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Uncle Tetsu

I was waiting in line yesterday for about an hour. the wait up is long BECAUSE we have to wait for the next batch. The ovens they have can only hold 12 pans and for some reason, they are using 2 out of 3 ovens. They limited to one per person as the demand is greater than the quantity they can make. Since I haven't had the japanese cheesecake for a while, i say much on the taste. I would want to try the other flavours if they ever bring those recipes over here

From Toronto, looking for hot spots in SF

Hey Videkid! So in the end, where did you go? I'm also from Toronto, going to SF for a few days when I visit family in LA

Good Malaysian restaurant downtown on Ossington

good to know. For a first timer of Malaysian cuisine, what other choices of food should I try?

Kingyo Izakaya

have anyone gone yet? I want to know how it is compared to the Vancouver location

LCBO Food & Drink Magazine - Holiday Edition 2012

There were still stacks @ Eglinton and Yonge. I got mine around 1pm today

Cold Pressed Chocolate?


Would this be something you are looking for?


Well, I only went to two winterlicious restaurants last summer and I did enjoyed it. I tip 15% if the service is good, 10% if it's not that great. This year I planned to go a bit more, but I may save for the summer instead. I choose places that has interesting dishes I don't see often and am intrigue to explore.


wished this would change

Bloke & 4th

Hope you can give us an update. I'm interested in this place too

What Is America's Worst Restaurant Chain?

Though I really agree that KFC here in North America is pretty crap, but I went to one in South Korea and it was really good. HELL, it wasn't soggy, it was actually CRISPY!!!

Dec 27, 2011
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Zen Japanese Restaurant update please...

Hello everyone! Thank you for your replies. I called only a day ahead and the only seats available at the time I went was the Japanese Booth. That was fine as someone mentioned before that it would be hard to share and me and my group of friends wanted to share the appetizers.

What we had:

Grilled Black Cod: OMG!!! It melts in your mouth! I never really had that experience like this with fish

Maguro Natto: My friend says it's better than the other restaurant we went to before that is a bit more expensive.

Spider Roll: I was surprise at the size of the rolls. Yummy.

Tamago: My friend really enjoyed it

Sukiyaki: Friend really like it. Sweet and the beef was very tender.

Tokujyo: I didn't ask, but he didn't complain

Chirashi: He couldn't finish the rice, but no complaints

Omakase Sushi with the extra charged wasabi: Now, because I was at the booth, I wasn't sure what I ate. I did enjoy some, but not all. It may be my taste that I just don't enjoy some of the fish. Some of the fish, scallop and the shrimp taste fishy raw. That is normal right? I don't go out often to eat sushi, but when I do, I usually stick to salmon and tuna sashimi, so more typical fish. I included a blurry picture of what I had, excluding the final minced fish and green onions sushi, which I found a scale in. I think finding a scale is fine, since you are mincing and there are times that it may have not been cleared away since it's practically invisible to see. I think I can't judge it fairly with just one time there, so I really don't have an opinion until I sit at the bar and have the omakase sushi again and compare. The wasabi was quite strong. A few times it hit the nose and cleared it well. lol

Mandarin Pie: I was so shocked at how good it was! It's a marshmallow filling with whip cream and canned mandarin? or home made syrupy mandarin.

Black Sesame IceCream: OMG!!!! AMAZING!!!! Especially the sprinkle black sesame on top, yum.

Anmitsu: I didn't ask as I was too absorbed with my pie, but there was no complaints.

My overall best dish was the black cod, the pie and the black sesame icecream. Mind-blowing taste for certain! I highly recommend on those.

Also for the lobster tempera was tempting, but we were already spending a bit too much. I also heard that there was a home made trifle. I didn't see that on the dessert menu, but I may have thought of a different restaurant.

Zen Japanese Restaurant update please...

Hey everyone,

Because of everyone here, I have made reservation for my Christmas Eve dinner with my friends at Zen. I just want to make sure that it's the Zen near Eglinton East and Brimley right? [I'm not sure if there is another one or not]

I wanted to have an update of everyone thoughts on Zen right now as most of the posts I read were from the summer and no indication of the fall and present season. Has anyone tried the sashimi omakase yet as that has not been mentioned yet either. Also recommendations on appetizers and other dishes would be appreciative.