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Taro Root Mystery in the East Village

I was with a friend enjoying a tasting menu at uminoie, a small Japanese restaurant on E. 3rd that specializes in the cuisine of Goto Island off the coast of Okinawa. One dish was a salad studded with these blobs of delicious purplish savory gummy things. When I asked the waiter what they were he responded "Taro jelly" (I think? Did I mention it's a shochu bar?) I loved them and want to replicate but in my searches online there is no reference to taro jelly, or any prep of taro that alters its basic form. Anybody have any ideas what this could be and where I can read up on it?

Mar 14, 2012
Jayk4 in General Topics

Banana Brown Sugar Infused Whiskey?

So I read this post: and my first thought was I want to make it at home. Not much on it around the internet. A brief mention of a similar cocktail suggests sauteeing bananas in butter, then storing with whiskey, but not how long to store, whether to heat the whiskey in pan with the bananas, etc. Anybody have ideas/a recipe?

Dec 26, 2011
Jayk4 in Spirits