrate" our anniversary with my wife's parents at a restaurant we had not frequented in a couple of years - Redwoods......unfortunately, the dinner turned out to be anything but celebratory.....let's just focus on the main courses - duck did not taste like duck, but was very tough - the scallops were not seasoned, rather bland - the pork loin was just not tasty - and my dish, a snapper special, well i still can't figure out what it tasted like, but i can tell you it was awful .......now sometimes one out of four meals might be unacceptable, but four out of four is a debacle......to top it all off, our waiter was not attentive and rather snide when we mentioned that the food was below the standards of a quality restaurant......i expressed my regrets to the manager and he responded in shock, but the place was more than half empty in primetime on a saturday nite, so perhaps the "word" is out......the evening was not a total disaster as we made our way to a wonderful gelato spot on beach drive for delicious deserts......i'd be interested to know if anyone else has dined recently at redwoods - as for us, well, i think you know where we will not be eating again!

Sep 19, 2007
ruready in Florida