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Best Pastry shop (patisserie) in Montreal?

I love Gascon. But, although not as high end as the French shops, some of the Chinatown bakeries like Harmonie and Poon Kai Jade Garden are great too.

Where can I find Dashi Stock?

Have you tried Marche Hawaii?

Is there good Japanese in Montreal to compare with New York? Juni has good fish, but the Omikase is questionable

I agree with looosia. The ethnicity of the chef doesn't matter. I'm rolling my eyes too! It's the training and experience of the chef (regardless of ethnicity or race) that matters. There are even plenty of great caucasian sushi chefs, some of them in the top sushi restaurants. I found this article online:

I think Juni does a pretty good job with their sushi. It may not be exactly the way sushi is served in Japan, but should it be? We're in Quebec, and people's tastes and preferences are different.