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Killer Food + Fun Time, Party of 10 Please?

Thanks so much for the response. Both Mariza and Lilette look excellent as well.

Are you familiar with Jacques Imo?

Mar 30, 2013
ratheramused in New Orleans

Killer Food + Fun Time, Party of 10 Please?

Looking for an restaurant option that satisfies the following needs:
- Great food (could be simple, could be complex)
- Seats groups of 10
- Potentially lively
- Everyone is about 30 years old

Here's what I've been thinking about:

Bacchanal (looks interesting)
GW Fins (little stuffy)
K-Pauls (gotta be good right??)
Acme Oyster House - Casual, Oysters and (maybe crawfish)
Cochon (already doing the night before)

Thanks for the thoughts

Mar 24, 2013
ratheramused in New Orleans

Bachelor Party Dinner - 15-20 people

Did you find a location?

I've got Cochon on my list and we're just at 12, so ok.

But that's just one night.

Trying to optimize either good food or fun:
- Acme?
- K-Paul?


Mar 24, 2013
ratheramused in New Orleans

Shun Knives

Chemicalkinetics -

Thanks for the quick reply and comments.

Stuck on a deserted island with piles of root vegetables and oodles of pork shoulder, which would you choose based only on blade? (assume that fit and finish are both considered great)


Jan 02, 2012
ratheramused in Cookware

Shun Knives

Chemicalkinetics (and all) --

Have been reading your comments and they're all great.

I've decided on Shun. I am going to probably buy 4 knives. I have however not decided on which Shun line to get. I am finding buying knives a bit like buying mattresses -- lots of similar models, sold exclusively through different outlets with varying and hard to compare pricing.

Specific question: Shun Premiere vs. Shun Kaji (William Sonoma)

Quick Pro & Con:
- Shun Premiere is more affordable (good)
- Shun Premiere has similar blade technology to Kaji (good)
- Shun Premiere can be purchased at Amazon (good)
- Shun Premiere has typical Japanese knife weighting and is a little blade heavy (ok)

- Shun Kaji looks great and has more European weighting (good)
- Shun Kaji is much more expensive and is only sold at William Sonoma (bad)

All things equal, I'd rather have the WS Shun Kaji, but I also feel like a bit of a moron b/c I believe the ultimate blade technology is pretty similar.

Open to suggestions and guidance from the group.


Jan 02, 2012
ratheramused in Cookware