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Where can I buy preserved lemons in Las Vegas?

Hi All- Any suggestions on where I can buy preseved lemons here in Las Vegas? I used to get them at Whole Foods when I lived in the Bay Area, but I guess the Whole Foods here don't carry them. Any suggestions would be much apperciated! Thanks!

Apr 24, 2011
phoodie in Las Vegas

In or near Red Rock hotel

How about Vintner Grill? It is about a mile or so (a long walk but short cab ride) east of the hotel on Charleston. I have eaten there a few times and the food is excellent and the interior decor is beautiful.


Nov 01, 2007
phoodie in Southwest

Loud, fun and good for groups in Las Vegas

I need to book a dinner for a group of 15 people. We are in out 20-30's and want something that is loud, fun & happening! Cost is not an issue (it is on the company tab).

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Aug 01, 2007
phoodie in Southwest

Happy Hour/Pre-fix menus in Las Vegas


I am looking for happy hour or pre-fix menu deals in Las Vegas. I would like to be able to try some of the nicer spots that I can't afford at their regular prices. On or off strip is fine.


Jul 03, 2007
phoodie in Southwest

Vegas dining challenge

Hi- I am looking for a good restaurant suggestion on the strip, but here is the catch: for one reason or another the group does not want French, Italian, or a Steakhouse. Budget is around $100 per person.


May 02, 2007
phoodie in Southwest

Sinless choices in Sin City?

Ouch...that is going to be a challenge. I like the salads at Border Grill at Mandalay Bay. They have a turkey tostada salad(you'll have to skip the shell) and a chicken chop salad that is excellent.

I have also heard that the cafe at the Canyon Ranch spa has tasty healthy, low-calorie choices.

Good luck!

Sep 22, 2006
phoodie in Southwest

Suggestions for good Poke in Las Vegas?


Can anyone suggest a restaurant (not too expensive) that serves good Poke ?

Sep 22, 2006
phoodie in Southwest