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6-in-1 canned tomatoes?

i'm always glad to find a year old thread and bump it, so i ask, any luck finding these tomatoes in town? any results on a comparable toronto substitute?

The Burger's Priest - Queen and Coxwell

webpiggy expired on april 1st.

The Burger's Priest - Queen and Coxwell

anyone else have any expired burger's priest coupons from snaggies/webpiggy? i didn't check the date and i've got a couple left. any ideas on if i'm SOL or if they'll be honored or at least given as store credit for what i paid for them?

Where can I buy Orange Bitters?

no, just fee bros. you might be able to ask them to get some in, though.

Where can I buy Orange Bitters?

just went to byob, they do have a good selection of fee brothers bitters (14.99), as well as syrups (19.99). picked up a bottle of falernum myself.

Where can I buy Orange Bitters?

as c.cow as mentioned, the toronto bartending institute carries them, which is where i got mine. they have lots of goodies there, particularly the fee's barrel aged bitters, which are a little more expensive, but well worth it.

i've seen the fee's brothers orange at the the slm store next to rube's rice. my apologies that i forget the name. they carry a number of other fee's bitters, such as peach, rubarb and chocolate.

this place is new too. i'm going to check them out today:

get the celery bitters, which is a knock off of the bitter truth celery bitters, but make a mean martini with olive/onion (gibson).

Eating In & Around the Toronto Film Festival

i'm going to the film fest this year too and noticed that z-teca has a wagjag deal today at and i bought 3 of them as i get the 50 pack and i'll be down there quite a bit.

other places taht were mentioned are good too. burrito boyz (which i prefer over z-teca, actually), corned beef house, ravi soups, ginger (or ginger 2) are all pretty decent imo.

What has happened to the Paddock?

it's funny, i was going to post something to this effect, as they used to have a few really competent bartenders, and was a great place to get a decent cocktail. went last week, was pretty shoddy.

plus, they were playing really bad music from the late 90s. it all just felt off in that space.

Boston hound coming to Montreal

i've been out of montreal for about 6 years now myself, and planning a trip to montreal next weekend.

i'll be going to au pied du cochon, and either joe beef or le chien fumant (both if i can fit one in for lunch).

not sure if that helps much, but a few name checks.

Pepsi Throwback

i hope this isn't too far for a bump, but has anyone has had any luck with this in the GTA?

Artisanal butter

i get my sterling butter from leslieville cheese shop (queen location).

if i recall correctly, fiesta farms has a pretty good selection of butters as well.

Sanagan's Meat Locker

i've been probably 4 times so far. all the meat has been really good. i would say that the breakfast sausage wasn't fantastic, but the bacon, chicken livers, oxtail and a handful of other kinds of sausage were very good.

the chickens always look really good. i never asked, but i'm assuming air chilled.

plus, peter seems like a really nice dude.

Suggestions on where to get quality pork belly in Toronto

you're totally right, they seem to have taken down the information about their pork. i'm sure that it's "heritage" pork, but now i'm only 90% sure it's berkshire. you can email and ask her. she's very nice, but might take a bit to get back to you via email. from the website, here are the breeds they have listed (if you're interested in products other than just pork):
* Ancient White Park Beef
* Muscovy Duck & Eggs
* Chicken and Eggs
* Guinea Fowl
* Romney Lamb
* Rabbit

they axed the rabbit and fowl this past year, but hope to get it back online next year.

for price, i believe that i paid the same amount that's listed on the site (which is fairly poorly designed, i think), something like $425 for 6 months of 10lbs/month grass fed. and i get eggs through them too, which are the best eggs i've ever had (i go for chicken, not duck, but that's just me).

other than my trouble staying in and eating all the meat (i still have lots of meat in the freezer), i love it and i've been suggesting it to my friends.

Suggestions on where to get quality pork belly in Toronto

i've had quite a bit of berkshire pork in my CSA (through stoddart farm) and it's a pretty stark difference, imo. the sausages and pork chops have a near buttery taste through them. i've become a fan.

i'm eager to hear about your experience with it.

Suggestions on where to get quality pork belly in Toronto

Seems like everywhere I turn there are recipes for pork belly this and that. I saw and realized I needed to get in on this trend.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences to share on buying pork belly? I've asked at a handful of butchers and they didn't have it at the time, but I can't recall which I've already tried.

burger bar, kensington market

well, i enjoyed them, but if you're squeemish about things on you might not like it. it's basically ground beef and cheese in a spring roll wrapper deep fried served with ketchup and mustard.

sorry i missed your reply earlier, btw.

burger bar, kensington market

i went last night with a friend and had a decent meal. started with the cheeseburger spring rolls, which were tasty, but as greasy as expected. also tried the saag poutine, which wasn't very good, the saag was a bit runny and washed out the taste of the fries and cheese.

then we had the a regular (ie non-wagyu/kobe/organic) with gruyere and mushrooms and a side of rings. it was very juicy and beefy flavored. i prefer a medium rare burger, as many do, and even if they didn't ask how i'd like it prepared, the result was quite good. had some onion rings as well, which were a little bland, but a had a very nice crunch.

service was very friendly and nice. we sat down to relax and have a chat, and i think that the waitress caught onto that and let us do our thing.

all in all, it was a bit expensive for a burger meal, especially for a non-medium-rare burger. i'd go back, as least once for the sole reason that the place has only been open for a couple of weeks and they're probably still working out a kink or two. overall, not my favorite burger in town, but probably the best one in my books in kensington (even if it's a couple bucks more).

Fantastic Curry Roti - Ghandi on Queen West

this is my favorite place in town for roti, even if it's not the more traditional carribean roti. i always get a medium chicken, as even though i'm pretty good with spice, the hot is VERY hot. since last summer or so i believe, they have been closed on weekends, unfortunately.

bonus tip: the day old roti they have is always spectacular as the flavors develop even more as leftovers. and, it's a dollar or two less to boot!

Cumbrae's Steak at $7/lb!

thanks for the rec. i've got a kitchenaid and i've been trying to determine if the attachment is worth it or if i should just get a more classic hand grinder. not that i plan on doing tonnes of grinding, i just like to get things that will last more than a few years.

anyway, thanks for the tip. the scales are now on the kitchenaid side :)

Cumbrae's Steak at $7/lb!

thanks for the heads up. glad to hear some of these quality cuts are coming down a bit in price. now i just have to get a good meat grinder for burgers and i'm set :)

Sea Urchin in Toronto?

sushi 930 have had it a few times, but only when it's available and fresh at the fish monger the chef frequents. they sometimes have the specials listed on the website ( but they haven't in a while.

i'd suggest giving them a call. they're very friendly.


i was just waiting for a "ceci n'est pas un curd" joke.

the best Gyros in town

my favorite gyros in town are the ones at messini.

445 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1P1, CA


tjr, like i said, we clearly have very different views on what an authentic poutine is, or even what a poutine should be. swiss chalet poutine will never be considered to be an authentic poutine, by me, and to my friends who still live in quebec (by the way ,they laughed at the idea of a swiss chalet being authentic when i had suggested this ridiculous conversation).

i'm not sure why i need to defend my opinions, but here i go again. i have already said that they gravy isn't always the best, it's a bit dark for my liking (as i mentioned in my original post). when i have been, the fries are much better than swiss chalet, and the cheese wasn't squeaky, but it was tasty and melty (which is about as good as i've come to expect from curds in toronto). i never said ontario didn't have good curds. i merely suggested they were hard to find, and since i live in toronto (and the topic was regarding the GTA), that is the basis for what i said. if you have stores in town that have them, by all means, please share them with us. and, if they do not meet my exact specifications for what i grew up with in terms of cheese, i will blame you for it. until then, i will continue with my plan to join the montefort csa.

smoke's combination gravy does not come closer to what i consider authentic, but thanks for the assumption, even after i said i thought it was weird and gross (i didn't feel i needed to quote myself again, but i can upon request). you asked me for poutine suggestions that were truely authentic in toronto, and i mentioned those that i could think of, the list is short, yet you only derided jkwb again, even though it's still "sauce" (as in the french word, as you so kindly pointed out), cheese, fries... how you can find it to be otherwise, is beyond me.

in regards to what i said about a demi-glace, if you read the rest of the sentence, you'd see that i was talking about the color of the gravy, as well as the richness of flavor ("most chicken gravies are far too weak and yellow, instead of the brown (almost a demi-glace) that it should be"). i did not mean to imply that a proper poutine gravy should have such a base, but i did suggest afterwards that a weak sauce could be rescued by a splash of it. it's delicious, you should try it. you speak of truly authentic poutine sauce coming from a chicken base coming from a historical economic need, however, in any hard times, the economics of food would be dictated by whatever is on hand. i'm not sure where your curds comes from, but mine come from cows, not from chickens. if it was from such an economic need, wouldn't the farmer using their curds with a gravy use a beef gravy? or at the very least, at some point use some beef in their base? i'm not saying that a poutine may not have chicken stock, that's a narrow minded argument that only leads less poutine enjoyment. i have only said that i have yet to find a good gravy from such a base. your continual reliance upon this argument to denigrade anyone else's suggestion to a poutine that does not have the kind of chicken based gravy (swiss chalet, for those keeping score) that you're accustomed to only serves to tell me that i should not listen to a single thing you have to say. the are other threads on the subject, and i've seen the way you have cried foul on every gravy that isn't chicken based and i felt i should say something, particularly after your basis for quality is a swiss chalet poutine gravy.


thanks for the correction.


i do love me some brisket. this thread's turning out to be bad for my health. a co-worker of mine has family from north bay, i'll mention it to him. thanks for tip #2 :D


looks tasty... i saw it in the other poutine thread too. my heart is already unevenly fluttering in anticipation. next time i'm in the area i'll give it a whirl. not sure when that'll be, as i'm usually going the other direction on the 401, but good to have a mental note for it. thanks.


no, it's not open yet. they said they'd be open on the 5th, but there seems to be some holdup. their website says they're perfecting the recipe.


i believe that our disagreement comes from what we consider to be authentic poutine and how close places can come to our versions of said authentic poutines. i will say it again though, i strongly disagree that the blue truck isn't an authentic poutine, but it may not be the authentic ottawa or la belle province (the restaurant chain, not the province) poutine that you're looking for.

i have no real interest in having a flame war with you, but please at least get my points correct. i never said that a poutine gravy was a demi-glace. i merely suggested that a weak gravy (as with many sauces) could be bolstered by a splash of demi-glace. if you consider such a flavor enhancement by what essentially is a concentrated stock to be heresy within your definition of what poutine gravy is, it's no wonder that i think the kind of gravy you seem to enjoy to be bland and flat. yes the jamie kennedy version leans more towards such a demi-glace (granted, not the kind the casse croutes that my classmates and i ate while going to the zoo or ski hill), but tasty none the less and a much better flavor and more reminiscent of the flavors that i associate with poutine. in that respect, the jkwb (or at least at gilead, where i had it) is much closer to authentic, in my view, than swiss chalet.

as for ashton's poutine, i'm not sure what their gravy base is. it's a secret, their place mat says so. but, if it was made just with chicken stock, i'd like to know how they got it so dark. maybe that's the real secret. let's suppose that it is a chicken stock, whatever the result is, is not what i would call a chicken gravy and certainly nothing like the gravy at swiss chalet. good thing i never said that ontario didn't have any good curds, i just said they were hard to find, particularly in toronto. otherwise, i might look quite foolish.

i cannot name many other places in the gta that are authentic, as there aren't very many to be named. i mentioned the blue fry truck, and gilead (which, i had with the hamburger on top, not pulled pork), both of which take top spots in town, in my view, with very few others being worth a suggestion. stampede in parkdale has an okay one, but i'd need to go back another time to give it a suggestion, as there was something a little wonky with the gravy(couldn't put my finger on it at the time, as i'd had a few) .

one thing i agree with you on (aside from the fact that the curds at swiss chalet are terrible) is that smoke's gravy is weird and gross. in fact, you might be able to see what i'm talking about in that "yellowness" that you continue on about, as it had this weird yellow/grayish tint to it, if i recall correctly.


thanks for the tip, i'll give it a whirl the next time i'm around oshawa (not often, but i might be able to stop by).