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Spotted Donkey

The Hayden location closed. We went to the Spotted Donkey 34505 N. Scottsdale Rd. #H4
Scottsdale, AZ 85266-1204
Phone: 480.488.3358
It is under different ownership than the original owner.

Mar 01, 2013
EpicuriousOne in Phoenix

Spotted Donkey

Made the trip tonight to try this place. It was a huge disappointment. The service was decent. The calamari was good. The margaritas were pretty sweet, but decent. The macaroni and cheese was creamy and tasty. My partner had the meatloaf. It had the texture and taste of canned dog food. It was disgusting. I had an ancho pork tenderloin with the mac 'n cheese. The ancho and cheese sauces all mixed together and pretty much ruined the dish. The portions were huge and more than any normal person could eat. I doubt I will return.

Feb 28, 2013
EpicuriousOne in Phoenix

Honolulu Dining

We are back in Hawaii again and I checked out CH for places to eat. Our first stop is Honolulu and these are restaurants we visited.

Side Street Cafe-Very good with a low-key local bar feel. There are plenty of TVs about to watch your favorite game. The portions are very generous and feed 2-3. The drinks were good.The food came out in no logical order, but it was not a problem. We had the fried pork chops, which came cut up off the bone. They were very flavorful and not greasy. The Caesar Salad and the Farm Salad were very fresh and tasty. The Crinkle Cut french fries were good and enough for 4-6 people. We ordered the fresh market steamed fish. BEWARE Vegetarians...the sauce includes sausage. If you are looking for some flavorful inexpensive chow in a very relaxed atmosphere, check this place out.

Oct 13, 2012
EpicuriousOne in Hawaii