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Advice for the Purchase of new Cookware

I know several on here are saying stay away from a set, but I did just replace almost all of our pots and pans with an All Clad set that I got from Williams Sonoma this week. I do agree that if you are not going to use all of the pieces, then it may not be worth it. In my case, it was almost a piece-for-piece replacement of the non-stick pieces that we had.

The set I bought is listed on their webpage for $1249.95 (item number number 97-3972791). However after doing some searching for coupons, I was able to find the exact same set for $937.46 (item number 83-3972791). Plus they throw in the lasagna pan, oven mitts and cookbook with the current offer that is going on.

As it is currently backordered on the web, I called the local store. Turns out the store price was even lower at $899, for the 15 piece set, plus the free lasagna pan. The sales clerk stated that Williams Sonoma is not going to carry the Tri-Ply any longer, instead replacing it with the D5 line (made exclusively for them). When you compare the cost of purchasing these individually, it does result in some fairly good savings.

Hope this helps.

Dec 31, 2011
mcombs in Cookware

Tips on using stainless steel cookware

Thanks to everyone for your responses. I truly appreciate the information. For me, this whole experience has helped me realize how little I truly knew about cookware. We have a couple of SS pots and pans which my wife used more than I did as I could not get things to cook as I wanted. As I look back upon it, it was because I was trying to treat them the same way I would treat a non-stick pot or pan.

I did take a look at the rouxbe site, and found it to be very interesting. Not sure if there are any others out there that folks would reccomend, but am seriously considering signing up. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I will state that my wife is primarily the "indoor" cook, and understands many of the terms and techniques far better than I do. While I feel completely at ease when dealing with a charcoal smoker or grill, that is not the case when standing at the stove or oven trying to prepare a meal for the family. My goal is to be as versatile in the kitchen as I am outdoors.

Dec 31, 2011
mcombs in Cookware

Cheaper alternative to Weber grills?

I can not speak to much as to the Weber gas grills, or any gas grill for that matter, as I am strictly charcoal. But, all of my charcoal grills are Weber, and just about everyone I know has a Weber gas grill (of those that use gas). They have had them for many years with little to no trouble.

When looking at the charcoal grills, I felt the quality was inferior to what I got with the Weber. They just do not seem as durable and felt over the years they just would not hold up as well.

You may want to check some BBQ sites, as they may have input on the subject. Some that I would reccommend are the Weber Virtual Bullet and BBQ Brethren. There is also a web ring associated to barbequing which is the Smoke Ring. The ring provides links to a number of other barbequing sites.

Hope this helps.

Dec 29, 2011
mcombs in Cookware

Tips on using stainless steel cookware

I am sure this site is full of wisdom and information on tips for both using and cleaning stainless steel cookware, and I am hoping some of you will either repeat some of the information or point me in the right direction.

Tonight I decided it was time to replace/upgrade all of our pots and pans. I found a 15 piece All Clad set Tri-Ply plus the lasagna pan at Williams Sonoma for $899 for all 16 pieces. It seemed like a deal I could not pass up (the clerk said that they were discontinuing carrying the line as they are going to focus on the d5 line that they carry).

This is a significant change for my wife and I, as previously we have been using primarily non-stick pots and pans. The clerk gave me a few suggestions including:

- heat the pan a little and then add a small amount of oil/butter before cooking
- do not use Pam, as it will make the pans more "sticky"
- use bar keepers friend to help clean
- cook at a lower setting on the gas range than what we previously used, as the pans are more efficient

Would welcome any and all other tips or suggestions as I hope someday to pass these down to my kids (which hopefully is not going to be anytime soon).



Dec 28, 2011
mcombs in Cookware