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Tucson - Mexican restaurant?

Me too, Mrbigshotno1...

Feb 02, 2014
nohurry in Southwest

Steak fish

Hey Jim, are you still reading this thread...?

Shore Seafood's takeaway stall in Baltimore's Northeast Market
features both Lake Trout and Steak Fish.

I haven't tried them yet, but their Crab Cake Subs are good, and the Oyster Subs are even better, so...that's something to think about for next time...

Tucson - Mexican restaurant?

Does anybody like Perfecto's on South 12th Avenue...?

It's another family owned place...limited menu but the home made chips and spicy salsa were good.

May 19, 2013
nohurry in Southwest

Tucson - Mexican restaurant?

Hey, mrbigshotno1...do you remember when LERUA'S was located near the University of Arizona's Main Gate...their original (mainly takeaway) restaurant...? Those were the days...!!

May 17, 2013
nohurry in Southwest

Tucson - Mexican restaurant?

Yes, mrbigshotno.1...I can see [that] you know how to LIVE...

Nov 05, 2012
nohurry in Southwest

best crab cake baltimore

I've loved the takeaway CRAB CAKE SUBS with just a little mustard and hot sauce from Blue Point Crab House on Orleans and Montford for 10 years...now, come to find-out they're no longer offered...! They still have great cakes, but you have to take 'em home and make your own subs...problematic since i don't live in Balto and am only an occasional long-distance visitor.

My new favorite is the OYSTER sub from Shore Sea Food in the Northeast Market about 4 or 5 blocks away............................(they have crab cakes too, but that's for next time...). See you..!

Tucson - Mexican restaurant?

This is the season to get those in-house fresh-roasted green chilies at the FOOD CITY
supermarket...I think they're sold in 'ziplock' bags in each of the locations (especially on weekends),
but the South 6th Avenue store puts the roaster outside near the front door so you can see and
smell the freshness before you even walk into the place...! And you can't beat that...

Sep 30, 2012
nohurry in Southwest

Tucson - Mexican restaurant?

Gee...I wish THIS place was still open...

Aug 04, 2012
nohurry in Southwest

Mexico City market tour- any new suggestions

"La Lagunilla" is the big, sprawling Flea Market on Sundays.

Years ago I had MENUDO at a famous food stand in MERCADO MERCED that only had one item on the menu...I've forgotten the name of it but they have T-shirts and coffee cups with their logo on them and apparently are quite well known. The menudo is served in small, medium, or large folkloric black bowls...as I was somewhat new to menudo, I ordered the small size.
It was fantastic, and my happy smile must have convey'd that to the chef, who proceeded to
ladle out several additional servings to me [on the house] with limes, onions, and tortillas!
This place is not to be missed!!! Take it from one who knows,

Apr 17, 2012
nohurry in Mexico

Tucson - Mexican restaurant?

no, mrbigshorno.1...I'm talking about the little BABY-siz'd ones...

Feb 24, 2012
nohurry in Southwest

Tucson - Mexican restaurant?

Nobody has yet mentioned SAINT MARY'S MEXICAN food [west of the Freeway]. It's another longtime local, family owned place...it's a near-to-downtown-but-not-really working class lunch stop...most definitely not on the regular tourist trail because it's mainly just a takeaway.

I don't collect T-shirts but if I did, theirs is a cute one.

For years it used to be NoHurry's favorite...there are other choices now, but it's still spot-on for
that "Carne Seca" burro [a specialty of Tucson and southern Arizona] to take out; or a bag of
a dozen tamales double-wrapped for out-of-town travel.

I don't have a photo of it, but it's been painted some bright color [purple?], so...easy to spot.

Feb 23, 2012
nohurry in Southwest

Best Fish and Chips in Boston?

None of you Bostonians have ever heard of this one...it takes a low-budget/sophisticado
tourist like myself..............[though I used to live in Boston many many years ago and still visit regularly] to find the good hidden holes in the wall...!

I had a good fish & chips at ALEX PIZZA on Washington Street in the South End...got it on the LUNCH SPECIAL to take away and ate 'alfresco' in the little park across the street.

Of course, I always carry my own travelling container of black [malt] vinegar...they don't serve it.

Feb 20, 2012
nohurry in Greater Boston Area

Low Budget Munching in Sao Paulo, Brazil...?

Hi everybody; let's see if I can get CHOWHOUND to work for me...

I'm looking for some little neighborhood places or takeaways in the massive city of Sao Paulo, and I know there must be hundreds of them out there!

I don't speak much Portuguese but I'm not afraid to TRY; and I enjoy walking around un-touristed neighborhoods wherever the Metro subway system goes.

They must be INEXPENSIVE, because this trip will be a short-ish one on a very low budget;

I am already familiar with the "cachorro queinte" [hot dog] and "Bauru" [ham and cheese on a roll]...
but...they don't all have to be quite THAT cheap...what else is out there...?

Authentic Mexican ( y mole!) in Tucson?

Alejandro's baby-sized flour tortillas are great. Take it from NoHurry.

Feb 18, 2012
nohurry in Southwest

Tucson - Mexican restaurant?

Here's one Even EWSflash, mrbigshotno.1, and francelle don't even know about:

Feb 18, 2012
nohurry in Southwest

Southwest Road Trip - Off-the-beaten-path Chow Suggestions?

What about this one, C'nuck...? You can't get much more off the beaten path than that...!

[Mammoth, Arizona]

Feb 06, 2012
nohurry in Southwest

Best Green Chile Cheeseburger

I'm not a big eater of cheese burgers; but my favorite one in history was in the small town of Carrizozo, New Mexico...probably 20 years ago but oh, my goodness, I still remember it...!

(The spiciest and most flavorful of the fresh-roasted green chiles are the ones you get in the fall and winter seasons....for your information).

Feb 06, 2012
nohurry in Southwest

Tucson - Mexican restaurant?

Have any of you been to the ANITA STREET MARKET...? Another place that's been there for decades, but seemingly only dedicated Tucsonans even know about it...! They've had great tortillas and tamales (to take out) for years, but have recently expanded their prepared-foods menu. It's a family run one-room place in an out-of-the-way antique neighborhood...but it's worthwhile to try and find it. Their homemade RED SALSA (in plastic containers in the fridge) is the best in town...and dood, that's no lie! This is No Hurry talking...I know about these things...!

Feb 06, 2012
nohurry in Southwest

Tucson - Mexican restaurant?

El Guero Canelo seems to specialise in the ubiquitous Sonoran Hot Dog [I haven't tried it yet], but
my favorite menu-item there is the Burrito-Junior...! You fill it up with toppings from the condiments table and you're good to go...$4...!

'Way back in the day...we're going back to the early '70s... the CROSS ROADS was a funky neighborhood drive-in with carside service. Because it was in South Tucson (as opposed to regular Tucson)...they were permitted to serve PITCHERS OF BEER along with your meal to
a window-mounted car tray...! CAN YOU IMAGINE...? That's long-gone of course, and they've gone a little more upscale over the years, but the food is still good and the portions are ample.

Feb 05, 2012
nohurry in Southwest

Tucson - Mexican restaurant?

Hey, mrbigshotno.1---you remember that place...? They had a restaurant [of sorts] next door in the same building...on the corner way back then- CAZADORES.
I have several of their sombrero-shaped ceramic ashtrays...assorted colors... in my permanent collection...!

Jan 01, 2012
nohurry in Southwest

Tucson - Mexican restaurant?

The portions at LITTLE MEXICO on Nebraska (west of South 12th Avenue) were large, the prices fair, the flavors acceptable...but, I was in the mood for a bowl of MENUDO, and their version
missed the boat. Actually, the prepared-foods department at FOOD CITY super market on South 6th
Avenue serves quite a decent menudo...you'd be surprised!

Dec 31, 2011
nohurry in Southwest