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Best Chicken Wings in Las Vegas?

Hey, Going to Vegas in December and I want a nice place for wings... I like them mild, with great tasting bleu cheese dressing with chunks of cheese and a lot of celery.
"Hooters" types are not the ones I'm looking for...
Chowhounders... help me!!

Oct 16, 2012
wingslover in Las Vegas

Buffalo wing's 4 2012!!!

Hey guys, thx for all the answers!! I'm back in Brazil now... I ended up trying Bru's room (the one that is close to Sawgrass Mills Mall - about 6 miles) and Tark's! I gotta say I prefer Tark's way better than Bru's room! Wings AND the bleu cheese! Also tried the steamed oysters there and we got another winner! The place looks dirty, but the food and staff r great! I love it! So my recommendation would be Tark's of Dania. Maybe next time in Miami I can try few more places!!! =)

Buffalo wing's 4 2012!!!

Ty for ur answers, I'm probably going to Sawgrass Mills and then to Bru's Sunrise in one day and other day I'll try Aventura Mall and then Tark's!!!! Hmmmmmm... I'm drooling here!
Is Tark's a better choice over Sport's Grill??? My mom will like cause she doesn't care for wings or sport's bar! hehehe

Buffalo wing's 4 2012!!!

Which location is the closest to Miami Airport??? They all seem very far...

Well... Price is not an issue... sometimes I think I could pay like U$50,00 when I'm really craving for them!! lol

Buffalo wing's 4 2012!!!

Best buffalo wing's place in Miami?

Looking 4 something like on the photo! Tasty blue cheese is a must (homemade better!) and celery!

Loved the wings @ Ye Rustic Inn in Los Angeles, found the bar thru this board and was soooo worth it!! I'm craving wing's for a year now... (I'm from Brazil, no good wing's here!) But in a couple of days I will be in Miami and searching for the best wing's available!

I will probably be visiting Sport's Grill and Bru's Room!!! Any other ideas?

Thx for ur input!