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thai in logan, utah

Last year I had a pasta dish that was a special at Le Nonne, pasta with pears and gorgonzola. It is now on the regular menu. It was fabulous.

Jul 27, 2009
rooney in Mountain States

East 50's Indian lunch

tried amma?

Jul 22, 2009
rooney in Manhattan

Looking for Crema di Gianduja

I simply googled it. Baratti sold thru amazon

Jul 19, 2009
rooney in Manhattan

Logan, UT breakfast recs?

the cafe is straw ibis just east of main street and just north of first north. kind of internet/coffee vibe. there's also a great harvest breads place on center street just west of main street. while you're there, be sure to check out the Bluebird Cafe. It's almost a hundred years old with a classic soda fountain. For excellent italian, Le Nonne is wonderful. And if the weather is good, their patio is terrific. if you like ice cream, be sure to go to the quad on the campus of USU and get a cone. Go Aggies! Decent Indian on main street between first and second north. Ok thai adjacent to the Baugh motel. If the weather is good, check out the mexican place at the railroad station (cafe sabor) which is at the west end of center street. food is just ok, but the patio can be very pleasant for a margarita and chips. if you like beer bars, try the white owl on center street just west of main, next to the lyric theatre. the lyric has a great summer repertory group, not sure when the season begins but the productions are always first rate.

Jun 08, 2009
rooney in Mountain States

atlanta airport

I havent flown into Atlanta for years. Will have a two hour layover (Delta terminal) at dinnertime. Any suggestions as to where to eat? Thanks for your help.

May 13, 2009
rooney in Atlanta

Zion National Park - any suggestions?

Springdale is a wonderful place. For lodging, try the Desert Pearl, although it's probably booked. Ideal is a room on the river side. Also, the Red Rock Inn is great. Getting a drink is not a problem. In addition to other suggestions, the restaurant at Flannigan's Inn can be good (chef turnover has been a problem in the past) Oscar's is great for casual fare (can't remember if they have a liquor license) and although the food is nothing to write home about (but also, not bad) the view from the restaurant at Mt. Majestic is spectacular. The dining room at the Switchback is very pretty (part of the Best Western ) but avoid at breakfast, as it is served in an adjunct space and is crowded and noisy. The Pioneer is a good down home choice. Stop in at the Worthington gallery while you're there; the pottery is humdrum but they have some great Utah artists paintings, original and prints, on display. And be sure to check out Red Rock jewelry. Carla is a true artisan.

Feb 23, 2009
rooney in Mountain States

A nice dinner in Salt Lake City on Christmas Day?

If it's open, I would suggest the snake creek grill in Heber. Nice, fun atmosphere and terrific food and certainly more reasonably priced than deer valley or park city.

Dec 12, 2008
rooney in Southwest

chelsea...visiting NYC from Toronto


Nov 20, 2008
rooney in Manhattan

What's Good Near Hill AFB UT?

google City Weekly Utah in the current issue click on Dining Ted Sheffler, who is a very dependable knowledgeable reviewer, devoted his column to places around Hill. he must have known you were coming.

Nov 09, 2008
rooney in Southwest

Best restaurants along route from Salt Lake City to Afton, WY

isnt that an old address for bangkok thai?

Oct 04, 2008
rooney in Southwest

Best restaurants along route from Salt Lake City to Afton, WY

you will be driving through Logan. There are several good places there. By far the best is Le Nonne, an upscale Italian place (not open for lunch on saturday) Blackstone Grill is sort of upscale American in a beautiful space. There's a good Indian restaurant on main street I think the name is Tandoor Oven. It's between first and second north on the east side. For ok food but outstanding historical ambience, try the Bluebird Cafe, an old fashioned restaurant with a beautiful soda fountain and murals tracing the history of cache valley.

Oct 02, 2008
rooney in Southwest

I-15 North - Salt Lake City to Idaho?

Idle Isle does not serve food anymore, it's just a candy factory.

Sep 20, 2008
rooney in Southwest

SLC Breakfast Recs

The first question is what route are you taking to Yellowstone? If you're not in a huge hurry and have not been in this part of the country before, I highly encourage you to leave interstate 15 just before Brigham, follow highway 89 to Logan, then you will go east through Logan canyon, drop down into Bear Lake, and continue through Montpelier and then keep north, going through Star Valley and Jackson. It is an incredibly beautiful drive, won't add too much time to your trip, and you'll get a great glimpse of rural Wyoming. The Bluebird cafe in Logan (about an hour and fifteen minutes from the slc airport) is an historic cafe, great downhome food, complete with a spectacular soda fountain. if you cant wait that long, you might try Lamb's grill in downtown salt lake. again, an old fashioned cafe serving good basic food.

Aug 20, 2008
rooney in Southwest

matsu salt lake city

my rec is based on a: its a pleasant place to dine b: the food was decent
c: for lunch it was an excellent value. have no idea if it's worth the money at dinner, or for sushi. I don't think it will rock your world, but at lunch you could do much worse. and the ducks in the creek are really cute.

Aug 13, 2008
rooney in Southwest

matsu salt lake city

had lunch today. this restaurant is where Pine was located on 9th east and approx 4700 south. I like the location for the deckside seating by the creek. i'm writing this review not so much because the food will blow you away, but the food is decent, the setting is great, the owners and servers are doing their best to please, and the lunch was a great value. we started with an order of gyoza, which were good. i always ask for six instead of the usual five. i know five is aesthetically better, but who wants to endure the issue of who gets the fifth one? we also got a shrimp cocktail (my dining companion is a big guy and likes a lot of food) six nice shrimp, not fishy, very serviceable. I ordered the bento combo of pork bulgogi, curtis had the ebi tempura. first we were served an excellent green salad (miso soup the other option). much better than the usual offering in a japanese lunch combo. i had asked my server if they had kimchee, and was served a large plate of fresh, crisp cabbage. it was a bit spicy for my taste, which is not a criticism, i'm just getting old and less adventurous. but it was really delicious. the bento box had a huge tangle of good tempura vegetables, two portions of a california roll (my companion ate mine, i was too full, he obviously liked it) two little fried gyoza (didnt eat them) a bowl of good rice, and a generous serving of meat. it was excellent. they also offer bulgogi ribs. curtis' box was the same except had a large portion of shrimp tempura etc.
all of the above, two glasses of wine, one soda, came to $42. I think the bentos were about eight bucks each.
have no idea how the sushi is, but i hope people will give the place a try. I really hope they're succesful.

Aug 13, 2008
rooney in Southwest

St George UT: dinner & breakfast

have you considered staying in Mesquite instead? The rooms at the Casa Blanca are fine and roomy, the pool area is great, and the food in the three restaurants is really quite good. I'm sure they're running a special on the room rate.

Jul 16, 2008
rooney in Mountain States

Utah and Nevada - close to Interstate 80

my sister and her husband drive from SF to utah every year and stay overnight in Winnemucca. They rave about the Flying Pig, a bbque joint. I'm barbequing some chicken right now with some of their sauce, it is fantastic.

May 08, 2008
rooney in Southwest

Soft Shell Crabs

le gigot. west village. fabulous on a salad. the fish market is a half block away and i think the chef hand picks them. also, not fried, which is a welcome relief. call to see if they have it on their specials.

May 06, 2008
rooney in Manhattan

Any decent lunch places in Yuma?

google the phrase ed in yuma he contributes to a blog mmm yoso

Apr 29, 2008
rooney in Southwest

mexican market in logan, utah

Drove to Logan today to see the folks. There is a mexican market (don't remember the name) that is a must-stop. It's on the corner of first north and first west. nice selection of stuff, good meat case, but the star attraction is a "bakery" at the end of the store. It's a very small area, and I don't know how they do it, but they are turning out fantastic pastries and bread at ridiculously low prices. Everyone is incredibly helpful and friendly, the produce is fresh, etc etc.
Had lunch with my family at the thai restaurant Kamin, certainly wasnt wowed but it's a good effort for a small college town.

Apr 26, 2008
rooney in Southwest

Phoenix: Birthday dinner for fiance (getting married in 1.5 weeks!)

how about just picking a beautiful poolside bar at one of the resorts and relaxing with a few cocktails and appetizers? sounds like you're eating out a lot, and have a lot of eating to do in the future, perhaps a very casual but relaxing ambience would fit the bill.

Apr 07, 2008
rooney in Phoenix

Good french food which wont kill my wallet

check out the lunch menu. not sure i'd trust a french restaurant that doesnt even come close to the correct spelling of monsieur.

Apr 04, 2008
rooney in Manhattan

Tin Angel review...SLC

I'm slow on the draw, but finally made it to Tin Angel for lunch today. The occasion was my partner Di's 50th. We couldnt have picked a better place.
The atmosphere is fun, cool. The place was jammed at two in the afternoon, and they deserve the crowd.
We started with the bresaola carpaccio; not your mama's carpaccio, and more of a salad with smoked meat and not much dressing. I asked for some bread with it, got some pretty inferior soft bread. Some toasted slices would have been a good addition.
We had the soup of the day, roasted red pepper. Spectacular.
Di wanted the beet salad, which was good but redundant because we had already had a generous portion of the same greens with the carpaccio. The presentation was excellent, flavor great.
Finally, the gnocchi in gorgonzola sauce. Pasta was a bit heavy, but eaten in small bites it really was quite good. The sauce was great.
The server (who is the wife of the chef) was terrific, fun, perfect. She overheard the birthday talk, and brought us a complimentary dessert of blueberry bread pudding. As soon as I finish this post I'm going to eat the rest of it. Don't tell Di.
Bottom line is that I regret the fact that I will have to fight others to get a table at this terrific addition to the SLC dining scene. Perhaps I shouldnt post this review?

Mar 26, 2008
rooney in Southwest

dinner at snake creek grill/heber, utah

First of all, thanks for the replies to my original post. (and no, no one went swimming at the crater, but it's still a brilliant idea). The five of us made the drive to Heber. The "historic" village is pretty cheesy, but the restaurant itself was comfortable, inviting, and fun. Service was great.

We started by sharing the wild mushroom crustini and salad, and the corn cakes with grilled shrimp. the flavor of the crustini was wonderful, although the bread was a bit soggy. nevertheless, it was a big hit. the corn cakes rocked. they're really not cakes, they're muffins. but terrific. lots of corn flavor, a terrific chipotle sauce, and the grilled shrimp were perfect.

we were relaxing, enjoying cocktails and wine, and were not in any way rushed by the server to order entrees.

What we did eventually order: I had a special appetizer of calamari and shrimp with a slaw. A huge portion. I wasnt all that thrilled about the seafood, it wasnt bad, just not thrilling. also, I was already kind of full. But let me tell you, the slaw was the hit of the evening. I'm not exactly sure what was in it, all I know is it was incredibly inventive and just simply a revelation. Ok, maybe a bit of hyperbole for slaw, but it convinced me the chef is smart and interested in what he's setting out.

Our young diner had mac and cheese, it looked good and I would have stolen a bite but she was busily doing wifi games with another little munchkin at the next table and she had a pointy stylus in her hand. i was too full to risk it.

My friend from NYC had the mushroom risotto with shrimp added on. He seemed very happy. Other two diners ordered the lamb loin (not thrilled with it, but loved the mountain of veggies served with it) and the final diner had the trout, which she liked a lot.

We ordered a side of greens and of carmelized carrots, both delicious but totally superfluous. The portions of all the dishes are huge. We had more than enough food.

No room for dessert, but I can guarantee you we'll be back. Dinner for five with two bottles of wine (Chateau St. Jean Chard) and a manhattan (mine, really good) came to two hundred fifty, which included the tip.

Next time my friend from NYC comes out, it's his turn to treat. I know where he will want to go.

Mar 19, 2008
rooney in Southwest

Mushrooms (Salt Lake City)

If you're in the Sandy area I would check out the asian food store on 90th south next to the liquor store. assume it's open on Sunday. I didnt inspect closely, but remember seeing a good selection of mushrooms. although I like Steve and LH, i'll bet they're half the cost.

Mar 16, 2008
rooney in Southwest

gateway grill/snake creek grill/utah

I need some help. A friend from New York and his ten year old daughter are spending this week at Deer Valley. He is wealthy, and always treats us to dinner (Le Bernardin in NYC, Gliterrind at Stein's Lodge etc) and I want to reciprocate, but don't feel like spending five hundred dollars on dinner (he loves expensive wine). Anyway, I thought his daughter might get a kick out of swimming in the crater at the Homestead, and thought we could venture out for dinner from there. I havent been to either of the grills listed in the topic, and can't find any recent reviews. anyone have any thoughts? Stayed at Zermatt last year and was less than impressed with the food, also had dinner at the Blue Boar, which was pretty much a disaster, I assume because it was the off-season and the owners were more interested in chatting with their family members than they were serving and feeding us. Any feedback highly appreciated.

Mar 16, 2008
rooney in Southwest

Le Gigot for Valentines Day- is it worth $85?

thanks for the report. i love le gigot. be sure to go in the summer when soft shell crabs are available. i had the most incredible salad with sauteed crabs there last year. phenomenal. and at lunch, very reasonably priced. so nice not to have a fried version.

Feb 22, 2008
rooney in Manhattan

PhD defense dinner

cafe bouloud? andrea strong just wrote a glowing review on her website. made me want to hop on a plane and fly in for dinner.

Feb 18, 2008
rooney in Manhattan

Market with Thai ingred. in Salt Lake City?

I love the Souteast market as well, the cashier is a delightful helpful woman. There is also a new, beautiful market on 90th south just east of the freeway exit (right next to the liquor store) It has a huge selection, great produce, nice butcher dept. with unusual things such as chicken feet and other offal as well as the usual stuff.

Feb 16, 2008
rooney in Mountain States


I had lunch there yesterday for the second time. Let me start by saying it is really cold here in Salt Lake City, but don't go to Indochine looking to warm up. The restaurant was really uncomfortably cold on both times that I have visited. It's a small enough space that a few space heaters would go a long way. Even though I resent having to wear a coat to eat my lunch, I will definitely go back.
First, the servers are great. We had a relatively newbie, who didnt know much about the menu, but she was enthusiastic and called in for reinforcements when she knew she needed additional information.
We started with the shrimp in lettuce cups. Good, not exactly a revelation. But I think the dish itself has its limits.
My companion wanted noodles, so she tried a pan fried noodle dish with bbque pork. She enjoyed it, the bite I had tasted good, but I would definitely try a different noodle dish next time.
I debated over all the choices on the menu....I'll just have to eat my way through it.....but since I was freezing, and the whole reason I wanted to go there for lunch was because of my first-time experience with the hot and spicy Hue beef soup, I succombed to my craving and ordered it again. I REALLY like that soup. It's not exactly lip-tingling, as described by Stu, but pleasantly spicy and there is a variety of condiments on the table if a person wants to add hot sauce. The meat is tender and actually has flavor. I asked for extra mint, cilantro, lime etc, which was happily provided. My only wish is that they would cut down a bit on the noodles and add more broth. Well, that's because I ate all the broth so the ample serving of take-home leftovers needs more liquid! Anyway, it's first rate. As long as it's freezing cold in the restaurant and SLC continues to be an icebox, it will be hard to pass over.
But the real star was the eggplant and pork. I ordered it to take home, and am having it for lunch even as I write. Wonderful sauce, smoky eggplant, generous pork. They add peas, which get pretty mushy, don't know if they would be better when served fresh at the restaurant rather than in take out. In any event, I added some frozen peas when I heated the dish up today, and they brightened the dish.
Prices are decent and I'm already dreading fighting the summer crowds for an outdoor table.

Jan 19, 2008
rooney in Southwest