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Chatzilim Baladi

I just got back from Israel and had Chatzil baladi (whole roasted eggplant topped with techina and some other stuff) in several different restaurants (the best was a dairy version with feta cheese at Gabriela on the Midrachov in Jerusalem).

Does anyone have a recipe or method for making this at home? Two of my favorite ingredients --eggplant and techina--but I'd love a starting point from someone who's done it, or has found a recipe for it.


Aug 12, 2012
riv91 in Kosher

Kosher Parm online

Can anyone find this or comparable product online? I live in a kosher-gourmet desert, it seems and Kosher Parmigiano is sold out everywhere??

Jan 01, 2012
riv91 in Kosher

Parmigiano Reggiano Kosher

I've kept it for several months in the fridge (not the Faniticini brand, but another Italian brand, can't remember the name) wrapped in plastic and it was great. There used to be a South American brand carried in the local kosher stores here (Farm Fresh & One Stop); do you know what happened to it? It wasn't a bad substitute and far better than the powdered stuff. I would love to see one of them carry a better selection of kosher cheeses...

Jan 01, 2012
riv91 in Kosher