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Snickers Ice Cream Bar - Recipe?

I tried that earlier--but after an hour and three search results pages later--I came up empy handed =/

Figured I'd leverage the expertise of CHOW!

Most of the recipes above contain snickers bars or replicate snickers bars, not the ice cream bar. We're you able to find something?

May 02, 2012
almostvindiesel in Home Cooking

Snickers Ice Cream Bar - Recipe?

I'm in love with snicker's ice cream bars.
Father's Office--a famous burger joint in Los Angeles--managed to replicate the recipe--and it's even better than the original.

I want to make one, too (preferably with salted caramel)

Anyone have a recipe s/he can share?
Or a series of recipes I can use (PB ice cream, salted caramel that doesn't solidify in ice cream)?



May 02, 2012
almostvindiesel in Home Cooking

West Coast Pizza Cheesy Sticks [moved from San Francisco board]

Hi Chowhounders,

In an attempt to bring back memories of Berkeley, I'm trying to replicate West Coast Pizza's Cheesy Sticks:

If you've had them before, you'd understand.

Anyone know of a recipe?



Oct 05, 2008
almostvindiesel in Home Cooking



Mar 08, 2007
almostvindiesel in Features

Good Label, Bad Wine

I'm not surprised to see that the majority of mass marketed wines were overtly sweet and lacked substance. I'm dissapointed that the author didn't find any good picks in the list.

Feb 21, 2007
almostvindiesel in Features

Does Everybody's Pee Smell After Eating Asparagus?

Don't you mean peeceivers and non-peerceivers?

Jan 20, 2007
almostvindiesel in Features

Sesame Shrimp with Cilantro-Lime Sauce

This dish was very easy to make and easy to impress. I found the sauce to be a little disappointing. The mayonnaise overwhelms the cilantro.

Jan 15, 2007
almostvindiesel in Recipes

Curried Carrot Soup

Simply awesome as a starter. Guests loved it. Let it sit for thirty minutes so the flavors can blend together.

I skimmed the top half of the coconut milk which yield a creamy carrot soup.

Jan 11, 2007
almostvindiesel in Recipes

Inventor of Top Ramen Dies

I heart msg

My friends once lived an entire summer by combining rice and ramen together. To spice things up, they'd switch flavor packets. Now where else can you make an entire meal for $0.15!

Jan 10, 2007
almostvindiesel in Features

Curried Carrot Soup

This looks great. It's on my list for this week. Leftovers could probably easily be converted into a curry.

Jan 02, 2007
almostvindiesel in Recipes

Hangover Helpers

I've tried chaser; I'm not convinced that it does anything. Especially for the price. A much cheaper (and effective) remedy is to drink plenty of water prior to calling it a night. I try drink more than my fill and then one extra cup.

I strongly disagree that eating fried food after a long night of drinking is a good hangover remedy. After a rough night, you want to give your stomach a break. Fried food is difficult to digest and will slow your body down. Instead, high-carbohydrate, low fat foods (think jamba juice) will replenish electrolytes and get you going again.

Greasy foods (high fat, starch, protient) have their place as the perfect food to have before a long night of drinking. They'll slow down your body's absorption of alcohol and give you the necessary energy for the rest of night.

Dec 31, 2006
almostvindiesel in Features

Where can I find fugu in san francisco?

[We're moving this post to the General Topics board because the replies have useul info on fugu and where to find it in the US. -- The Chowhound Team]

I'm interested in trying it. Does anyone know a sushi restaurant in SF that prepares it?



Montaditos with Boquerones and Olive Relish

I can't wait to try these. Me encanta los boquerones

Nov 27, 2006
almostvindiesel in Recipes

Take My Garlic Press, Please

theheadhen--amen to what you've said. I'd include my garlic press as one of the top five kitchen utensils I couldn't live without.

Garlic isn't easy to dice. Moreover, it saturates most cutting boards, requiring that you thoroughly wash the board afterwards. Because I adhere to the creed of doubling the amount of garlic whenever a recipe calls for it, I'd have to work twice as hard.

The garlic press eliminates cleanup time, releases more garlic aromas, and reduces the amount of time I spend on prep. I couldn't live without it.

Nov 24, 2006
almostvindiesel in Features

Roast Turkey with Creamy Herbed Gravy

The gravy was great! I used half chicken broth, half turkey drippings. Since I didn't have parsely or sage, I doubled the rosemary. The rosemary gravy was a great compliment to my garlic mashed potatoes and turkey

Nov 24, 2006
almostvindiesel in Recipes

They Eat Horses, Don't They?

Ethically, I don't see the difference between consuming horse, cow, cat, dog, or chicken meat. Eating meat requires killing a living creature. Whether that living creature is a common household pet or livestock risen for slaughter should make no difference--you're ending a life regardless.

With that said, I'm sure many Americans would have reservations about eating a type of animal that was once a past pet. That seems natural. Personally, I'd love to try horse, and I'd be interested in trying cat and dog. The reason I haven't cut in line at the stable is that I don't imagine that horse (and cat and dog for that matter) would taste all that good. I'd suspect that horse meat would be considerably tough and lacking flavor. Looks like I'll have to add salami di cavallo to my list.

Nov 22, 2006
almostvindiesel in Features

Eggnog Crème Brûlée

Yes! Yet another recipe which gives me an excuse to use my torch.

Nov 21, 2006
almostvindiesel in Recipes

Hot in Here

I've got the voice alert thermometer, and I wouldn't recommend it. The thermometer consistently overestimates the temperature of what I'm cooking, whether it be a thick or thin chunk of meat. I've tried experimenting with where I put the tip, but something seems off with the overall sensor. It seems to be registering the temperature outside the meat rather than inside, no matter how think of a cut I'm bbqing.

The features are cool, but the unit poorly measures food temperature. Spend a little more for a better quality one.

Nov 17, 2006
almostvindiesel in Features

Next Up: A Robot That Powers Itself by Eating Kittens

If humans taste like bacon, I'd become a cannibal

Nov 11, 2006
almostvindiesel in Features

What's for Dinner?

cheesy poofs

Nov 08, 2006
almostvindiesel in Features

The Magic Numbers

Fantastic article. As a foodie new to wine, you gave me a great idea of what to expect from some of common, but not traditional, grapes. I'd love to see an article that goes into grape varieties in more detail.

Nov 08, 2006
almostvindiesel in Features

Pimp Your Burger

Ohh, I've got some more to add for a killer burger. My personal favorite comes from the best of bbq world. Combine a fresh ground beef with chopped andouille sausage, garlic, and ground pecans. BBQ, top with carmelized onions and a spicey garlic mayo sause. Rave reviews guarenteed.

If you like a juicey burger with a center surprise, plate a small ball of salted garlic butter and grill. The butter and garlic will help permediate and moisturize the burger.

Nov 05, 2006
almostvindiesel in Features

Fancy Brewski

Don't forget the St. Patty's day special--Irish Car bombs. Fill a pint glass with guinness, prepare a shot with baileys, and top with high proof whiskey. Ignite, drop, and drink. Boyakasha

Oct 31, 2006
almostvindiesel in Features

Items You Will Never Need

OMG, motorized ice cream cone. I am ordering it right now.

Oct 31, 2006
almostvindiesel in Features

Buy These Now

I heart my garlic press.

Oct 17, 2006
almostvindiesel in Features

Ruth Chris' Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe?

I love it. Who's got it?

Oct 12, 2006
almostvindiesel in Home Cooking

Good thai green coconut curry recipe? [moved from SF Bay board]


I'm looking for a tried and tested thai green coconut curry recipe, as well as a pumpkin curry recipe. Got any suggestions?


Oct 11, 2006
almostvindiesel in Home Cooking

CHOW's Intense Brownies

This recipe is misleading. CHOW said these brownies would last three days in an airtight container, but mine were gone in less than a day!

Beyond Salt and Pepper

11. MSG
No great cook would ever write about it, but I'm no great cook. Go umami!

Oct 09, 2006
almostvindiesel in Features

Is It Wrong to Play with Your Food?

What would thanksgiving be without mashed potatoes and gravy volcanos? Playing with it brings me almost as much joy as slowly carving away at it.

Oct 05, 2006
almostvindiesel in Features