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Saturday Happy Hours

Hi Portlanders! Two of my co-workers and I are planning on going to a happy hour today. I'm still looking up places but thought maybe asking on here could expedite the process. Personally, I want to go to Racion or Clyde Common, but all three of us live in Southeast (one close to 30th and Hawthorne, one by 45th and Cora, and I'm close in), so I'd like to have some suggestions that wouldn't require heading downtown. Also, one of them mentioned that she would ideally prefer a place with a happy hour that was longer than one hour (when I mentioned Racion she said she would go, but that having it only from 5-6 just wouldn't suffice!)

I'm looking at the restaurants along Division and Clinton, but if you happen to know of any places any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Nov 09, 2013
Rainbow_Brite in Metro Portland

what's missing from my list of must-try pizzas in nyc?

I've never been to Roberta's, but I've only heard amazing things.
Spumoni Gardens is worth the trek.
Best Pizza on Havermeyer is heaven on earth.
There are so many, I have a slice of Grimaldi's in my fridge that I am off to devour now!

Dec 27, 2011
Rainbow_Brite in Manhattan