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Cadbury Creme Eggs...? [moved from What's My Craving]

HA! i was just at Walgreens today and i sw the "Christmas Cadbury Egg" display!
funny coincidence b/c i was thinking to myself - WOW! now we are rushing easter season too!
so hit up Walgreens and you should be all set!

Nov 17, 2007
nnardell in General Topics

Dunkin Donuts has arrived (Las Vegas).[moved from Southwest board]

im from boston - home of the DD- now living in LV!
altho im shocked by this being the FIRST DD in vegas - i cant say im thrilled!
im not a fan - the donuts are good - but i rarely if ever eat a donut
the coffee on the other hand is GROSS - especially if youre a fan of coffee - REAL coffee!
what sells DD is the AMAZING amount of cream&sugar they put in it for you! not to mention the ever so eco friendly styrofoam cups!
but drink it black and its nothing more than dirty water! ugh!

Oct 17, 2007
nnardell in Chains

vegas report

hey mel!
have to agree with you on the burger bar - we go EVERY weekend!
the staff AND the food are awesome - a rare combo in vegas!

Oct 14, 2007
nnardell in Southwest

Old Enough to Fight. Old Enough to ... Drink?

RI Im with you - how do you tell a returning US BET thanks for your sacrafice - here's a soda!
I think it is total hypocrisy - and i personally never understood the reasoning for 21 - any suggestions as to why 21 became the lega age anyone?

Oct 14, 2007
nnardell in Features

gooey pecan pie

PRALINE's in NBPT - Hands down the best bakery in MASS
CHefs Ron and Rhonda know theyre wayy around the (small) kitchen!

Oct 13, 2007
nnardell in Greater Boston Area

Take Out Thanksgiving Dinner?

a fine pastry/catering shop - Chef Ron makes an amazing Thanksgiving feast - and the dessert is to die for!

Oct 13, 2007
nnardell in Greater Boston Area

Newburyport's best lunch and dinner recs please!!

PRALINES and ABRAHAMS will NEVER let you down!!!!

Sep 16, 2007
nnardell in Greater Boston Area

Seeking the greatest PA sub/sandwich shops!!

im glad you mentioned Circles - in college I lived there!!!
i also have to give family shout out to my Nona - she is the Queen behind Gina's Pizza i WYoming - my amazing grandmother has been serving up the BEST pizza in NEPA since before most of us were born! Her pizza shells are also is the secret ingredient in MANY of the previously mentioned favorite pizza places!
I love you Noni!!!!!

Sep 16, 2007
nnardell in Pennsylvania

Las Vegas Bakeries

hey there!
funny i should find this post today - i live in LV and moved here recently after living in boston and the Poconos my whole life
my brothers bday ws last week and i wnted to find a cake to bring to the restaurant (TBones) - they dont have "cakes" there - but they did offer a nice $25 plate of berries and cream...OMG!!!!
Anyway - i must have driven around the city - mainly Summerlin area (NW) all day and the best thing i could find that resembled a bakery was WHole Foods and Cheescake Factory!!!
Your friend is right - there are NO bakeries here - except if you ask some of the locals they will tell you Starbucks or Vons...
my mouth is watering already!

Sep 16, 2007
nnardell in Southwest