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Does St Lawrence market have a smoked brisket vendor?

Does nay one know if any of the vendors in St Lawrence market makes / sells whole smoked briskets? Looking for USA BBQ type not deli type brisket...

2012 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Two months with no tenant is almost equal to two years of a 10% rent increase.. then with a new tenant you usually have to give them two free months rent for "build out" and also pay realestate costs. So in this economy where there are so many spaces sitting empty even in prime areas I wonder what is on the minds of landlords who try to push huge rent increases on their properties...

Out of the box reception location ideas

The Liberty Grand -
Palais Royal -

Shoudl fit your requirements... both near the lake..

2012 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

He owes $500,000 in property taxes don't know what good a legal battle would do.. if you can't pay property tax in years then he should have closed years ago...

Funky restauarants in Toronto

No, when you are in the Black Hoof or Grand Electric you feel like you are in a secret spot, you feel in the "know"... "usually" the people surounding you are not in suits and ties talking about the stock deal of the day.. it feels hip and under the radar (even if it isn't). They are rough around the edges and celebrate that... you can play "count the staffs' tattoos" .... J&Co does not have that feel, I see nothing about it except the choice in music that distiguishes it from any other steak house in the city to make it hip... Libbretto the same it just feels too subburban these days... I think IMHO they have lost their edge.. Origin too, I would recoment it for great food but I never get the feeling that I am discovering something there.. if origin is on the list you might as well add Note Bene and Splendito and god forbid Canoe!

Funky restauarants in Toronto

I definately would NOT call J&Co hip.. pretty much if there is someone on staff that is wearing a tie or a Jacket then the place is not hip... :-)

Origin may be hip but definately not an "under the radar" vibe... same with Libretto..

Funky restauarants in Toronto

I would remove:
Jacob's & Co
Pizzarea Libretto
Harbord Room
.... Not that they are bad but I do not feel that they would be considered: " fun, hip, under the radar"

Grand Electric

Agreed.. So why are there so many posts dedicated to them on this thread???

Grand Electric

Yes the Sleazy Stock Broker of the 80's and the Gay Foodie of the 90's and the Dot Com Nerd of the 00's so now it is the Hipster.. Every Era had its annoying groups...

If you don't want that crowd? ... don't go to their hood.. stay north of Bloor or in the Financial district and eat you steak and sip your zinfadel. If you don't want chinese food you do not go to a chinese restaurant, if you don't want hipsters go to Centro..

Logs for BBQ smoking?

Urban Tree Salvage also gets a lot of the City Trees they Reclaimed some from regent park and made it ino an awsome table for a new Regent Park cafe..

Logs for BBQ smoking?

Look on craigslist under "free" around once a week someone has a tree in there yard that they cut down that they are willing to give the wood away free...

Steak delivery?

On you can order online and they deliver here are some steak options that they have:

SURF & TURF, wellington county filet of beef with shrimp & truffled goat cheese poutine $42.00


NY Strip $28.95

Steak N' Shrimp $33.95

Chile Rubbed Ribeye $32.95

Jim Beam Beef Tenderloin $38.95

Deviled Steak $28.95

Steak delivery?

where is his office?

Food Trucks' Food

Yes we are still in our infancy... most other cities are now past their love for Food trucks and are enacting bylaws to restrict them... Chicago, LA & New York have all made moves to control the proliferacation of Food Trucks in their cities.

Reasons include the mess that is left when a truck moves from its location, the traffic obstructions they cause not only on the streets but also the sidewalk....

Burger Week - $5 Burger specials at various restaurants in Toronto - The Grid newspaper - may 30 to june 2, 2012

Grindhouse was giving water out free as was the booth beside them.. again it could have been a miscommunication because the organizers were providing the water to the booths... maybe they forgot to tell some booths that people needed a ticket for the water!

From what I heard each booth paid $250 to be there and that covered the rentals - tents / bbq / napkins etc... and they could not be getting any money from the tickets as no one was keeping track of which booth was selling how much.. especially when they started reselling the used tickets again...

These type of events are usually a money loss for restaurants but they are great PR and such but they have to pay to be there get not cut of sales and have to pay for their own ingredients and staff...

The wrist band thing was strange.. they should have just sold food tickets it would have been less confusing especially when the food was running low...

As for pictures once the crowd grew it was hard to take pictures of each booths food as I had intended and there were no tables for me to sit and put it down.. sorry..

Burger Week - $5 Burger specials at various restaurants in Toronto - The Grid newspaper - may 30 to june 2, 2012

Guess no one else went... I showed up at 11:30 and there was already a line up.. all the restaurants that participated in Burger week were there plus a few more. The organisation of the event was a bit of a mess including them running out of food tickets to sell and then going around to the vendors and collecting used tickets to resell again. I think 3 times as many people showed up then what they were expecting which had the unfortunate effect of long waits and many booths runnung out of food by 2:30 even though the event was supposed to end at 4:30. At one point they were still selling entrance tickets and food tickets after 1/3 of the vendors were out of food and the rest were running low. which made for even longer lines at the booths that still had food.

Now for the Burgers...

The Grindhouse did one of the biggest burgers the "La Vacas Locas" on a cornbread bun... lots of flavours going on and the they also won the prize for the most smoke coming out of their tent..

Keriwa Cafe did a great Bison burger and Ontario Gouda on a bannock bun I would tie them as ny favourite with the Gladstone who did a Short Rib Burger house bacon, cheddar & pickled red onions.

New York fries added some starch to the day but I wish there were some other options available... Bottled water was free but that was the only drink unless you went to the beer tent where you could get beer or wine.. no pop or juice anywhere to be found..

The mystery of the day was "AAA" they were right at the entrance and do not have a restaurant "at the moment" but said they are opening a BBQ place in the St Lawrence Market area by August.. They had a guy with a mullet serving southern pulled pork sliders with a choice of creamy, sweet or spicy slaws.. Their sign was a really cool vintage Mississippi licence plate "AAA 000". The pulled pork with the spicy slaw was amazing.. Has anyone heard of this place opening?

Burger Week - $5 Burger specials at various restaurants in Toronto - The Grid newspaper - may 30 to june 2, 2012

I am heading out for 11:30 opening.. Anyone else?

Burger Week - $5 Burger specials at various restaurants in Toronto - The Grid newspaper - may 30 to june 2, 2012

Who is going to Burger Day tomorrow at the Wychwood Barns... They do not say who is having booths (except for the "Bonus Booths"). Any one know who will be there selling burgers?

The Feasting Room - 6 month pop-up restaurant featuring diff whole beast each week

"Beast" to me implies something more exotic than pigs, cows and chickens..

Also I wish they would at least give a sample menu... Are they going all out and serving eyes, nose, balls and bung or will it be safe like cheeks, liver, tail...

Tom Brodi leaving TOCA at the Ritz

If they would not hire some "really great chef" when they were opening what makes you think anything will change now? Openings are when they have the cash to splurge not when they get 3 weeks notice when someone leaves...

Tom Brodi leaving TOCA at the Ritz

From his twitter account:

TOCA by tom - brodiā€@cheftombrodi

The rumors are true. I resigned 3 weeks ago form TOCA by tom brodi and my last day is May 26th. Thank you to everyone for your support.!/cheftombrodi

David Chang on his TO Outposts

6 week delay on a restauarnt of that size does not even count as a delay... sometimes these projects get delayed years....

Chang is known to be a total control freak and will say stuff just to get a rise out of people (like the F-bombs at the end of the article).. He also is known for not wanting to give details that are not set in stone as then media and "chow hounders" start second guessing the reasons (oh he went from 30 seats to 60 seats he must need money, oh he went from 60 seats to 30 seats he must not be able to afford the project...) he hates that kind of BS... so he does not tell anyone what his plan is..

I say it will open for TIFF parties then open fully sometime in late September... and they will have seats and serve great food... and I will go there to eat and I will be happy...

David Chang on his TO Outposts

The article you linked made no mention of "major glitch(es)--money, construction, partnering, concept--stalling the oft-postponed launch" that was all you... we are just asking where you got this "sense" as no article or interview seems to give that sense to anyone else...

David Chang on his TO Outposts

But have they done the ground work outside? Do you want to walk across construction to go for dinner? Do you want to be eating as there are trucks backing up Beep Beeping?

Restaurants are about comfort not dodging construction...

David Chang on his TO Outposts

they cant really open until the hotel building is opened.. or else there will be constant construction noise and dust throughout the restauarant... and from what I see the building is still a while off from being complete so I would not blame Chang... yet...

With warm weather are fiddleheads/wild leeks early?

it would help if you posted a picture...

Ascari Enoteca, new in Leslieville

What other places in the hood do you think are better? I visit freinds in Leslieville regularly and I would love to hear about other options.

Latest Charlie Burger

Can someone post the invite? I would like to see the menu...

New Q! Stack BBQ

I've never had a good meal at Camp 31, service is slow, menu is limited (brisket only on the combo platter not as its own main??) and the meat that is served has been dry more times than not.. If that is the "gold" standard we are in trouble..

Good restaurant in Toronto

C5 has not been serving dinner for months now.. just lunch...

I would suggest one of the newer places in the west end as they have a very different feel then the old Toronto restaurants... Woodlot, Campagnolo, Ursa etc.. If you want to go "safe" then I would suggest Note Benne... as it is on the edge of Queen West but still more of a business cliental...