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Best Seafood Restaurant ATL

Thank you! We already have reservations at Kyma, looks like we will keep them!

Feb 21, 2012
dtnish in Atlanta

Best Seafood Restaurant ATL

Hey All,

I am looking for the best seafood restaurant in ATL. Price is not an issue. The group I am dining with eats at the best restaurants in Chicago and NYC.

Thanks for the suggestions in advance!

Feb 17, 2012
dtnish in Atlanta

Best Cab Blends Under 100

I have a blind wine tasting in a few days. My friends tend to like the big reds. Usually, Cab based blends. Some wines that they drink are Rubicon, Phelps, Opus etc....

I want a great bottle of wine for near 100 dollars that will open well and should hold its own in a blind tasting.

I do not care if the bottle is 35 or 125....

Who can help?


Dec 28, 2011
dtnish in Wine