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Mother's Dumplings - coming to the Danforth (east of Pape)

Mother's Dumplings is coming to the Danforth.
The closed bar near Mr. Pide has a sign "Mother's Dumpling's Coming Soon"....great addition....let's hope Korean is next..

THE BEST Burger I have tasted - Patty N Franks on Danforth

WOW. I am not a huge fan of the burger in general. I think of it as a hunk of meat on bread. I normally prefer Asian, Singaporean, Korean, Indonesian, Pakistani/Frontier Food, Turkish, etc... But this burger was awesome.

I think it was a 'signature' burger. They upgraded our burgers gratis.

The meat tastes like homemade, from scratch made fresh top grade.

The bun was a brioche and a good array of toppings

I have tasted Holy Chuck, Burger's Priest, Stompers, etc. This is THE BEST by FAR.

Thai Street Food on Kingston Road

Has anyone tried JukaJuta?????? which advertises Thai Street food...

Nathan's Hot Dogs

Nathan's Hot Dogs are available in Hamilton ... in a diner in Westdale near Walker's Chocolate (best chocolate in the world)