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2 most memorable fine dining restaurants in Bangkok?

Hi Wristband,

Thanks for your reaction. You mention there are far better gourmet options available in Bangkok.

Can you mention them please? I am still looking for good options.

Thanks for your reaction!

2 most memorable fine dining restaurants in Bangkok?

I saw a place on the internet called Soul Food. Anyone knows this place and is it any good? Their website is a bit crappy... at least on a Macbook.Thanks for your reply! Paul

2 most memorable fine dining restaurants in Bangkok?

Hi Phil, Thanks for your reaction! This is what I meant by fine-dining :)
As I understand Nahm and Sra Bua are both restaurants in hotels and
only Bo Lan is a "individual" place. We are going to have dinner at Bo
Lan for sure for the second night I am still looking around for another
good individual option as we are not very fond of eating in hotels. In the
Netherlands all good restaurants are not associated with hotels.... I know
it is different in other parts of the world but in our experience this is where
you get the best price/quality. I am surprised to see that there are not many
people talking about Bangkok on CH but I hope to receive some good suggestions
anyway. Best Regards, Paul

2 most memorable fine dining restaurants in Bangkok?


We will be staying in Bangkok for 2 nights to end our trip through Cambodia and Vietnam early 2012

We have visited Bangkok before in our younger years and have seen all the highlights that this city has to offer. So this short visit will be all about food..... we can't wait!! During the day we will eat some of the delicious street food but in the evening we would like to have dinner in 2 stunning fine dinning restaurants that are must eats when your in Bangkok. I have come up with a lot of old information on the internet. I have read multiple times about a place called Bo Lan but I am not sure if this still is a great place...

I would love to hear your 2 best recommendations to have dinner in Bangkok to end this trip perfectly! The food does not necessarily has to be Thai. For us it is more about the experience these two last days
after hopefully a lot of already good meals in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Thanks for your reactions in advance!

Best Regards,

Paul de Brouwer
The Netherlands