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Spice Dragon... formerly Jae's Spice

Hey - new to Chowhound and checking out all the Berkshires postings. But had to add to this one. Spice Dragon is great food. I agree with you - the spring rolls are really delicious. The only problem is I fill up on them and can finish my dinner! The place is a lot of fun; the staff is great and friendly. And the manager (or owner?? - not sure who he is) is adorable with an amazing smile.

Spice Dragon in Pittsfield, best bet for great Pad Thai in the Berkshires?

The food here is great! The pad thai is definitely worth the $$. It's a fun place too -- and the manager (owner??) is a dang cute guy with a great smile!

John Andrew's in Egremont....really?? Need some CH's opinions please!

Anastasia: It's not you! The service at this restaurant can be really lousy. I've gone on very busy Friday and Saturday nights -- and you can sort of expect that the service might be tough. BUT I've also gone several times during the middle of the week in summer and fall -- and I'll never go back again. I live just a few miles from JA, but it's not worth the frustration of horrible service. I'd hate to see the restaurant close, but it's a horrible place that people go to who "think" they're supposed to like it. Next time, go down the road to The Old Mill in the village of S. Egremont. Food is fantastic and the people there are really friendly!

John Andrew's Restaurant
RR 23, North Egremont, MA 01252