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Fresh Market - Scarsdale

Those are very reasonable prices. Fresh certainly means from fruit to bottle, no flavor killing pasteurization or anything else. Some stores post labels to warn those lacking a normal immune system (aged, infirmed, infant, etc.) not to consume because of the pathogen danger.

Fresh Market - Scarsdale

Fresh juice is the most wonderful thing in the whole world (next to a mutton, lettuce, and tomato sandwich of course). How much do they charge for 1/2 gallon by you?

Best Gyro's in Westchester?

There are plenty of lamb dishes on the menu, I'm sure you can get one as a gyro.

Best Gyro's in Westchester?

Westchester has observed quite a renaissance in Greek restaurants these past few years (presumably to offset the precipitous decline in diner quality). From what I can tell, popular opinion currently ranks them as:

Elia Taverna
Mythos (new, so not as well known yet)
Nemea (new, so not as well known yet)

Fresh Market - Scarsdale

Yeah, there's little logic to supermarket zoning in this county. Some people will say that TJ's has more value oriented packaged items. I prefer everything under one roof to smaller stores that "complement" each other.

Fresh Market - Scarsdale

Route 22 across from Lord and Taylor (Old Navy used to be there, Encore Books before that, maybe Waldbaum's before that).

Fresh Market - Scarsdale

After Fairway Pelham's calm and peaceful opening day ~2 years ago? Maybe in a few weeks, hopefully it's not going to be Fig and Olive II: The Supermarket!

Teresa's Bakery - Eastchester NY

I thought Teresa's had been there a while, did they take over the Italian deli somewhere between CVS and Eastchester Fish across the street?

Sausage Gravy with Biscuits in Westchester?

It may be too far for you, but the reviews seem good (I've never been there).

Thornwood - Khan's Indian Kitchen - below disappointing

I appreciate the comprehensive review but you're a little too hard. They're just a modest grocery store and food counter in back where some days are better than others. Try Calcutta Wrap and Roll not too far down the Saw Mill in Ardsley for more impressive Indian takeout.

open on christmas day

Open Table says these are open (a few others are only listed for dinner)

Benjamin Steakhouse-Westchester
Chutney Masala
City Chow House
Il Castello
Le Chateau
Legal Sea Foods - White Plains
Sonora Restaurant

Who here eats steak for breakfast?

People eat bacon and sausage which is much worse for you. Just have a small lean piece.