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King Crab imported from Russia. Is it really bad to buy?

Russian and Alaskan king crab is nearly the same thing. Russian ships will come all the way to the border line from Alaska to fish. The only difference is that the Russians don't have the same restrictions on season so they will be out there getting crab while the American boats can't. That does cause some tension, and a debate on sustainability of the species.

King crab has been "introduced" into Norway, where it is now an invasive species and is eating everything in sight. That's not the case with Russia, they are indiginous there. Eating all the invasive king crab with no fishing restrictions caught in Norway would actually be a good thing.

Dec 11, 2011
luvsmesumfood in General Topics

Mail Order Seafood

I second Alaskan Harvest. They are by far the best out of all the places I have tried. If you want to know more about why I think so, you can check my other post here that has some pictures on it too.

Dec 11, 2011
luvsmesumfood in General Topics

Suggestions for "Mail-Order" Crab Legs

I recommend

I order seafood from Alaskan Harvest regularly, plus order steaks regularly from Omaha Steaks too.

I have tried Fishex, Seabear & Crab Place in addition to these. All 3 of these you pay a lot more per lb if you do the math and factor in the size. The large versions from those 3 were smaller than the regular version from Alaskan Harvest, but the true awesome ones are the "jumbo" version from Alaskan Harvest they are much, much bigger.

Service wise:

Alaskan Harvest - it seems no matter what time of day I call I can speak to the owner at Alaskan Harvest and he is always very helpful.

Seabear - always courteous and helpful, but their king crab is only available in certain times of the year, plus like i said it is smaller.

Fishex - the customer service was okay. Not super friendly, but not bad either.

Crab Place - I think the guy was the owner or manager. He was a total Jerk when I had a problem one time. My crab came all chopped up in pieces, I wanted full legs. He said that's how they are, and refused to let me return them. They were super small too.

In the attached photo from largest to smallest (I measured, them, I know I'm a geek, but I want my moneys worth!!!!) is Alaskan Harvest at the largest ones, Fishex in the middle and the pieced-together-because they were broken Crab Place ones at the smallest.

Dec 11, 2011
luvsmesumfood in General Topics