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Soul Food: Not So Good for the Body

There's no such thing as a "white-dominated system." The very insinuation is racist.

Feb 01, 2012
WannabeTVchef in Features

Mystery Diner

The legal definition of a public setting is pretty much anything other than a private residence. As long as the owner of a business knows about the cameras and approves of them visitors to that business still have no expectation of privacy. TV show or not.

Mystery Diner

No he wouldn't. When you are in a public setting you can be video taped and it broadcast without your permission at any time by anybody because your permission is not nessecary. When you are in public you have no expectation of privacy. That's the law. Many shows will have you sign a release as extra CYA but it isn't nessecary. Keep in mind this episode was shot in LA where virtually everyone is trying to be a star. This d-bag probably thought it was his big break and signed a release not knowing he was going to be exposed as a turd.