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What do you know about wine?

Here's what I know about wine:

1. It tastes terrible. Really.
2. It makes me nauseous.
3. It gives me a bangin' headache and an asthma attack.
4. It deadens-not enhances- the taste of food.
5. Some people like it, some don't. I don't.

Mar 13, 2013
nationalbar in Wine

Nathans Hot Dogs

My information came from my brother-in-law who works at Marathon in Joisey. But I would have more faith in a Handwerker than my BIL.......I will stand corrected.
However, our taste tests indicate the packaged natural casing dogs taste very different from the Surf Ave. location.

Nathans Hot Dogs

Just FYI, the hot dogs at the original Nathan's on Surf/Stillwell Ave. are not the same as the packaged hot dogs sold in supermarkets, or the franchise restaurants.
The dogs at Coney Island are made by Marathon/Sabrett in the Bronx, the packaged ones by Specialty Food Group. Marathon/Sabrett also make other legendary dogs such as Papaya King, Gray's Papaya and Katz's. I think I can tell the difference as I eat at the original Nathan's once a week when I'm in the area on business. Actually I prefer Boar's Head Natural Casing dogs cooked on a charcoal grill at home.

Crabs In New York City?

Sorry. You won't find anything like Bo Brooks or Hooper's or Waterman's, or Bahama Mama's or even Mug and Mallet in O.C., in NYC. N'existe pas.
Clemente's? LOL!
There was at one time, back in the '90's, a Maryland Crab House on 3rd Ave in the 20's, it was pretty good. Long out of biz.
Think of this as incentive to start a business...

Apr 01, 2012
nationalbar in Manhattan

Fine crystal glasses for alcohol -where to purchase?

Michael C. Fina on 5th Ave / 45th st if you want classical traditional like Baccarat, Waterford, Lenox, Lalique, Christofle, etc., or Alessi down on Spring St. in SoHo if you want more contemporary design.

Mar 30, 2012
nationalbar in Cookware

UES or Murray Hill restaurant serving lunch/dinner all day

Les Halles, 29th & Park. Good French bistro cuisine all day long. Anthony Bourdain used to be the exec chef.

Mar 22, 2012
nationalbar in Manhattan

Stemware from C&B?

Thanks for your reply, sounds like the Oregon is a good deal.

Feb 24, 2012
nationalbar in Wine

New 'Menu Items That Need to Be Retired", 2012 edition...

Baked potatoes with 684 toppings piled in. Yuck! Ban it! Ban it now!
Congress, are you listening??

Feb 22, 2012
nationalbar in General Topics

Finding kitchen stuff made in the usa

Most everything we have in the kitchen is Made in the USA- ladles, spoons, tongs etc. from Vollrath (Wisconsin), knives, cleavers, spatulas, turners, are Dexter-Russell Sani-Safe (Massachusetts). Pots and pans mostly Vollrath and Wearever and Carlisle Dura-Ware SSAL (Oklahoma) although some are from France (Sitram).
All were purchased at restaurant supply shops.
Salt & pepper mills from Vic Firth (Made in Maine).

Feb 20, 2012
nationalbar in Cookware

Can we eat well in Paris without reservations?

Here's what we always do in Paris, and works out very well: Lunch, typical corner cafe (or Leons if you want quick mussels or Breakfast in America if you get homesick). Parisians use cafe's the way we use diners, standard inexpensive and usually decent food.
For dinner, pick up Zagat for Paris, also check David Lebowitz's web site, decide which restaurant you want and make reservations asap. Call the day of the reservation to confirm. The only good restaurant we've been to that does not take reservations is Cafe Constant, but you will need to show up at 7pm. Other reasonably priced gems we like are Le Regalade, Temps au Temps and Bistrot Paul Bert but you will need to make reservations NOW.
If you want higher end, Guy Savoy is always nice but again, reservations please.

Feb 10, 2012
nationalbar in France

Stemware from C&B?

We are looking to purchase new stemware but on a tight budget, $6-13 per glass. 21 oz cab size and 16oz or so white size.
I was looking at two that interested me, the Oregon series and the Vineyard series from Crate and Barrel.
Can anyone shed some light on their experience with either of these glasses?

Feb 04, 2012
nationalbar in Wine

Pondering new Saute Pan

10" fry pans are more useful for sauteing, most restaurants use them as it heats fast and even and yields the right portion size. We've been using these for years-for just about everything, including Thomas Keller's Bouchon pan roasted chicken recipe- and haven't found anything that works better:
Be advised, it's best to hand wash these as running them in the dishwasher will cause the outer aluminum to discolor.
The Kool sleeves make them very comfortable to use, much better pans and handles than the AC in our opinion.
If you want ss inside and out, and a more old-school saute pan shape, these Sitrams are top notch:

You can chuck these in the dishwasher, no muss-no fuss. The thick aluminum in the bottom works great.
Both of these pans are pretty light, easy to move and shake.

Jan 23, 2012
nationalbar in Cookware