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Chicken and Rice in LA?

I've visited NYC many times, and they have hundreds of carts that sell chicken and rice but I haven't found any restaurants in LA that serve them. I think it's Halal food and the chicken and rice comes with this very spicy red sauce and a white sauce that looks, but does not taste like ranch. Does anyone know where to find this in LA? Thanks in advance!

Apr 12, 2009
hello12345 in Los Angeles Area

What to order?

I'm visiting NYC soon, and I want to go to Momofuku noodle bar and Perilla. Any recommendations on what to order or stay away from? (I'm not a very picky eater/ have any preferences... just want something tasty! :)
Thanks in advance!

Mar 29, 2009
hello12345 in Manhattan

Los Angeles to San Francisco! HELP PLEASE!

I'm planning to head up to San Francisco soon, but I don't know where to eat!
I'm staying in Union Square on Sutter street.
Food: Anything San Francisco has to offer! ( I am looking for breakfast, lunch, and dinner).
Budget: less than 20pp.
Thanks in advance!

Restaurants you love that are rarely mentioned on Chowhound

La Maschera in pasadena- First time i went the whole restaurant was pretty empty so i was a bit worried, but service and food was all great. i tried their smoked salmon and goat cheese pizza, pork chops, and lamb ragu gnocci and everything was perfect~ it's on fair oaks and holly.

Nov 03, 2007
hello12345 in Los Angeles Area


hmm sounds like great places, but my sister's not really into persian/mediterranean food... (btw i loveeee kabobs.. i must go next time :D )

more like american/italian/asian/comfort food i guess?


Nov 02, 2007
hello12345 in Los Angeles Area


Hey i'm taking out my sister around westwood (UCLA area) or Melrose area...
any good place too eat that's not too expensive?? i guess around no more then 15 dollars per person?

thanks in advance!

Nov 01, 2007
hello12345 in Los Angeles Area

ISO Fun Korean BBQ Spot, possibly with Private Rooms?

chosun galbee is ridiculously expensive and tastes the same as any other korean bbq place in k-town.

Oct 14, 2007
hello12345 in Los Angeles Area

the burrito problem

El taurino is definitely a must go. Their tacos and sopes are also really good. Another is King Taco.. there's a bunch in LA but i always go to the one in old pas on union.

Oct 11, 2007
hello12345 in Los Angeles Area

Pho and banh mi in Montrose... no, not a hoax.

Pho 21 is good, not that much more expensive, and fresh. But i must admit they're spring rolls/egg rolls are not worth it.
I went to Zen Bistro once and they decor was nice and food was okay..but it was way too expensive. I'd rather go to Boba/Noodle world in pasadena for some thai/viet. food.

Oct 11, 2007
hello12345 in Los Angeles Area

Informal poll: Best Mexican in the LA area

sopes, tacos, burritos and they're red sauce is THE BEST and it's all prettty cheap!
I crave this place every week...
There's King Taco everywhere in Downtown LA and one in Old Pas on Union.
And El Taurino is near K-Town on beverly and olympic i think
Best tacos EVER!

Oct 11, 2007
hello12345 in Los Angeles Area

Lost in La Canada

penelope's is definitely great for sandwiches and salads
for sushi you might want to try sushi plus or blue fish on montrose. There's always cheap Ichiban in La Canada but it's not the best quality.
For Mexican food there's Torta's on foothill near in n out
and for burgers you can't go wrong with in n out or Everest, which also has mexican food and sandwiches.
And for pizza, George's is good too but try la canada imports.

Oct 07, 2007
hello12345 in Los Angeles Area

sno:la yogurt - review

haven't tried this but the best froyo i tried was Rosegreen and their toppings are always fresh.. there's one in glendale on brand and northridge on reseda, and of course the original Red Mango in westwood is always good!

but for $2, i definitely need to try out sno:la!

Sep 22, 2007
hello12345 in Los Angeles Area

Best Lunch in Old Town Pasadena?

First time I went there was for dessert, it took an hour to get our table but it was DEFINITELY worth it! Went again for dinner and not so great. Service was great (ex: clearing the plate when everyones done.. i hate it when restaurants don't know the basics) and the waitresses were extra friendly. I ordered the steak and frites but it was not what i expected.... The garlic fries were good but the steak was over cooked. I ordered it medium rare and it was cooked medium well. It wasn't "melt in your mouth" perfect either. Its a filet mignon so it's pretty hard to screw that up, but they managed to. I'm hoping the food was bad because we went at a really busy time (First time i went they didn't take any customers because kitchen was backed up).

Theres a great open face sandwich next to kabuki. It's a bit pricey for sandwiches but good ingrediets = good food.

Sep 16, 2007
hello12345 in Los Angeles Area

Dolce on Melrose

Went to Dolce for dessert.
Didn't have to wait for a table but the food took FOREVER (and it was just dessert!) We were forced to move tables because they had a huge group, but the owner came up to us and introduced himself, apologized, made conversation so it wasn't as annoying to move tables as it would be in any other restaurant. But service could of been a lot better (maybe it was just because we ordered dessert?)
And the crowd isn't so great either: a lot of overly dressed young girls with rich old men.. gross...

Sep 16, 2007
hello12345 in Los Angeles Area

Best Italian Restaurant in San Gabriel Valley / Pasadena area?

La Maschera Ristorante in Old Pas. it's near the Container Store.
I went there once and it was completely empty.. which i found really odd. I wasn't sure if i should just go to another restaurant, but i remember reading only good reviews and they also got the zagat award.
The service is great, they have a huge list of wines, and their food is awesome. I got their pork chops and it was juicy and perfectly cooked. We also go their pizza with smoked salmon (delish!) and the gnocci with lamb ragu (also delish!). It looks pretty sketchy from the outside, but it's definitely worth a try.
Mi Piace is another place to go. MAKE RESERVATIONS. Their service is pretty slow but the food worth the wait and money.

Sep 16, 2007
hello12345 in Los Angeles Area

Mi Piace (Pasadena) - Reviews?

Mi Piace does have a long wait, but like someone else said, THERE IS A REASON. A couple people said to just go to Maccaroni Grill.. Are you serious?? Mi Piace may have its bad days, but Maccaroni Grill is just another Olive Garden. I think Mi Piace's pasta's are the best in Old Pas (Il Fornaio's is up there too) and even though it's on the expensive side, you're definitely getting your money's worth.
And if you don't want to wait 30 min- 1 hour just make reservations.. not that hard.

Sep 16, 2007
hello12345 in Los Angeles Area