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Vegetarian in HK

forgot to mention - I like Kung Tak Lam as well.

Vegetarian in HK

Okay - good to know. First thing - I will throw out a weblink you can check out.

Then I can provide some of the places I have tried and liked in HK.

Paramita, Three Virtues (good for dimsum), Soland (private kitchen), Buddha Hut (these are mainly chinese, Paramita tried to do other types of cuisine with vege ingredients) - then for Indian, I would suggest Branto and maybe Woodlands (can be off sometimes imo). I suggest you research and check if these restaurants are still around - things move fast in HK - and in 1 month restaurants can come and go.

Also, this being Hong Kong a lot of regular restaurant that serve meat will cater to vegetarians (though not sure how observant you are of the cooking methods and utensils and the intermingling of oils being used to cook meat and vegetarian in the kitchen) - say you went to Arirang (korean) and asked for a vegetarian bi-bim-bap - they would most likely accomodate your request or a vegetarian soon dubu casserole. Most cuisines, and restaurants are very helpful with vegetarian diners requests.

Another cool thing is going to the Po Lin monastery on Lantau Island (where they HUGE buddha is) by the airport and eating the buddhist vegetarian food at the canteen over there - again, I did this years ago - hopefully they still cater.

Good Luck!

Vegetarian in HK

happycow is a good resource - but what are your personal preferences? Indian Veg (mostly South Indian) or Chinese (cantonese/buddhist)? Where are you will to travel to? HK / Kowloon / New Territories? There are a lot of restaurants and goodies all over the place. A little bit more info can help others provide you some good info.

"Don't Open That Bag!!!".....because I'll eat the whole thing.

1) Kettle brand - potato chips - spicy thai flavour - WOW!

2) BBQ flavoured popped potato chips - the orange bag from Trader Joes - AMAZING!

Neither of these survive in our pantry for too long.

Sep 30, 2010
FoodCad in General Topics

Help Identifying an Item on Rolsan's Dim Sum Menu?

Luckily I have eaten this at Rolsan and various dimsum places in HK and NY - I think you are referring to a "Haam Sui Gok or Gau" - literally means "salt water" dumpling - the outside shell is the deep fried & slightly sweet rice flour (similar to the sesame ball shell with black bean paste consistency) shell & is filled pork and chopped vegetables - it's very tasty & similar to a taro dumpling or "woo gok" - which is a taro shell fried and filled with pork and chopped vegetables.

Name of the big Italian market in north jersey (they have a few locations and even a gas station)??

Talluto's, Cannuli's, DiBruno's, Spice Corner, Superior Pasta, Esposito's, Sarcone's, Isgro, Grande Cheese, etc, etc...

Basically just up and down 9th street, I prefer family run, smallish store much more than I like BIG supermarkets - but again like I said that is just me.

But that being said - I have driven to Philadelphia just to get Cheesesteaks and then basically turned around and headed back to NY all within 4 hours or so - but that was a LONG LONG time ago - don't think I would do that now...

But Corrado's is good - don't get me wrong - I would just combine it with a trip to visit friends, family, etc, etc.

Name of the big Italian market in north jersey (they have a few locations and even a gas station)??

Maybe you mean Corrado's ??

They have a main location in Clifton, NJ & another in Wayne, NJ - not sure of anymore locations or even a gas station (maybe at the Clifton location).

But when I am in Philadelphia - I much prefer shopping for things in the Italian market area in South Philly - but that is just me.

Corrado's is pretty decent - just not sure if I would drive the 100 plus miles just for that.

Things I ate/drank in college that I will never eat again

There are just TOO MANY things to name - but the one that makes me sick, nauseous just thinking about it is OUZO (similar to Sambuca) - it is a greek licorice flavored liquor - just thinking about that night 15 / 16 years ago - when me and a group of friends polished off 2 bottles - and waking up the next morning with that awful taste in my mouth YUCK !! I can't even eat licorice anymore - not that I ever really enjoyed actual black licorice. But walking into a liquor store and even seeing a bottle of OUZO brings back that sickening licorice taste in my mouth and then come the dry heaves!! NEVER AGAIN!

Aug 21, 2009
FoodCad in General Topics

good, reasonably priced pizza in HK?

I know this is a bit out of the way - but if you are in Macau - go to Il Teatro in the Wynn (opposite the Lisboa hotel) - they have wonderful pizza - thin crust - margherita - & with toppings, etc. I was amazed at the quality (it was comparable to some places I have eaten in NY if that means anything) - otherwise - Wildfire (several locations) and Pizza Express (several locations) have passable pizza (although a bit better than Pizza Hut, Dominoes, & Spaghetti House). There was a club/lounge that I had a decent pizza at in Soho as well - but I do not recall the name and the location - I was severely jet-lagged that night.

Greenville (could be Greenview) Noodle Company

I remember this place lovingly as well - they used to have excellent fried noodle dishes and soup noodle dishes - I had one of the best tasting black pepper sauce w/ beef over fried noodle dishes here back in the mid 90's - unfortunately The New World Center has gone through massive upgrades and construction (it used to be a red color bldg and now it is white - there is a also a highway and underpass in front of the NWC as well !!!) and this lovely little noodle restaurant was sadly lost in all the re-construction - maybe they could not afford the new rents or they weren't even offered a new spot - I used to try and find out if they relocated somewhere else but could never find anything - fortunately HK has a lot of great cheap restaurants but I really miss this place. I think it was "Greenview Noodle Co."

bad lunch at deshi biryani

Actual "paya" spelled the way most Indian or Pakistani's would is usually a breakfast dish - made of feet (or trotters) - it is should consist of mainly feet bones and the sinew, connective tissues, and some marrow and usually light, watery gravy that make this such a delicacy in the Subcontinent. A lot of slurping, sucking and gnawing goes along with this dish. It is nothing like a goat curry - too bad the language barrier got in the way.

I do not actually enjoy Deshi Biryani myself - prefer others in the neighborhood.

May 23, 2008
FoodCad in Outer Boroughs

Looking for Weird Hong Kong Chips

I have seen these at the 2 supermarkets that are in the same vicinity of Chao Thai and the dumpling place in Elmhurst. That strip mall that has Singa's pizza - a chinese, viet, thai restaurants all in the same lot. I cannot remember the name of the streets around there but I am sure you know where that must be.

May 20, 2008
FoodCad in Outer Boroughs

the breath of dragon?

I was thinking exactly the same thing when I watched that show last week - I think he was trying to refer to "wok hei" but it came out as "breath of the dragon" instead which baffled me as well when I heard it, as that was the first time I had ever heard of that as well. Maybe BOTD means "wok hei" or "wok power/fire" - not sure - but something might have been lost or added in translation by the time he uttered the phrase "BOTD" on the air. But it most likely is "wok hei" since he was referring to some char marks on some vegetable or meat that had come out of the wok - which is exactly what "wok hei" is supposed to impart on the food.

Filipino Food @ Max's Restaurant in Glendale

Max's Rest (of Manila) which is the restaurant right next to the Glendale Galleria is a pretty decent Filipino restaurant - the first time I ate there I had a breakfast meal consisting of filipino pork sausages (longanisa), garlic fried rice and a sunny side egg on top of it - it was DELICIOUS - I think that is a great breakfast meal to start off your day with. If you are there for an early meal that would be the way to go - otherwise things like fried chicken and their pancits (noodles) are pretty decent.

Apr 11, 2008
FoodCad in Los Angeles Area

Elias Corner, Astoria

Last time I was there was around 1996 or so - have not been back since, as I discovered Stamatis. Elias only so-so during my last meal there - have heard a lot of downhill posts and stories of them since then as well.

I have enjoyed Stamatis and the Bohemian Beer hall for lunches and dinner since abandoning Elias.

Apr 02, 2008
FoodCad in Outer Boroughs

Trader Joe's or Stew Leonard's?

They are both good for different things.

Stew's is good for most fresh products (meats, vegetables, fruits, dairy, & baked goods) & Trader's has excellent pre-packaged foods of all kinds - they are both great places to visit but really for different items all-together.

In my opinion if you are looking for meat, organic products, and produce - Stew's might be a better choice - you can find those types of items at Trader's but you would have a much bigger choice at Stew's.

Any places take Discover Card?

There are very very few places in Toronto that accept the Discover card (maybe used it all of once in my travelling there in the past 6 years or so). If your friend is not there in Toronto as yet - he might want to apply for a Visa / Mastercard / Amex before he gets there - he will have much better spending power with those cards in Toronto (or anywhere in Canada & even internationally) - Discover is only really accepted in the USA.

Need reco for nice coffeehouse, or "easy" but nice restau in Journal Sq, Jersey City nr. old movie theatre

I was not trying to sell either location at Newark Ave. I was just providing my opinion of the question that was asked, although I think the Indian and Filipino are decent - much better can be had in Jackson Heights & Woodside, Queens - and yippee1999 was looking for something "charming" which neither of those are on Newark Ave.(imo). I defintely think that Grove Street is a much better choice for "charming" little non-chain restaurants. Yippee1999 if you could possibly give me your opinion of the Journal Square area after you go and watch your movie - it would let me know if I know what I am talking about or not.

Need reco for nice coffeehouse, or "easy" but nice restau in Journal Sq, Jersey City nr. old movie theatre

That theatre is directly across the street from the Journal Square PATH train station - and unfortunately the area is a little run down and transcient (in my opinion) - the coffee places are not what I would classify as nice and "sit-down" more deli like - & local restaurants run the gamut of pizza joints, spanish places, quiznos, mcdonalds, popeyes, and a close-by golden krust caribbean place. You would have to walk to Newark Avenue and then decide on the Indian end or the Filipino ends of it for some decent food. The area just doesn't allow itself for hanging out and spending too much time there - but I am amazed at the art deco facade of that theatre that you are referring to - I always see the Marquee and they have some good classic films running there (like a Orson Welles series recently) but I just would not really like to come out to the street after the movie - it is just not that appealing - The Stanley theatre on the opposite side has another wondrous facade but I think had been bought or is being used by the Jehovah Witness for there meetings and does not show movies.

Keens on Valentines Day

My wife and I went to Keens for Valentines Day and I must say it was an absolutely brilliant meal, we arrived a couple minutes after our appointed reservation time but were promptly seated in the lovely bull moose room which has the lovely reds and deep brown on the walls, I had a perfectly made Tom Collins and she had light vodka cranberry, for starters I had a tasty lobster bisque with little bits of chive and lobster dancing around and she had the house cured salmon which was amazingly luscious with some red onions and capers served with some dark rye or pumpernickel toast points.

For mains I had a medium T-bone and she had a medium rare mutton chop and again both came out perfectly - both with lovely crusts, mine was pink in the middle and hers was pink and raw inside (just the way she likes it) my t-bone was aged perfectly and tasted like it came from the best grain-fed steer from Texas, the mutton chop was a MONSTER, she enjoyed it thoroughly and I had a couple of bites, we shared a side of the sauteed wild mushrooms. For dessert we shared an amazing warm blueberry crumble. They served us after dinner strawberries dipped in dark and white chocolate with the bill. All in All a very lovely meal, our main waiter was helpful and attentive but not intrusively so.

We are planning on heading back there soon to have the porterhouse which came sizzling by us a couple of times as they were being delivered to other tables around us.

Kudos to Keens for making our Valentines Day meal so memorable!!

Feb 15, 2008
FoodCad in Manhattan

Any restaurants opened 24 hours in GTA

Thanks all for the suggestions - I am really quite surprised at the dearth of 24 hour eateries in Toronto (even after checking out the links below) - but I will give some of the suggestions below a go. Will definitely try Swatow / New Ho King and Mel's.

But if you have more suggestions please keep them coming in. Still not heading to YYZ for a while - but just keeping names of restaurants and address handy - hoping to try 1 place a day.

Any restaurants opened 24 hours in GTA

Will be based a couple nights downtown and then a couple nights in Markham - nature of my business - can only really get to dinner quite late.

Any restaurants opened 24 hours in GTA

I have actually been to the Spadina strip at around midnight on a weekday in the past and had been to a little thai joint (it was the only place open after driving around a bit) forget the name of it since the food was not that great - if I remember correctly it was opposite the street from Rol-San (the dim-sum joint).

Most likely flying in during the week - which is why I can never seem to find anything open - I sure hope things are different during the weekend. Thanks

Any restaurants opened 24 hours in GTA

I will be flying into YYZ and picking up a car rental soon(within the next 3 weeks), my flight gets in at around 10pm - so by the time I am finally out and in my car - it might be close to 11pm - now in all my searching on this site and the web - I find a lot of restaurants close by 8pm (Centre Street Deli) and even as late as 10pm. I travel a lot and find it hard to believe that such a metropolitan city like Toronto does not have 24 hour eateries.

New York has tonnes - and a lot of cities in Asia too (Hong Kong) - I just want to get an idea from Toronto natives if there are any good 24 hours eateries - preferably Chinese, Thai or other ethnic cuisines, even Diner's will do - basically anything - let me know what is good in your fair city.

I am willing to travel anyway with the car, Downtown, Mississauga, Markham, Scarborough, and any places close to those locales as well.

If you can provide an address - it would be great - Thanks for your inputs.

Kabab Cafe downhill alertl!!!

You have a point here - I guess it's all a matter of one's taste. Anyway, I will not be going back to Ali's restaurant due to it's uneveness. I am sure that all his supporters out there will be keeping him going even without me.

I was not trying to tell anyone anything - I should have prefaced my paragraph with "In my opinion"

Nov 13, 2007
FoodCad in Outer Boroughs

Kabab Cafe downhill alertl!!!

Extremely well put fcara - and I could not agree with your sentiments more throughout this post. It seems like people on chowhound seem to give a lot of chances to struggling restauranteurs / characters / egos - just because the are in locations that are less desirable than say Manhattan - but the food at this place has seriously suffered in the past year or two. Yes, he was great at the grill - but a couple of items do not make an outstanding menu. Times have changed at this restaurant - the only way he can come back to his original glory is to somehow get back to grilling and using ingredients that are outstanding and unusual, and he has to get back to seasoning his food correctly - Ali has been unfortunately resting on his laurels with the plaudits he has been receving on this site and others and from his TV appearances.

Nov 13, 2007
FoodCad in Outer Boroughs

Where to splurge in Hong Kong?

Most any place where you would like to spend money or "splurge" would be automatically deemed stuffy in most peoples head (i.e. places like SPOON, Petrus, or Gaddi's are the first places I thought of when you say splurge - but these can be overly stuffy and quiet).

They love to eat everything which is great - but what are you looking for to impress them.

What are your initial thoughts - do you want to dine on any cuisine you think they would prefer over something else - also where - Kowloon, HK, or anywhere else you might want to go to.

HK has a tonne of restaurants that you can splurge at - Aqua is a decent choice for a nice drink and the view but I have not enjoyed the food there the 2 times I have dined there (both times on someone else's dime) but who am I to complain about a free meal albeit a strange fusion menu - but that is just me.

If you can provide some more info - I would be more than happy to give some more suggestions.

Banana Ketchup in Toronto?

In NY we can usually find this filipino condiment in Chinatown supermarkets - I think I have seen this in T&T supermarkets in Toronto - not sure - but that could be a good place to try first.

MOVIES w/ food themes

What about "The Freshman" (Matthew Broderick & Marlon Brando) - not exactly a food themed movie but nearly halfway thru this funny movie they introduce an absurd thread of picking up a komodo dragon that is to end up on a million dollar a plate dinner party for people that enjoy eating forbidden fruit - this thread runs to the end where the komodo dragon is brought out live to the group - but is actually a ruse to get Matthew Broderick's character free (supposedly) from Marlon Brando's character.

Feb 12, 2007
FoodCad in Food Media & News

Food prank -- pulled on you or by you

A group of University friends (but not including me) did something similar to a Japanese foreign student - saying that x-lax (in chocolate form) was a very tasty swiss brand chocolate - this guy loved chocolate - needless to say he ate a whole bar - but then he needed to be rushed to the hospital - it was a very scary experience for him - but those guys all felt so bad they ended up buying lunch for him every day after he got better for about 2 months (and some nice restaurant meals). He took it in good stride - if it was me I would have not been so forgiving & would have busted some heads.

Jan 10, 2007
FoodCad in Not About Food