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What do you wish you could do that you've never been able to master?

I can't caramelize onions. I managed it one in my life, and never again. I have no idea what was so different- maybe it was the air, since I was at a beach house at the time.

Nov 27, 2013
WarriorKalia in Home Cooking

Pork leg bones? - moved from Los Angeles Board

I'm trying to make a recipe I found online for tonkotsu ramen. I just did my first attempt, and the results were incredibly disappointing. The soup was brown from the onions, and not creamy-looking at all, and the majority of the collagen in the bones did not dissolve. Also, it didn't really taste like anything in particular.

So obviously I have to start from scratch, on a limited budget at that. So, my question- does anyone know if pork shanks would be sufficient for the recipe, or do I need to get my hands on a whole roast? Because the shanks are the closest thing I've found thus far...

And is it because I need to cut the bones in half that nothing dissolves? I'm thinking I need to get the shanks cut in half along with the trotters- and I'm not sure that the chicken bones I'm using [backs and necks] are sufficient.

In case anyone wondered, the soup /smells/ good, but still doesn't taste like anything.

Also, the recipe is here:

Feb 14, 2012
WarriorKalia in Home Cooking

Heavy Cream vs Whipping Cream?

Dunno much about... well, anything really. But it seems to me that if your milkfat is staying in the dish and the water portion is draining or not combining, they might have simply needed butter. Although butter itself has a water content as well- if it drains, too, you might wish to melt the butter and reduce it to get rid of some of the water content.

Or, alternately, it could be an issue with one of your other ingredients causing the proteins of the pasta to contract and release the water content. But I don't know if that happens with anything other than white meat, now that I think about it.

Ah well, I don't know what I'm talking about, really.

Dec 20, 2011
WarriorKalia in General Topics

Are you thinking about Christmas cookies yet? (Seriously!)

Ahh, you all too? I absolutely adored the chest-style deep freezer my ex-boyfriend showed me in his basement when I visited him the one time. I've wanted one so badly ever since, and I can scrape the money together even, but since I don't pay for the utilities and it uses way too much power, so all I have is a mini-fridge... /sigh

Oh well. Maybe when I move.

Anywho, since I'm addicted to those Contessa Lebkuchen cakes, I might give making it a shot this year since I have pretty much no money left to buy the prepackaged ones with. Thinking Swedish Waffle Cookies, maybe Autumn Leaves if I can find cookie cutters, Almond Poppy Tea Cookies, those Double Chocolate Sprinkle Cookies that are such a hit when I make them. And some of the recipes lifted off this thread, www.

Dec 15, 2011
WarriorKalia in Home Cooking

Chocolate Espresso Bar Cookies?

Okay, cool. That looks pretty good.

Does anyone else know any more? Anyone at all? I'm really desperate.

Dec 11, 2011
WarriorKalia in Home Cooking

Chocolate Espresso Bar Cookies?

I've been trying my best to find a recipe online but I just can't seem to locate it. It was a recipe for chocolate bar cookies- it was probably a holiday recipe.

The cookies themselves had a few tablespoons or so of espresso or possibly espresso powder in them, as well as rough chopped chocolate chunks. It needed refrigeration to set before being cut up and baked. They did not have frosting.

My dad had the recipe, but unfortunately he wiped his computer and no longer owns it. I can't find it in any of the magazines we have. [Mostly Cook's Illustrated]

Does anyone know of any recipe that sounds like this?

Dec 11, 2011
WarriorKalia in Home Cooking