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Chef coming to Indy 500........ but


thank you!!!

we are staying around 38th and shadeland, near mass ave.

we do have a car. and the reason I was trying to find a place to eat was o make a rese now and not have to scurry around.

oakleys looks great, i think they can find something .

any great pizza out there??

thanks agaion for everything.

May 14, 2013
WFG_JR in Great Lakes

Chef coming to Indy 500........ but

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all in advance!!!

I (Chef) am heading out to the Indy 500 with Dad (Retired Mechanic) Brother (Mechanic), and Brother in law( Mechanic). see the theme? not really foodies either. anyway....

I have never been to the city, and I am very excited for the race, but I started thinking that really want to check out the dining scene also.... well thats not gonna happen this I wanted to try to make everyone in the group happy.

This is where I need your help

My likes

mom and pop restaurants no chains please, I really wanna support local chefs, bar owners and store owners.

good fresh food

They love

wings, burgers, sandwiches, italian food, american food

I am hoping that someone can help me pinpoint a few restaurants that fall in between those requirements

we need

dinner saturday night
breakfast and dinner sunday night
breakfast and lunch monday ( holiday)

i hope all my rambling made sense, i really dont wanna head out there and have no plan and end up eating a chain restaurants, and garbage food..


May 14, 2013
WFG_JR in Great Lakes

Chef Coming To Denver March 10-12

Hello Everyone,

I will be headed out to Denver from Philadelphia in March for a chef conferance. I have never been to the Mile High City, and I am Certainly looking forward to hanging out for a few days. Only thing is.....

I only have ONE night to head out to dinner on my own with friends.

questions is....

If you had to eat at one place in your city what would it be.

Kind of a loaded question, but I would love to hear from the Locals rather than read something online.

Price is not really a concern, its going to be 6-7 Chefs looking for tastings or Local Fare or both. High End Casual would be awesome too..

Thank you everyone in advance.


Jan 11, 2013
WFG_JR in Mountain States

Chef Headed to Scottsdale

so many great choices, thank you everyone.

May 14, 2012
WFG_JR in Phoenix

Chef Headed to Scottsdale

THAT IS AWESOME!!!! thank you, i read that and laughed so hard, thank you thank you!

May 12, 2012
WFG_JR in Phoenix

Chef Headed to Scottsdale

Thank you guys, awesome info !!

May 12, 2012
WFG_JR in Phoenix

Chef Headed to Scottsdale

Hey everyone,

looking for some help. I am staying at the four seasons at troon, and I will have a car, so getting to restaurants wont be an issue, and we will take a cab if we have to if its farther away.

I have read about cowboy ciao? Olive and Ivy and Kai. just from cruisin the net.

My wife and I are foodies, and we eat everything. i would love to to experiance authentic southwest cuisine. i want to learn as i eat. so we are hoping for some local flavors along with some high end restaurants mixed in. We will be in scottsdale for 6 nights. one of those nights we will be in sedona so i will need a recommendation there too.

Thank you everyone in advance for any and all responses.


May 11, 2012
WFG_JR in Phoenix