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Drink opening tomorrow?

I heard though the grapevine that barbara lynch's first fort point venture will open tomorrow, John Gertsen's bar. Has anyone else heard the same?

#9 Slipping?

IMO No.9 is slipping because Barbara is so focused on opening her new restaurant and not paying attention to details. We have eaten there twice in the last few months as well and also noticed that the food did not seem to be as great as it once was. The service has been excellent though and Joe the maitre'd has always been gracious. I think they must also have a new manager since there is has been a woman there recently instead of the shorter gentleman I remember from years past.

We have resolved to only eat in the cafe area since it will not hit our wallet as hard and the "more simpler" food seems to be executed better.

Best High End Gourmet Restaurant in Montreal?

I agree wholeheartedly! We were there last month and had one of the boest meals of our lives. Both service and food were amazing! I still dream about the risotto with foie slivers. I cannot wait to go back.

Le Comptoir and L'Ami Louis (question)

I could not agree more about l'ami louis. I will remember my meal there forever. Those potatoes were the best I have ever had in my life, the foie, the roasted chicken, the grilled bread served with the foie and perhaps the best creme fraiche in the world! I found the service to be incredible entertaining, it was like watching a dance, front waiter and back waiters cruising through the aisle of tables each doing their jobs with dignity and presence.

The reservations system is a little off putting, but I will definately go though all of their hoops just for those potatoes alone!

Oct 06, 2007
looseygoosey in France

Charlestown restaurants

Chow Thai is great though I have never eaten in there either. Navy Yard bistro is a great place for a good meal and nice wine. Doug the bartender is fabulous. Be aware that it can get very crowded at the bar. Paolos has good pizza and salads, but I not a fan of their pastas. They also deliver and are here in a flash. Other than that you have to venture out into the big, bad city...

LOoking for an attractive waitstaff AND good food?

Kim is her name. She is great looking and an excellent bartender.

B&G Oysters love but still stewing over stew

I love the spicy clam stew but have to agree that is has been hot or miss as of late. I think it depends who is working in the kitchen because there seems to be someone new there each time I go maybe they are breaking in some new people.


Wu Chon house does a good Dolsot Bibimbap (in the hot clay pot). I have not tried the cold version yet.

Favorite Little-Known Italian Restaurant Outside of Boston Proper?

Might be a little upscale compared to some others but my favorite is Bistro 5 in Medford. Love the squid ink pasta!

Wanted: Authentic German Food!!!

For Polish try Cafe Polonia in Dorchester. Excellent pierogis and borscht!

FN Mac&Cheese Challenge: Barbara Lynch

I thought Chef Lynch came off as a world class witch! Not surprising though her reputation in this city (Boston) is as such. IMO she should take some PR classes before returning to TV. When she told the girl that her three macaroni cheese did not work, all I could think was 'have you ever had your own pasta tasting?"