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Favorite thing to cook in a cast iron skillet

Nothing beats a cast iron skillet for cooking a good steak. Skillet must be very hot using a hunk of butter. You can use olive oil, but the butter contributes to the flavor of the steak. Grilling or broiling just do not give you the best flavor.......

Dec 28, 2011
janet2012 in Home Cooking

Got me a cast iron skillet! Now what!

I have my grandmother's cast iron skillet, so it is close to 100 years old. I've never heard of a pre-seasoned iron skillet, but if your is, happy day for you. I always wipe mine out after use to remove any grease. You can wash it, quickly, with a small amount of s oap, but move fast, rinse, and dry immediately. I mostly use mine to fry steak with a little butter or olive oil when the skiillet is very hot. I much prefer this method to broiling or grilling as I feel the flavor is far better. If you give your new skillet lots of TLC, it should be around for a long time. Be sure to wash the back side as well. Drying will prevent rust. I might add that mine is so well seasoned that it doesn't rust, but they can if not dried properly...... I would probably do my own seasoning even tho yours says it's been done. Use a little oil and set burner on medium until it is hot, reduce the temp and let it slowly season for several hours.. Use a pastry bruch to occasionally oil up the sides. janet1012

Dec 27, 2011
janet2012 in Home Cooking