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Edo-Style Sushi in LA- Who's the best right now (controversial)

IMO, Mori is the best, easily.

Water Grill vs The Lobster, Santa Monica

Yeah. I've been to Water Grill about 100 times, almost all downtown. It's certainly not as bad as the OP suggests. Moreover, it seems to me that the more you cook crustaceans, the "meatier" they will be. Very fresh, raw crustaceans are mushy, watery, and translucent.

has anyone tried GOLDEN MEAN CAFE in santa monica

I like the pizzas. The cakes are really good. Saffron-pistachio is worthy of chowhound mention.

But overall, the food is so basic and boring and healthy that I can't really recommend it.

South End on Abbot Kinney (sort of) - brief report

This place is really good. The onion and brie tart is one of the best things I've eaten recently. The pizza I had was excellent. Really loved the crust. A+

mo-chica downtown

I liked the old Mo Chica, but the new one downtown just isn't very good.

Daw Yee Myanmar Cafe - Monterey Park - Terrific 1st Meal

Agree. Yoma is terrific. It's not as "nice" as Daw Yee though.

Seabass-- best way to cook?

I like Asian preparations best, especially sweet (e.g., Vietnamese caramel) and umami flavors.

Dec 08, 2013
AlkieGourmand in Home Cooking

How much water to add to sipping Rum / Scotch

I tend to like around 70 proof for scotch. I just add water to taste. If I have clean ice cubes, I may drop one in for ten seconds, then take it out. I have never added water to rum.

Dec 08, 2013
AlkieGourmand in Spirits

I come to praise the carrot, not to bury it!

Mirepoix/soffritto or stock. Otherwise, I am not a big fan. Too fibrous when raw and too sweet when cooked.

Dec 08, 2013
AlkieGourmand in General Topics

Blue Bottle Coffee Beans

Barista Society in downtown LA is yet another place.

Chinese - Upscale and good

WP-24 is by far the nicest Chinese restaurant in the LA area. And the food is high quality. I have eaten there twice and enjoyed both experiences.

I understand why it's not a Chowhound favorite. You can have a tastier, more exciting meal in the SGV for 1/5 the price. But WP-24 blows away all the SGV restaurants on factors such as atmosphere, plating, and wine list. (I can't praise the service, unfortunately; it was memorably bad in my last meal there.)

What is the best Indian restaurant in LA?

I like udupi palace too.

What is the best Indian restaurant in LA?

I don't really love any Indian or Pakistani restaurant in LA--and that includes the restaurants in Artesia. But I do like some places in Artesia, such as Surati Farsan Mart, especially for "South Indian" food.

Best brands of Asian red/black vinegar and places to get in LA?

I'm not a big fan of the markets in Chinatown, but you could try Far East Supermarket.

I love the Ranch 99 in San Gabriel and definitely recommend you make the short drive there for Chinese ingredients.

Chow-worthy food in Woodland Hills?

I have had only exceptional experiences at Hummus Bar and Grill. But it's been a while since I've been there.

Dec 03, 2013
AlkieGourmand in Los Angeles Area

What's your LEAST favorite restaurant in LA ? (excepting of course for chains).

Let me add: All the burrito places, whether it be the Westernized ones like Qdoba, Chipotle, and Ocho or the more "authentic" Mexican American places that Chowhounders seem to love. In my opinion, Mexican American food--burritos and the like--is far superior on the east coast, especially in the Boston area.

Maison du Chocolat

FWIW, I recommend the reviews on this site when it comes to chocolate.


The site ranks La Maison third out of hundreds for boxed chocolates, which it describes as "across the board, merely magnificent."

Octopus, downtown LA

This place is total crap. Passable is kind.

What's your LEAST favorite restaurant in LA ? (excepting of course for chains).

Here are some restaurants I don't like. I'm only listing restaurants that some people I know think are good.

Bottega Louie. Mediocre food, miserable atmosphere.
Sugarfish by Nozawa. Poor-quality fish, prepared with incompetence.
Umami Burger. Crap.
Phillipe's. Worse than crap.
Baco Mercat. J. Gold and everyone else are on crack. This food is mostly slop. (To be fair, I have had good vegetable side dishes here.)
Chego. Amazingly disgusting.
Nickel Diner. Yuck.

Pre.Game at Dodgers Stadium.

Give up the idea of walking around Dodger Stadium. I enjoy a beer and garlic fries from Gordon Biersch in the stadium.

Shaanxi Gourmet

The cold noodles in sesame sauce has to be the best dish I've had for $3 in greater LA. (Okay, $3.25). I always feel guilty eating here because the prices are so low. (A whole grilled fish costs about $6. Where do you a buy a whole fish for $6?)

Craving pumpkin baked goods

I realize I may be one of the only posters who likes Real Food Daily. But I really enjoyed the new pumpkin bake on the dessert menu there.


I like the fried chicken too.

The Misfit isn't really a Chowhound type place, but the food is enjoyable, there's a decent beer list, etc. I find it crazy loud inside but you can sometimes get a table outside.

What's your favorite joint to grab a cocktail or mixology drink at ????

i like the tasting kitchen and bestia.

Any interesting onigiri to be found in LA, Westside-ish?

Whoa. Thanks!

DC Foodie Looking for Mexican Recommendations

I like Chichen Itza for lunch. It is a Yucatan restaurant. The food is downscale, but executed well and with care. The Mercado de Palomar, in which Chichen Itza is located, is interesting to visit. I've been here five times or so and always left pleased.

DC Foodie Looking for Mexican Recommendations

Amazingly, one time I went there on the way to the airport, and Sergio wasn't there, and the food was the same as always.

Water Grill comes to Santa Monica.

It's not open yet.

Downtown LA's Water Grill coming to Santa Monica.

I agree that Water Grill used to be better, before the changes. (It's worth remembering that this was a Michelin-starred restaurant when there was an LA Michelin guide.) They intentionally dumbed it down a bit; now it's more casual and less fussy. But Water Grill is still far better, in my opinion, than McCormick & Schmick's, which is truly awful.

Most useless cooking instruction

I would say that providing cooking times for seafood and meat is pretty useless.

Jun 29, 2013
AlkieGourmand in Home Cooking