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Wife's Birthday

We don't necessarily have a 'usual' spot, we like to try different places. Area would be anywhere in SF Bay, and we would prefer something not too pricey, say $100-150 for the both of us, not including booze.

Wife's Birthday

Hey Chowhounds,

My wife's birthday is coming up on June 5 and I'm trying to find something to do as far as dinner on a saturday. Any suggestions on an interesting, un-touristy, and a little out of the ordinary restaurant or dining experience? I'm up for anything and she's fairly adventurous.

Phil the Esophagus

Maggio's Italian Deli and Bakery [ Livermore ]

Just had lunch here and it's delicious! Met the owner Laura. I also met her mother, Theresa, who may or may not be the inspiration for "Grandma Fanny's Italian Sub," which is what I had. I would recommend this place for anyone looking for a great sandwich in downtown Livermore. They also sell Flaca's Salsa, which makes me wish I was a giant tortilla chip so I could just jump into a tub of it!

Good, well-priced meat market in East Bay/Tri-Valley

Anyone know of such a place? I just got a small Brinkmann smoker for Xmas and want to start using it, but might as well go for the full experience with some supreme meat, right?

Looking for a place with a nice variety of meat at a decent price.

Tomales Bay Oyster Co

Planning a trip to go with a few friends in a couple weeks. Any pointers, nearby treasures, funky roadside stands, anything?

Far East Bay finally getting BBQ'ed

Just found out about a new BBQ restaurant opening up in Livermore in February! Finally, this corner of the bay is in desperate need of some good smoked pork products! I can taste it now....... Here's a link to the article:

Looking for events

Anyone have an idea where I can find a comprehensive list of 2012 Bay food events?