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Hispanic grocery store

El Mercado is in a strip close to The Salvation Army. The grocery next to Harbor Freight/Office Depot is Britos.
My recommendation is Los Pueblos, opposite McDonalds on Greensprings, directly next to the fishmongers. All the local workers eat there, and the food is cheap and delicious. I swing by for great deals on fruits, peppers and masa.

Dec 20, 2011
Getinmymouth in Central South

Looking for Next iron chef finale - chef zakarian Crispy and Creamy Brussels Sprouts recipe

I'm right with you. I've been hunting it down since I saw the episode.

Dec 20, 2011
Getinmymouth in Home Cooking

Vieques Island (PR) Dining

I'm envious of your trip. I spent a week on the neighboring island of Culebra in 2008. Stunning.

Whilst I don't have a recommedation for a fine dinner, I'm afraid - I couldn't leave the thread without giving a shout out to La Bombonera, for breakfast or lunch. A hard working, bare bones diner, with incredible coffee, mallorcas (traditional pastries) and sensational rice & beans.