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bakeries in/close to e. village

Revisiting this thread -- I've been relying on Moishe's mostly for my everyday toast/sandwich needs, their rye bread is reliable but nothing spectacular. Baczynski's (E. Village Meat Market) sells some heartier ryes, but not my go to for bread. Been going there since I was old enough to remember and still wish they gave me a piece of kabanos as I waited like they used to when I was a kid. But let's stick to bread here -- St. Mark's Market sells Tom Cat & Balthazar breads, about which I've heard great reviews from CHers, but the freshness at St. Mark's is questionable, and the baguette has no "audible" crust, something that I'm missing bigtime.

Every time I'm at EV Cheese, there seems to be one stale baguette left. Not going to rely on it.

Can anyone vouch for the bread from Tarallucci e vino. If I don't want E European style bread and seek something fresh and crusty, am I resigned to having to walk south of Houston? I feel like good bread should always be right around the corner.


East Village Meat Market
139 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

Moishe's Bake Shop
115 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

East Village Cheese
40 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003

St. Marks Market
21 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003

Sep 16, 2011
markiank in Manhattan

Need a recommendation for a bar for daughter's first legal drink

not that i know your daughter -- but if her birthday is the day before, i think you may just get beat to the punch for the 'first legal drink'.

to provide an option outside of manhattan, since you said your daughter loves BK, clover club on smith street is awesome. great cocktails, service is great, bartenders skilled and helpful. can't wait to go back myself. can grab some small bites as well, the food's great.

Sep 07, 2011
markiank in Manhattan

rillettes in manhattan

last place i lived before manhattan was montreal, where i grew used to La Vielle Europe grocery right down the block from me with a huge charcuterie selection: more sausages, hams, terrines, and pates than i could ever try. my favorite go-to lazy meal was a loaf of crusty bread and some pork rillettes. i live in the east village, is there anything that could even somewhat mimic this experience for me nearby?


Sep 07, 2011
markiank in Manhattan

bakeries in/close to e. village

i recently moved to the e. village after last having lived in montreal -- i'm used to always having been a stone's throw away from great bread. wondering if anyone has any suggestions on bakeries in the area (much more concerned about bread than pastries).


Jun 13, 2011
markiank in Manhattan

what to do with a thai/vietnamese ingredient

i recently stumbled upon a jar of pickled thai eggplant with anchovy sauce. looks quite appetizing, and it's pickled with citric acid, sugar, anchovy extract and chili. made in vietnam, so unsure if it's a thai product or a vn product.

anywho, i scoured the internet a bit and can't find any info on this product. anybody know anything about this, how it's typically consumed, how best to use it. just as a condiment, or as an ingredient?

thanks for any help you can provide!

Apr 13, 2011
markiank in Home Cooking

The Best Baklava in Montreal?

i'm probably a little late on this thread, but my favorite baklava was actually from the bakery counter of akhavan supermarket, the massive iranian place in NDG on sherbrooke. seriously good, i made the mistake of buying it before i did the rest of my shopping, i ate it all before i was done.

anyone else had it?

Chez Mein - best cheap meal?

i'm sorry -- is this serious? "amazing"?

i used to eat this stuff. i also used to puke in back alleys. this ain't some 'golden find', what you ran into is food fit for, and priced for, a drunk. ever notice how there is literally no business before midnight?

lamb's head

was at my butcher today putting in an order for my super bowl wings and noticed him asking the woman ahead of me if she wanted the lamb's head along with the rest of her mean, she shook her head no and he tossed it.

i'm thinking that's free food right there for me, and there's got to be some good eats on the head & face.

any recs on some different ways to approach this?


Feb 05, 2010
markiank in Home Cooking

getting sick -- need chicken soup rec.

alright folks, need your help.

i'm feeling a cold coming along and i want to tackle it the old-fashioned way -- with a steaming bowl of chicken soup (i guess any soup is okay, but chicken soup in particular would be swell). as i'm getting sick, i don't feel like crossing the city too much today. i work up in the mile-end, and plateau and chinatown are okay as well.

any suggestions?


instant yeast

i've heard that this can sometimes be difficult to find. any idea of some places in the plateau/mile-end area that might carry this? looking to make the foolproof, no-knead bread recipe bittman's gushed over.

on that note -- can anyone attest to this bread's greatness?


lunch options, parc&beaubien area

you're absolutely right. marguerita was just a laziness thing for me -- cheap, filling lunch. but the pizza is greasy, the cheese often burnt, and overall uninspiring. headed to india beau village in half an hour, and i've been in the mood for indian for a long time now.

any more recs would be greatly appreciated! thanks for the help so far

lunch options, parc&beaubien area

need help from CHers. i work on beaubien and du parc approximately, and would like to use my one hour lunch break as wisely as possible.

what should i take note of within a 10-20 minute walk (ultimately i still have to eat and return to my desk)? already have scouted out la cornetteria for pastries, marguerita bakery for bread/pizza, and an argentine/chilean meat shop a block or so past st. laurent which makes decent jamon crudo and mortadella (among other choices) sandwiches to go. any help you could provide on this area for good lunch options would be much appreciated.

Chicken Basquaise

made this last night. substituted paprika for the piment d'espelette ($16 for a miniscule jar of this made me recoil a bit) and forgot to pick up the jambon bayonne so used some very nice bacon as a substitute. all in all -- this dish was glorious, especially when mopped up with crusty bread.

Sep 22, 2009
markiank in Recipes

polish/ukrainian sausage

Does anyone know of a place in Montreal where I can find authentic kovbasa/kielbasa? Preferably not purchased from a supplier? Any leads on this would be helpful.

where to take gal on date

wow, this thread got active even quicker than i expected. pintxo sounds wonderful (how much might i be looking at $$-wise after wine and such -- you said it's not byo?). i'm willing to spend money (i did say she was special, right?), just might like to get out of there with some room for drinks afterwards.

any other recs?

thanks for the help, and keep it coming. i'll let you know how it works out in a couple weeks

where to take gal on date

been living in mtl for a year, and as a student, i don't treat myself to restaurant outings as much as i should. however, i've got a special gal coming to town in a couple of weeks, and would like to in the mcgill ghetto sans car, so any advice from those who've eaten around more than i have would be greatly appreciated.

thanks (as i know this question probably repeats itself daily on these boards..apologies..)