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Best Indian Dining Options

Lahore Tikka house has been around for a long time. One of the oldest in Gerrard street. I do not like it. I hate the styrofoam plates and cups. Place is not even clean. Curries and rice are too greasy.

Which restaurant in Toronto do you consider to be the best for the following type of cuisine? (assuming mains are priced anywhere from $10 to $30).

One more vote for Zen, Japanese.

Indian: Once again in Scarborough, Karaikudi.

Thai: The one I like is in Richmond Hill. Thai Basil. Nice decor, good service. I loved their chili basil fried rice. They have a location in Toronto also, but not been there.

BTW, Portugese is repeated in your list:)

$15 for $30 Worth of Indian Cuisine and Drinks at Karaikudi Chettinad Restaurant in Scarborough

Karaikudi has one more Groupon deal today. 12 for 25 and a two for one lunch buffet. Got a couple of them.

$15 for $30 Worth of Indian Cuisine and Drinks at Karaikudi Chettinad Restaurant in Scarborough

Double post-Deleted.

Scarborough To-Do List - What have I missed? What SHOULD I miss?

It is ok if you are in the area, but not worth driving up there. Their sweets are not bad.

Scarborough To-Do List - What have I missed? What SHOULD I miss?

I am crazy about Karaikudi. I have visited both Anjappar and Karaikudi. Although I visit Karaikudi more frequently, I visit Anjappar once in a while to see if things have changed.

Food:: Karaikudi is more authentic. Anjappar caters more to the Sri Lankan crowd. The spice levels are very high. Karaikudi spice levels are the same as back in India. So in my opinion, that is more authentic. Once you cross spice level beyond certain point, the flavors are gone.

Decor and cleanliness:: Karaikudi wins here. There have been occasions during my few visits to Anjappar when the washroom was not upto par. Karaikudi has always been clean and has a nice decor. Anjapppar is plain and stale sometimes.

Pricing:: Anjappar used to be a bit cheaper than Karaikudi. Not anymore. When Anjappar's price is lower than Karaikudi, I have noticed that the quantity given by Anjappar is much smaller. E.g Chicken 65. Anjappar portion is half the size of Karaikudi. Both the prices are online. Check them out.

Pricing Specials: Anjappar offers their buffet buy one get one free often. Keep checking their website for the specials. I have seen them do gimmics once in a while. Recently there was an ad for a buffet offer. I went in, but was told that the ad was a mistake and they gave another offer. Cheap trick IMHO.
I have not seen Karaikudi discount their pricing, but they have a loyalty program. I have seen a couple of offers from Karaikudi. One is called "pay once dine twice" They give it during their anniversary celebration. They also had a groupon offer last year.

Service: Karaikudi seems to care more about service than Anjappar. When I had complaints, Karaikudi was more willing to fix that than Anjappar.

What I love the most about Karaikudi is their private room. Perfect when I go out with a bunch of friends or a small family outing. I think they seat 15 in that room.

Anjappar has been in business longer than Karaikudi,

Overall, my pick is Karaikudi.

$15 for $30 Worth of Indian Cuisine and Drinks at Karaikudi Chettinad Restaurant in Scarborough

Damn it. I missed the offer. I go there often. I would have maxed out the groupon. I have seen them offer deals only once a year during their anniversary (end of Jan) which is a great offer. They call it "Pay Once Dine Twice". I availed that offer for the last two years. Other than that, I have never seen them give any offers. Have to keep watch now.

I usually go to Karaikudi in the weekend and it is pretty busy. Sometimes, I had to wait for a while to get a table. Karaikudi Chettinad is my favourite Indian restaurant in Toronto. Used to go to Anjappar before Karaikudi burst onto the crowded Indian scene. Too many Indian restaurants and so called south Indian restaurants, but most lack the authenticity which Karaikudi provides.

1sweetpea, I have also encountered the biriyani not available issue once. The manager explained that it was terribly busy that evening and I went just when they were about to close. According to him, the biriyanis take a while to make in chettinad style, so I can understand if it is not available on a busy day towards close. GO EARLY. Other than that I never had the items not available issue. BTW, their thali is available only for lunch.

Specific food recommendations: If you can handle a bit of heat their fish curry and nandu masala is a must try. Try the fish curry with the rice. Nandu masala with parotta. When I say heat, it is moderate. Definitely not the off the chart levels like the Srilankan food. If you like Indian food, but cannot handle the spice level, their garlic naan and butter chicken is one of the best. Even if you can't deal with the heat, try their biriyanis. Excellent flavour.

When I talk about Karaikudi, it it very difficult not to mention the decor. Saravana Bhavan is a cafeteria. Anjappar is a bland restaurant. Karaikudi is way out of this league in terms of decor. I will review comparing these three together in detail later. For now let me tell you this, Karaikudi wins hands down.

Look at their facebook page for some nice photos. There is one photo of the interior with table cloths. Just one word, Awesome!. I am a fan as you can tell by now:)

Anyone been to Karaikudi Restaurant on Kennedy Rd. (just N of Lawrence) in Scarborough?

Hi Summ3r, They do have A la carte. Their buffet is only during weekday lunch. Not sure why you thought dinner menu is not there. I have ordered from the menu even during buffet time.

Anyone been to Karaikudi Restaurant on Kennedy Rd. (just N of Lawrence) in Scarborough?

IMHO, Bombay palace seems to be consistent. Average Indian food. In that area there is nobody with a similar offering. Not worth a long drive, but if you are in the neighborhood (Markham/Lawrence) then it is decent Indian buffet.

Karaikudi however is a different story. Somebody who is looking for butter chicken in the buffet may not like karaikudi buffet. Butter Chicken is north Indian and it is in their ala-carte menu. Also the places I have had butter chicken in the buffet use dark meat chicken. Once you eat the butter chicken with white meat you will not like the dark meat butter chicken. Most of their dishes are south Indian and as a south Indian I love their buffet. Dosa is included in the buffet and made fresh instead of keeping it in the buffet. Having said that, I have to agree that their buffet selection could be better, but for 9.99 it is good value.

Their A la carte menu selection is not as big as Anjappar, but it covers the popular items. My fav is their Crab curry. If you cannot handle spicy food, do not order that. The quality of food is excellent. There is a goat dish called mutton sukka. You don't even get that dish anywhere other than Anjappar and Karaikudi.

The decor of Karaikudi is excellent. I would rate Karaikudi above Anjappar overall.

Hakka cuisine in Toronto?

My current Hakka favs
1. Kim Kim (1188 Kennedy Rd, Scarborough) - My Top fav. Excellent food and decent service.
2. Chung Moi (2412 Eglinton Avenue East, Scarborough). Food is fine, but not good service. Too packed since it is a very small place. The owner lady has some attitude.
3. Rasa Sayang (2579 Victoria Park Avenue, North York). Friendly owners and HUGE quantity. Food not bad.
4. Lin Garden (1806 Pharmacy Avenue, Scarborough). Used to be great but still I go there since it is close to my work. Not bad overall. Friendly owners.
5. Wok with Yu (789 Warden Avenue, Scarborough) Not bad. Chicken Pakora was excellent.
6. Frederick (1920 Ellesmere Road, Scarborough) Used to be the king. These days, I find that they are a mere shadow of their former self.

Lin Garden
1806 Pharmacy Ave, Toronto, ON M1T1H6, CA

Victoria Park Restaurant
335 Durham Market St N, Kincardine, ON N2Z1Z4, CA

Kim Kim Restaurant
1188 Kennedy road, Toronto, ON M1P 2L1, CA

Rasa Sayang
2579 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto, ON M1T1A4, CA

Dosa's and South Indian Food - where?

Udupi palace used to be good. Not any more. I have been there several times in the past and atleast two times they billed me for extra items. Some of my friends also reported the same.

I like the Saravana Bhavan Dosa too. I go to the one in Scarborough.

Madras Palace in Scarborough had good dosas. I don't go there any more after SB opened.

Trimurti vs Little India vs Babur

Been to Trimurti recently and the food was great for the price. Weekday buffet. Liked the goat curry. Tandoori chicken was good. Did not care for the butter chicken though. Naan was given hot from the tandoor. The naan was a little on the thin side and a bit crispy. I prefer softer naans. Tried a couple of veg items and they were also good. Good place to visit when you are in the neighborhood..

Searching Chow - Tips? [Moved from General Topics board]

Wanted to search in the Ontario board. So went into the Ontario Board (including Toronto) and clicked on "Search this board" (next to the board name). I got search results from all over, not just the Toronto board. In the search option, Board Group was 'International' and board was 'Ontario (including Toronto)'. What am I missing?

How do I restrict my search to one board? This board baffles me!!!!!!


Sep 17, 2007
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