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Birthday Dinner Old San Juan

I am looking for recommendations for a special birthday dinner in Old San Juan. We are adventurous and it will be our first time in Puerto Rico so are looking forward to trying some local cuisine. Would be looking for recs with entrees in the $30ish range.

Merrill & Co.

We tried this place last Friday night (4th of July). Overall really liked it and would go back - everything was delicious, although the service was a bit spotty, very friendly but a bit slow and could be more attentive.

We had:

Deviled eggs - creamy and yummy paired with a smoked pickle.

Bean salad - my favorite dish of the night. A light, lemony hummus topped with creamy burrata and a variety of delightfully fresh, crisp beans and mint. I could not stop eating this dish.

Fried catfish - light and crunchy, with a side of a vinegary slaw. Perfectly cooked.

Roasted cauliflower - this was sweet and smokey, my partner a self proclaimed cauliflower hater sneakily kept this on his side of the table out of my reach.

Sliders - by the time we got to these I could barely finish one, but they were very solid and I was wishing I could purchase the bacon onion jam by the jar.

The atmosphere was really upbeat and fun - I liked the throwback diner decor and golden' oldies soundtrack.

Jul 06, 2014
hhodgdon in Greater Boston Area

Provincetown recommendations

We are going to p-town for our "mini-moon" and staying at the Crown Point Inn. Already have reservations for Victor's, Ceraldi (now in Wellfleet) and Devon's. Looking for any additional recs - anywhere else that is not to be missed? Thoughts on more casual places to have lunch or dinner? We are adventurous and would love to hit up some spots that have a lively atmosphere!

May 27, 2014
hhodgdon in Southern New England

Post Your Three Favorite Things You ate in Boston in 2011

1) Everything from Hungry Mother, but especially the oxtail marmalade.
2) Lobster beingets at B&G.
3) Steak tartar at Butcher Shop.

Also love, love all of the dim sum from Winsor Dim Sum Cafe, yummy roast pork buns!!

Jan 13, 2012
hhodgdon in Greater Boston Area