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Lima: 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 3 dinners

Thanks everyone for all your thoughts and tips. We're really looking forward to arriving in Lima on Friday. How does this sound as an itinerary?

Friday night: Cafe del Museo (I'm not married to this idea, but seemed an efficient use of time to combine with Museo Larco at night)

Saturday lunch: Chez Wong (need a reservation? Should I call now for this Saturday)

Saturday dinner: Maido

Skip a week for Cuzco/ Sacred Valley, then:

Saturday lunch: La Mar

Saturday dinner, last night of vacation: Malabar? Central? Astrid y Gaston? If you had one amazing meal in Lima, what would it be?

Thanks, y'all... Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and reporting back.

Lima: 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 3 dinners

Thanks, this is great info. Re the cevicherias I kinda figured as much - I'm not getting the vibe that Lima is a great breakfast town.

Re Pescados Capitales, it seems to be generally raved about and accordingly pretty crowded on weekends... is it the kind of place you could be for three hours? With our limited time in Lima, I'm not sure that's necessarily what we want to do. Is there an almost-as-good place that might take less time?

Is Nikkei a chain? Nothing against it, just curious.

Lima: 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 3 dinners

Thanks - great tip. If we can't get to the Lima market, then Cuzco it is.

Lima: 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 3 dinners

Yes, we are staying at that Sheraton. Mercado Central sounds like a good bet, though since we're only going to be there a short time, I'm a little worried about eating too adventurously since a bout of stomach illness could ruin the whole trip. Is the Mercado Central in your opinion more interesting than the markets we'd find in Cusco?

Chicharron sandwiches sound great. We have great dim sum here in Los Angeles so we'll probably skip that, but everything else sounds fantastic.

We were definitely planning on hanging out and eating and drinking in Miraflores and/or Barranca, so hopefully we'll find some great places there as well.

Lima: 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 3 dinners

My wife and I will be passing through Lima on the way to and from Cusco, and the flights work out such that we'll have a Saturday breakfast, two Saturday lunches, and a Friday- and two Saturday-night dinners.

We'd really love to put together a variety of great Lima experiences and would appreciate your recs... we like everything from the fanciest places to holes in the wall. Though food is generally much more important than ambience to us, but we're open to trying unique ambiences with decent food. And of course, anything that you can only get in Lima or Peru is always great to know about. For what it's worth we both speak Spanish so talking to cab drivers won't be a problem.

Here's what I was thinking, would love opinions pro or con: 

We arrive Friday afternoon after a long overnight flight, staying at the Sheraton downtown, and I was thinking that maybe we'd take a nap and then the first Friday night we'd hit the Museo Larco (open til 10pm) and then the Cafe del Museo, which looks pretty good and is right there... Maybe not the top 3 places to dine in Lima but convenient and pretty good for tired souls... Happy to be talked out of this idea... Thoughts?

Saturday we'd have breakfast in a favorite local place (gotta be ceviche, right?), do some sightseeing, have a nice long afternoon lunch somewhere, wander around and then have dinner. 

The following Saturday, we'd do roughly the same but possibly try to check out a new part of town... No breakfast since we're flying in from Cusco that morning. 

Finally, any fruits/drinks/ snacks we shouldn't miss out on?

Tom in LA

Nice dinner while watching the Saints game?

I'm taking my mom out for her birthday dinner tomorrow night. Any suggestions for somewhere nice, but where we can watch the Saints game at the same time?

I'd prefer to go Uptown, and/or not too near the Dome, but if we need to, we will.


Dec 18, 2009
TomA31 in New Orleans

Solo chow in Mexico City?

Thanks, Anonimo. That sounds like a great start. I can definitely live without a place to sit at the bar. Anything in particular I should try?

Sep 18, 2007
TomA31 in Mexico

Solo chow in Mexico City?

I'll be in Mexico City later this week for 2 nights business, then Fri/Sat just to play around. I might be on my own for a couple of lunches/dinners... any suggestions where to go? I would guess somewhere where you can sit at a bar... but open to any suggestion.

I speak fluent Spanish and don't mind getting off the beaten path a bit. It won't be my first time in Mexico City, but I haven't been there in 12 years, so it might as well be.


Sep 17, 2007
TomA31 in Mexico