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Inexpensive Friday night dinner

A group of college friends are planning a going away dinner for one of us. We want it to be:
-a place that we can most likely linger (not be rushed out the door)
-be less than $50pp including alcohol (even less would be idea- BYOB would work)
-include at least some gluten free options (I'm the GF person- it doesn't have to be a dedicated menu, I would just like a couple of options)
- We don't care if it's a whole in the wall type of place
-ethnic food is fine (we especially like Spanish type food and tapas)
- we are coming from Penn station/Grand Central station so somewhere accessible to both locations would be ideal- but we can work with it.

Can anyone help me out? There will be 5 25 year old former college roommates getting together for the first time in awhile. Thanks a lot.

Mar 12, 2013
er1nya in Manhattan

Best place to watch football in Westchester County

What's the best bar to watch football in on Sundays? I am located in Southern Westchester, but anywhere in the county will do. Thanks

Family coming in from out of town: Need a nice place for dinner in Midtown East that is not too expensive

Hi Chowhounders!

My parents and sister are coming in from upstate and I need to take them to a nice place for dinner. We will be in midtown east ( by grand central, Rockefeller center), but wouldn't mind walking 10 blocks or so for the right place. I would like to only spend around 30 dollars a person, and it would be great if that included drinks. Am I dreaming?

My sister is a vegetarian and I can't eat gluten. My parents aren't super adventurous eaters- so although I am open to ethnic foods, they like to recognize dishes on the menu. Whole in the wall is okay.

Any help you all can give me would be very appreciated! Thanks!

Dec 27, 2011
er1nya in Manhattan